Saturday, 21 November 2009


I had a girlfriend over last night for a few drinks and we were having the usual bitchfest and she was saying how it was ages before she had someone go down on her on a regular basis, or gone down on her at all. I told her I was getting it just the other night from my fuck buddy. She seemed quite amazed that I'd do that, so I told her about him and what a nice cock he had. I told her he'd probably go down on her if she wanted. She's about my size but with dark hair so I didn't think it'd be an issue.

So I called him up and invited him over while my friend was giggling away like a school girl. When he got here we all had a few more drinks and I told WFB that my friend was feeling bad as she hadn't had anyone go down on her for a while. He sidled up to her and rested his hand on her leg and said "that's a shame…" He added "just the other night Rachael called me up cos she was having the same problem." "And what did you do?" she asked. WFB then slowly took down the zip on her jeans and she looked at me with a shocked look but I gave her a comforting nod to let her know it was ok.

When her zip down she shimmied out of her jeans so she was just in her knickers. She was obviously quite shy and kept her hands firmly on her crotch. WFB slid her knickers down her legs too, then moved his hand over her pussy and they started to snog each other. She started to relax a little and took her hands from her crotch to feel WFB's cock through his trousers. I could see from behind his hand that she didn't trim her pussy at all and it was quite dark and hairy. I told them they could go to my room so they bounded off with her leaving her jeans and knickers on the floor.

Over the next half hour I could hear some moaning and then some thumping that I knew meant she was getting it good and hard. When all the sound had died down I went into the room and they were both still on my bed. She was stark naked and she has great boobs, and her nipples were still quite small despite her having a big chest like me. That hairy bush was on full display also, along with a big grin on her face. He still had his shirt on but was naked from the waist down.

I got us all some fresh drinks and we spent most of the remaining night in the bedroom just chatting and watching telly, and my friend seemed to have totally lost her inhibitions and didn't mind being naked at all. To be honest I was quite tempted to strip off and jump in myself but I don't think she would have been quite up for that yet :)

Thursday, 19 November 2009


I told work fuck buddy that he owed me some oral sex for the lunch break the other day…as always he didn't disappoint :) He took me home after work and I just took him to the bedroom, slipped out of my trousers and knickers and spread my legs for him to do his thing. He worked away for a while and it was great but I ended up with him fingering me while I rubbed my clit just to tip me over to orgasm.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Agony aunt

I had one of my girlfriends over who has not long split from her long-term boyfriend of 4 years. She's almost 40 but she still looks great and has already started seeing a guy of 30. She was saying she'd like to try and spice things up with some anal. I asked if she'd ever done it and she said she'd tried it with a dildo a few times but that's all. I said she should get a small dildo and a butt plug and try them out to find what's nice and to do that a few times before trying it with her guy. I should her mine to give her an idea and she didn't seem too keen on buying something so I told her she could get them on-line so I wouldn't mind buying her something.

She also wanted to know how to being it up without sounding too full-on so I suggested she get him to use the dildo on her pussy…all guys love that…then while he's having fun to suggest if he'd like to slip it up her arse and from there based on his reaction. I told her that you on top is the best cos you can lean back and he can enjoy the view and you control how deep the action is. I also gave her some tips about using an enema, lube, condoms etc but I'm sure she would have known most of that stuff anyway.

I'll need to make sure to catch up with her in a few weeks to see how it went.

Monday, 16 November 2009

More glory

I was playing pool at a nearby pub where I met some married friends of mine. They're in their 50s but still quite saucy and have an active sex life that they often love talking about a little too much! I asked them about the whole gloryhole thing and they said that the closest you'll get is a blindfold party where your blindfolded and the guys at the party all present their cocks and you just suck what is there. He said that if you could get other couples there then there could be a few girls who suck whoever's cock, maybe have a random element to it or just let the guys choose who they'd like a blow job from.

Sounds like fun to me :) I asked them if they'd be interested cos I'd have no idea how to organise such a thing. They said that if I organised something they'd think about coming themselves.

Sunday, 15 November 2009


I've always been interested in trying a gloryhole but I was never sure if they actually existed. I've never seen one in a porn shop, even in London. So I looked on the net for some that are local and there isn't really much. I had a drive around with work fuck-buddy but as I suspected they were all dead-ends. Most were guys toilets anyway so probably intended for gay men, but WFB checked them out anyway and no gloryholes.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Moving things

I still had some of my stuff in a friend's attic so I went to pick it all up today and take it to my new place. The couple keeping it are married and she's a bit funny with his wandering eye so when I got there I told him (John) under no circumstances was he to be behind me on the ladder looking up my skirt :) I was wearing dark tights and black knickers anyway so he wouldn't have seen anything and I doubt he'd want to be looking at my fat ass anyway!

One of his friends was there who agreed to lend a hand. He asked if he was allowed to be behind me on the ladder and I told him "Sure…I just made a promise to John's wife that he couldn't" :) I turned to smile at him and at this his friend took the opportunity to grab my ass for a feel. I added "you can do what you want…" and with my back still toward him he took the opportunity and reached around my front and grabbed my boobs. I thought it was pretty forward but funny nonetheless.

As we scampered around loading my stuff into the car I was true to my word and John never saw a snifter up my skirt, but his mate certainly got an eyeful, but like I said I doubt he could see anything. On the drive back to mine I couldn't help tease John some more saying "it's a shame you're married otherwise we could all have a threesome when we get to mine."

When the unloading was all done I made the boys a coffee and John's mate came into the kitchen and said we didn't need John, we could get it on ourselves. He wasn't really my type so I told him that I'm a nympho who only has sex if there is at least two cocks :)

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Naughty, naughty girl

I was a naughty girl last night ;) I know I don't give you many pics so I hope you enjoy these ones!

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Lunchtime snack

I had to work all day :( but work fuck buddy had a half day so I went to his when he knocked off at lunch. He had some new porn that we watched, and it was pretty good. It was arousing but bog standard girl/guy didn't really turn me on immensely. I did take WFB's cock out and tease it with my tongue and lips as I lay across his lap, holding it firm in my hand. When it got to a bit he liked he started to thrust his cock through my hand and caressed the back of my head. I knew what he wanted but I made him wait a while longer :)

I started moving my hand up and down his shaft while licking the tip of his cock with my tongue, then gently taking the head in my mouth while wrapping my tongue around it. Then I graduated to full-on sucking on his cock, wanking him at the same time to bring him to orgasm in my mouth as soon as possible.

I had to get back to work soon after though.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009


My friend had a Halloween party and I went along even though I didn't dress up. I knew most of the people at the party but there were a few new faces so I spent some time getting to know them. One particular guy was ok and when he nipped outside for a cigarette we had a cheeky snog. He was a real breast man and was positively gushing about mine, and I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't have minded his hands all over them! He said he was going to another party and that I could come along, so I agreed.

We left the party prematurely and got a taxi to the new one. We had more snogging on the way and he even worked up the courage to have a quick grope of my tits. When we got to the party I suggested we went to a near by park first. I could see his cock was hard through his jeans and I was a little distracted myself. We found a nice dark place among some trees and started snogging again and my hand wandered down to his crotch and I stroked his cock through his jeans. He was certainly raring to go. His hands went under my top and he slipped my bra down and got a good handful. He broke off our kiss to lift my top up so he could suck on my nipples. I didn't mind, I like people worshiping my body, but it's not my favourite thing so I let him suck for a while then told him it was my turn to suck ;) He took his cock out of his jeans and I got on my haunches and starting sucking on it right away. It was a lovely blow-job size and he was making quite a lot of moans and groans as I alternated between suck on his cock and licking and kissing it with my tongue.

I didn't want him to cum though so I asked if he had a condom, which he duly produced and I slipped down his shaft. I slid my leg out of my jeans and pulled my knickers aside and leaned against a tree while he fucked me doggy style. He pounded me quite hard and reached around to grope at my breasts. It didn't last very long though and a few minutes in he whipped his cock out, took off the condom and started jerking it by hand and splashed his cum on my arse. I took my knickers off and got him to wipe the cum off my arse and said he could keep them lol. He did too!

We went back to the party, me now commando, and I had a good time although we kinda went our separate ways and talked to different people. I hooked up with someone who was quite cute and we had a snog in one of the house bedrooms. He said he lived nearby and did I want to go back to his place. I did hesitate a little, but my sex life has been so dead recently I thought what the hell? So we walked back to his place and when we got there he certainly didn't hold back. We undressed each other and he didn't even mention my lack of knickers lol. He had quite a long cock but it didn't seem fully hard, but I got on his bed and he started going down on me and doing it quite well which was nice. He even got his fingers coated in my pussy juice and slid one up my arse. It took me by surprise but I let him continue. As he went down on me he used his fingers well too.

He opened a drawer on his bedside cabinet where he had some condoms but he also had practically a whole branch of Anne Summers too! Dildos, lube, cock rings, handcuffs, I swear I've never seen anything like it. It was kinda sleazy really, I even looked at the bedposts to see if there were notches carved in them! He put a rubber on and fucked me on my back with my legs in the air. It was a good fuck, nothing out of the ordinary and I didn't cum but he did.

I had a root around his sex drawer and found some pretty cool dildos but you didn't know if they were clean or not lol. I picked out a nice ribbed one and gave it a trial run while he watched. He also had a vibrating butt plug which I had a trial go at. It was much better than mine, I'll have to buy one. After watching me play for a while he was hard again so I slid another condom on him and I got on top and rode him. He had pretty good stamina and I rocked myself back and forth on him while he groped at my boobs and arse. The clit stimulation of his body was enough to bring me off and I came with his cock rammed inside me. This was way better than the quickie against the tree and I started to get a bit carried away with myself…

He hadn't cum but he was still hard so I slipped off and lubed his cock up with some of the products from his sex drawer. I straddled him and positioned his cock right at the entrance to my arse and I actually told him "I don't usually do this on a one night stand". God, I'm cringing now. Anyway, I did the deed and just hovered while he bucked his hips and I dirty talked him into cumming, saying to fuck my shit hole and other filthy things but it did the job!

Sunday, 1 November 2009

My way or the highway

I was back in contact with the couple from before where the woman likes her husband to get with other women. I had a pretty good idea about what I wanted for our next meet up…basically I wanted it to be all about me :)

We met at a restaurant and I was wearing a flowing knee-length skirt but no knickers. The top was fairly well supported so I went without a bra also. We had a good meal (with him paying of course :) ) and went for some drinks afterwards. It was only about 9pm and we went to a fairly trendy bar and sat at a booth. I leaned in and told him that I wasn't wearing any underwear. He told me he could tell I wasn't wearing a bra and he couldn't see any VPL so wondered if I was commando. I made sure no-one was looking and slid my skirt up my thighs a little and opened my legs to reveal a bit of my pussy. He looked around to make sure no-one was watching then put his fingers on my crotch and played with my lips a little. I gave him a tease before putting my skirt down again and telling him that he's going to lick my pussy until I cum and then do anything else I ask of him.

So we had a few more drinks and I took him back to my place. I slid out of my dress and told him he can just leave his clothes on. I sat on the sofa and spread my legs and he knew just what to do :) He knelt in front of my and really caressed my pussy. He licked it and kissed it and sucked my lips into my mouth an gently ran his tongue over my clit. I started to tweak my nipples to add to the enjoyment then I told him to use his fingers too. He continued licking my clit and slid a finger inside me too and moved it around, and drew it out and pushed it back in. He wasn't going at quite the right speed so I told him to speed up a little and he eventually hit the right rhythm. I was building up to a great orgasm so shouted out to "keep licking my fucking pussy". I held the back of his head and felt it move and sway as he licked me out. I was just on the verge of cumming but I didn't tell him cos usually guys go faster or harder or something when they know you're on the brink, but instead I let him continue with what he was doing and then I was hit by a really fantastic orgasm. I pushed his face right into my cunt as waves and shocks pulsated my crotch.

His hands reached for his crotch and undid his zip and he reached in and dragged out his cock. I was feeling quite the minx and was wondering how far I could push this so I told him if he wanted to cum he'd have to cum on me and lick it all up. He didn't say anything verbally, but he got up off his knees and started to stroke his cock just inches from my face. "That's right…cum on my face…" I coaxed him and after what could only have been a few pumps of his hand his cock started shooting jiz which splattered on my face. True to my orders he started to lick the cum from my face, and when his tongue got close to my mouth we'd share a passionate kiss. It's not often I get to try something new :)

When he had cleaned up I told him to put his cock away and we moved into the bedroom. I got my double dildo out of the drawer and some lube too. I gave him the lube and told him to finger my areshole. He did this without complaint and he gave my pussy some oral attention while his finger glided in and out of my arse. He started with his index finger then after a while moved onto his middle finger. Then the dirty bugger started using two fingers…mmm… It took a while to get used to two fingers but when it was ok I knew I'd be able to take the double dildo so I told him to lube it up and get to work.

The bit part of the dildo slid easily into my pussy and he slowly inched the smaller part into my arse but it soon got all the way in. Now I have to admit I'm not too keen on "in and out" in my arse so I told him to leave the dildo relatively still, just moving it in and out a little bit and to lick my clit as well. He did everything I asked and it was quite intense but I didn't think I'd reach orgasm but I was very close to I told him to just watch me which he did…and with a few deft rubs of my clit I was soon cumming again.

I went to the loo to clean all the lube off my holes but my man's work wasn't done yet :) I returned to the bedroom and got on all fours and told him to lick my arse for a while. I knew it wouldn't bring me off, it was just for my fun lol. After all, having your arse licked isn't something you can by yourself! I also told him that if he wanted to cum himself he could jerk off while he was doing it. He did do this but it wasn't my best idea cos he came on my bed sheets!! Gah!!

By the end of the night I was more than satisfied and hopefully he had a good time too.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

After work drink

I went for a drink with work fuck buddy after work yesterday and he had a friend with him too. It wasn't too long before he turned to smut like he always does. He was saying he was watching a movie that was right up my street where this girl swallows load after load. I told him that it wasn't really up my street at all, and that I'd swallowed four loads and I was a little queasy even at that. Though one single guy has never cum so much for it to be a problem. The look on his mate's face was priceless lol, his eyes were almost on stalks. I explained to him that I wasn't getting gang-banged or anything, I was just sucking them off. I wonder if he went home and fantasised about me sucking his cock and him cuming in my warm mouth and swallowing it all down…

Tuesday, 22 September 2009


I've been in contact with that couple again and we've set something up for this weekend so I'm feeling all horny thinking about it!

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Voice from the past

I had an old, old, old boyfriend contact me by e-mail. He was probably one of the first guys I went out with and thinking back I was such a prude then. He wants to see me but I'm sure I was much slimmer then too so I'm a bit wary.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Back for more

I had an e-mail from the couple I saw a while back. Well from the wife anyway, saying she enjoyed hearing about what I did with her husband. She went on to ask if I could set up another slutty meet with him. I have his number but I need to think of a pretty slutty activity for us to get up to first. Was thinking maybe a threesome with work fuck buddy but that might be too much…not every guy wants to be close to some other guys cock lol. I do know my arsehole is going to get used though, he he…

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Cleaning up

I decided to give my flat a good clean and work fuck buddy said he'd help if I wore a French Maid outfit. Now I'm not one to turn down some help :) I've never really done the dressing up thing either so I bought a maid outfit with a frilly skirt that goes just below my ass and also shows some cleavage. I wore some black tights and a black thong underneath with a black bra too.

I got a headstart waiting for WFB to turn up and when he did he didn't seem too interesting in cleaning! After pawing my ass for a while I persuaded him that the quicker we get going the sooner we finish. So he followed me around from room to room and we dusted and cleaned. When it came to my bedroom I let him tidy up my knicker drawer which is also where I keep my toys :)

When we were all done I was feeling quite horny myself so WFB sat on the chair and I knelt in front of him and slowly undid his zip and let his cock spring out of his pants. I rubbed it down my cleavage a little before dipping the head of it into my mouth and wrapping my tongue around it. I gave it a shallow blow, running my lips just over the head and back while he slipped my bra straps off my shoulder and let my dress fall down to expose my tits which he had a play with as I continued to shallow suck him.

I went to the bedroom to get a condom and when I got back I stood in front of him with my back to him and bent right over. He torn a hole in the crotch of my tights and slid his fingers past my thong and straight into my pussy, rubbing my g-spot the way he always does when he fingers me from behind. Confirmed that I was wet enough I slid the rubber on his cock and climbed aboard. I just pulled my thong aside and straddled him, pushing down so his entire cock was inside me. I wriggled back and forward and bounced up and down, my boobs jiggling in his face.

My thong was starting to cut into me a little so suggested we do it doggy style. I knelt on the floor and WFB slid his big cock into me from behind and thrusted hard about 5 or 6 times then came. I was too horny to let it stop there though :) so I lay on my back and brought myself to orgasm while he watched.

I did wreck a pair of tights in the process but it was certainly worth it.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

New experience

So I met this couple I was talking about. They seemed pretty normal really and quite nice. He was 45 and she was 50 but they seemed a bit younger. We met in a pub and she described what she likes in bed etc but didn't really spell out what she didn't like though I guess I could work it out. They were both a bit fat, fatter than me (I wonder if he was hoping for some slim supermodel lol).

Anyway, she went back home and me and him spent some more time at the pub and I didn't need to put my hand in my pocket :) He was quite good fun really, so I didn't have a problem when he took me back to a hotel he had a room at. He didn't really initiate anything so I told him I wanted him to cum in my mouth. He seemed quite agreeable to this so hopped on the bed and unzipped and got his cock out. It wasn't a great size, maybe 4 or 5 inches and wasn't too thick either. So I just got down to business and started sucking him off. I was at it for a minute or so before he gestured for me to take my clothes off. So I paused while I stripped and he stripped also.

I got back to business sucking him off and he was quite rigid really (his body…obviously his cock was rigid) and I asked him if he wanted to cum in my mouth. After all, I assume I was here to do *something* dirty. If I'm honest I would have let him do anal if he'd wanted as he had that cock that was just a good size for it. But he didn't ask so I just went back to licking and sucking his cock and like a good boy he was soon cumming and I was swallowing it all down.

So I asked him what happens now and he said he'd probably describe to his wife what I did. I wasn't sure if I'd see him again, so I did tell him that next time maybe he could fuck my arse and would he like to describe that to his wife? He certainly picked up a little but it was too late for him tonight lol so I just headed back to my own place. Maybe it'll give him something to look forward to?

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Possible fun

After poking around on the internet for a while I found this couple who are pretty local to me who are married but the guy wants things the girl won't do. I know it sounds too "reader's wives" to be true but we're not even talking anything too extreme. Anyway I've agreed to meet them but I think that it's probably just some fantasy thing they have going on rather than it being things she doesn't want to do.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

New friends

At work today I told work fuck buddy that I was thinking about expanding my fuck buddy horizons. I asked if he had any friends that might be interested but I didn't think that asking him might make him think he'd be put on the back bench so I guess it was no surprise when he said he didn't know anyone. Guess I'll turn to the internet maybe to expand my horizons.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009


I thought that living on my own I'd maybe be getting more action but it's not really turned out that way. One thing I do love though is not having to worry about clothes and stuff, I spend a lot of time naked or just in a bra and knickers. It's also great being able to use my toys in the living room with the big TV.

I did manage to pull last night though. I had a few snogs with a few different guys and ended up taking a young thing back to my place. He was only early 20s I think and *very* keen :) I had a quick feel of his package when we were snogging at a club and I was really hoping to see it in the flesh. We snogged some more in the back of the cab and when we got back to mine I took him to the bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed as he undressed. When it was time for his boxers to come down his cock sprung out and it was every bit as impressive in the flesh. About 8 inches and nice and thick too. He stood in front of me and I wasn't in a teasing mood so I just got down to business and took his cock in hand and started to suck him off while he reached down to grope my boobs over my dress. My hands went around to grab his butt which was nice and firm too.

I was really enjoying sucking his cock, it wasn't a chore at all, I love a full thick penis inside me. He started to tug at my dress so I lifted it over me and slipped off my bra. He laid with his back on the bed so I got in a 69 position and got back to sucking on his cock while he pulled my thong to one side and licked at my pussy. He pulled my butt cheeks wide and really got his tongue up and down my slit. He started to squirm a little so I could tell he was on the brink of cumming so I held the tip of his cock on my tongue and gripped his shaft and wanked it until it started to erupt cum right into my mouth.

I got up off him and turned to face him then straddled his head so my pussy was right in his face. He gently licked and kissed my clit while I steadied myself with my hands against the wall. Moving his face under me he alternated between licking my lips and my clit but I didn't think I'd cum so I got on my back instead and he whipped my thong off, spread my legs and got back to licking me out. "Finger me as well" I instructed him. His technique was quite good but I still enjoyed telling him what to do, when to use more fingers, when to move them in and out and when to leave them in. With me telling him what to do I knew I was going to orgasm soon. "I'm going to cum…keep going at that pace" I shouted, just as he was hitting a magic rhythm with his fingers and tongue, then I had an incredible orgasm…it's so much better when someone else is doing the work :)

He didn't seem to be quite finished though and he worked his way back up my body, kissing me all over, feeling my boobs and running his hands and up down my body. He pushed his crotch against me and I could feel his cock was hard again. His head had worked its way up to my face and he had a passionate snog as he pressed his hand on my crotch as I gyrated against it and my own hand reached down to his crotch and tugged at his hard-on. "Put a Johnny on and fuck me doggy style" I told him. He rummaged through his clothes and came out with a condom and rolled it down his huge cock and I got on all fours with my butt in the air. Getting behind me he slid his cock right in ball deep. "Fuck me hard" I told him, and he started really pounding me and it felt great. I pushed back to meet each thrust and his cock kept ramming into me hard, filling me full of thick young cock.

He varied his speed from slowly teasing his cock in and out, making me beg him to go faster, to full on fucking me hard. I really wanted to cum myself so I got on my back and spread my legs and rubbed my clit while he continued fucking me while holding my legs open. I managed to get to the point of orgasm quite quickly so grabbed him down toward me and held onto him, forcing his pelvic bone to nuzzle my clit to send me over the edge to a really great orgasm. When I had finished he took the johnny off and wanked himself over me as I held my legs open again, finally managing to cum over my belly.

Rather than going home he decided to stay so we got dressed and had a few more drinks while watching TV. In the morning I left him sleeping while I had a quick shower then went back to bed. He was still dozing so I started stroking his cock under the covers and he soon came around. So I dived under the covers and started to lick and kiss his cock which was already hard. Impressive :) I kept licking it while fondling his balls and really teasing it. I threw off the covers and got a dildo from my drawer and reached between my legs and fucked myself with it while I sucked on his cock. I angled it so that I could push and pull my body up and down on it while moving my mouth and tongue up and down on his shaft. I could tell with each stroke he was getting close to cumming and probably cumming hard when all of a sudden he started to shoot jizz into my mouth in great big squirts.

I wasn't done though, so I got some lube and lubed up my dildo. I lay on my back and told him I wanted him to click my pussy with the dildo up my arse. As always he did exactly as I ordered him to and it was a real turn on. He slowly slid the dildo all the way into my arsehole and left it in place as he started licking my clit, alternating with rubbing it under his fingers. The whole thing was really dirty and really turning me on. I've never had a young guy in bed that I could totally order around to do my bidding and I was really loving it. I was also loving all the stimulation I was getting but I knew I'd probably have to bring myself off so I told him to stop and just watch while I took over. It only took a few seconds of well-positioned rubbing before I was cumming hard myself.

I leaned a few things about my encounter. One was that I could probably do with a few fuck-buddies. The other was that I should maybe look into cuckolding or domination or something like that.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Quick blow

Had a bit of a boozy day today at my local. At lunch I got chatting to a few guys who were down for a stag do (you get *loads* of stag parties here) and didn't really need to buy my own drinks :) I was filling them in on some of the local night life and where was good and whatnot. I said that I had a local map back at my place which wasn't far and I needed to change out of my dress anyway so offered to go back to mine and change and get the map. One of the guys said he'd come with me, so I took him back to mine which was only a few doors down.

I left him in the living room with the map while I went into the bedroom and slipped out of my dress and into jeans and a t-shirt. I had to admit I wondered why he wanted to come back to mine…well, I had an idea :) but he wasn't really making any moves. Before offering to go back to the pub I asked if he wanted a quick drink here. We went into the kitchen where I had a range of drinks and asked him if he saw anything he fancied. I know, I know…cheesy, huh? Lol. It did the job though and we were soon having a bit of a snog. His hands slid under my shirt and lifted my bra up to feel my boobs and nipples. I reciprocated by putting my hand on his crotch and rubbed his hard cock from outside his shorts. It didn't feel like it was too big, but it wasn't exactly tiny either.

He slid his shorts down and slid his boxers down a bit too so that his cock was pointing out proud. I broke off the snog to get on my haunches and took it in hand. It was probably about 4 inches and not too thick, but I took it in my mouth and got it nice and wet. I run my tongue all over it, pushing it against his belly while running my tongue up and down the underside, then letting the cock fall naturally and taking it back in my mouth again. He started thrusting his hips and I could tell he was on the brink of cumming already. I kept my head still and let him just thrust his cock over my tongue and sure enough he was filling my mouth in no time. His cum was quite runny really. He apologised for not lasting long and said he was just feeling horny.

We went back to the pub with the map and I showed them all some good places to go while we had some more drinks. I had to go to the toilet and I knew he'd probably tell his mates what had happened, and when I got back I was pretty much spot on. They were asking how big his cock was and things like that but I was the perfect lady and didn't say anything.

After coming home from the pub I had to have a session with my rabbit as I'd sucked him off but got nothing for it :(

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Good job?

I was thinking the other day about how many hand jobs I've given. It's really not a lot. In fact hardly any which is strange when you think about it. Now I'm wondering if it's because I'm no good? Or would guys just rather you did something else? I guess I can't be that great at it as I hardly ever do it, and let's be honest guys aren't the best "down there" either so why should I be able to jerk a guy better than he does himself?

Work Fuck Buddy asked me to give him a hand job earlier but I swear I've never done it to him before. Maybe I'll give it a go and ask for feedback? Maybe give him one of those cards you get at restaurants :)

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Practice makes perfect

As time has gone on I've started to get really used to my anal dildos. At first it took a while to get going, but now I can start using them right away with no discomfort and quite enjoy it. Granted my anal dildos are only about half the girth of a cock or a pussy dildo, and my technique is different…rather than move it in and out I tend to just leave it in, or use my plug, and masturbate. I sometimes move them in and out a little but not like a guy usually does with his knob. I still quite enjoy anal when in the mood, but I wonder if I'll ever get to the stage of actually really enjoying it?

Now this is pretty gross so I hope you don't mind :D but I usually don't bother with enemas or anything when using toys, I just slip a condom over the dildo. Yeah I know, but needs must lol and why can't a girl do what she pleases behind closed doors!

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Beach Bum

It was quite a sunny day yesterday and I wasn't at work so Work Fuck Buddy and I went to the beach. When it's sunny at the weekend it's mobbed, but during the week it isn't so bad. The beach is miles long too so the further you go from the big nearest the town the quieter it gets. I had my bikini on under a loose dress and when we got there I didn't mind going topless as it wasn't very busy. I stayed face down most of the time but I was boobies up a few times too. WFB just had some shorts on.

At one point some guys with a football came to talk to us, a group of 4 probably about 20 or so. It was pretty cool just talking to people totally topless lol. I know I'm still fat but my tits aren't that bad so hopefully they enjoyed the view. WFB wanted me to give him a hand job but I told him it wasn't quite quiet enough for that but maybe I'd treat him later ;)

After a few hours sunning (yes, I let him oil up my tits *sigh*) we went back to mine (top and dress back on for the journey!). I'm always happy to oblige WFB :) and we got pretty naughty…not very naughty but pretty naughty and took some snaps too. I'll need him to get them onto my PC next time he is over though, don't know how to do it myself. I guess I could take it to PC World and get them to show me lol. They look ok so I'll probably post them.

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Back at last

Not been able to give many updates with me moving and all, and problems with net access but I'm back online now! And last weekend I finally met up with my female friend and her guy. As arranged I was dressed quite sexy in a short black skirt, pink thong and blag see-through top with black bra underneath. I met with my friend in a pub around 11pm and they'd already had a few to drink. She was wearing a slinky low-cut blue dress that really clung to her body. I commented that she looked really sexy without a bra. We all talked and I made sure to flirt with the guy and me and her were quite touchy-feely with each other.

About 1am we all went back to their place and I sat on the sofa while she went to get us all more drinks. My skirt was quite high up and I could tell from his eye-line that I was flashing some knicker. When she got back she sat next to me and complimented me on my big boobs. She asked if she could have a feel so I opened my top up and slipped my bra up. She took big handfuls then went down to start sucking on my nipples. My own hands wandered to feel her tits too as she sucked on mine. Her hand then started to move up my legs and under my skirt. I was happy for her to just take the lead in things so I lay back on the sofa and opened my legs a bit more. She made slow circular motions over the crotch of my knickers, gently massaging my pussy under it. I felt a bit guilty that she was doing all the work but I was really enjoying it.

I looked over to hubby and was staring intently. When he saw me looking he undid he zip and sprung his cock from him pants and slowly wanked on it. She then whipped my panties off and started licking and kissing my clit. I ran my hands over her shoulders and back, petting her to let her know to keep going. It felt pretty good and she had a great technique and was using enough pressure with her tongue. I wasn't sure if I was going to cum but I just lay there and let her do her thing.

He came over and knelt down beside us, getting a better look and his cock was rock hard. Still licking my pussy, her hand moved down to grab his cock and started jerking it. "This tastes good," she told him, "do you want a go?" With that they changed places and he bent down to continue licking me out while she started sucking on his cock while he tongued and rubbed at my pussy. I looked over to see her mouth run up and down his cock and I suggested we both try it. So he sat on the sofa and we both knelt in front of him taking three or four sucks and licks of his cock in turn. He started thrusting his hips and I knew he was going to cum so I grabbed his cock and wanked it and it absolutely exploded cum. Three or four good solid spurts burst out onto his belly and a few more dribbled down my hand. She licked the cum off his belly while I licked my fingers clean.

Her and I then had a bit of a passionate snog. I was expecting it to taste a little of cum but it wasn't bad. I moved my hands down her body and she responded my slipped off her dress. I moved my hand to her crotch and slipped it inside her knickers and she gyrated and pushed her pussy against my hand. I could tell her pussy was completely shaved and she lay on the ground and lifted her legs for me to slide her knickers off. I have to admit I wasn't as nervous as I thought I'd be and I slid a finger up her pussy first and gently massaged her g-spot. Next I moved my head in and started licking her out, getting my tongue all over her clit, sucking on her pussy lips and really lapping it up. It actually tasted good and I settled on a rhythm with my tongue as my finger continued to work her g-spot. I was pretty sure she was building to orgasm so I asked her if she was going to cum. She screamed out that she was so I went back to business and brought her to orgasm which felt great. I could feel her pussy grab at my fingers in waves.

He wasn't quite hard yet so I lay on my back and spread my legs and she started going down on me again. I was sure to make plenty of moans and groans as her tongue darted all over my lips and clit. I grabbed at my boobs and played with my nipples and gestured for him to come over. He knelt beside me and dangled his cock such that I was able to lick and suck it while his hands wandered over my boobs watching his partner suck on my pussy. He gradually got hard then went behind her and started to slowly fuck her doggy style. She lay her tongue against my clit and it pushed down in waves as he pounded his cock into her with slow, heavy thuds.

She raised her body up to full doggy style so I got up and went to the business end and watched his cock pound her from behind. Every few strokes he'd take his cock out and I'd suck on it for a few strokes then he'd put it back in her. Next I got on all fours beside her and got ready for some cock too. He continued to take her from behind while he fingered my pussy and when he was ready to come he took it out of her and rammed it deep in my pussy from behind and instantly came, burying his cock inside me as deep as he could. It was his second cum so there wasn't much of it but some did run out of me which she watched with interest. Even going as far as dipping her fingers in my pussy which was sopping wet by now.

It was pretty late so we all went to bed and I slept in the spare room. I was really drunk the night before so I felt a little odd in the morning, but he came in not long after I'd woken up. I was under the covers but still hadn't dressed and he just had his boxers on. He said she was just in the shower and would be making breakfast and asked how I was. I said fine, and he got on the bed and said how much he enjoyed last night. I said I'd had a great time too. I could hear her leave the bathroom so he asked if I'd like to shower. He kinda hung around a little though then said "come on". So I slid out from under the blankets and he led me to the shower. It felt a little weird to be honest but he slipped off his boxers and we both got into the shower.

He lathered me up and his hands were all over me but I didn't really mind and took the opportunity to repay the favour, taking full advantage of his hard on which was quite flattering. I know he didn't mind last night but he was drunk and getting it from two chicks, so it was good that he still wanted my body. He placed me facing the wall and he washed my back down, then started to wash my ass cheeks. Then his finger started to linger over my asshole, rubbing and massaging it. The little bugger wasn't this dirty last night and I wondered if it was because his girl was there! I didn't really mind though and he took my lack of objection as a sign to go a bit further and slip his finger in. I was turned on but worried by any potential mess as I obviously hadn't had a chance to clean out or anything. I let him finger me for a while but I had to get him to stop just in case. I rinsed him down then got on my haunches and started to suck him off. He started talking dirty and asked me if I took it up the arse. I concentrated on getting him off though and managed quite well given it was only about a minute before he was cumming in my mouth. As well as not having cleaned out I wasn't really in the mood for taking one in the arse anyway, but I'm sure that's what he was after. It didn't stop me teasing him though by saying I love it up the arse and maybe next time…

We got dried and dressed and went to the kitchen where she had done us all some breakfast. "Have fun in the shower?" she asked with a grin. We both smiled and laughed. I left for home after breakfast, and although I didn't much of a proper fucking it was still great fun.

Friday, 26 June 2009


Had problems getting net access since the move plus been real busy. Got things sorted now so should be back with a proper update soon!

Friday, 22 May 2009

Moving in

I started moving stuff into my new flat today, yay!! Should be all moved in within a week. It's a 3rd floor flat but I had a help up with a lot of my boxes from a guy who lives below me. He's about 5 or so years older than me I think, and it was very nice of him to help me with the boxes and when they were all done I went to his for some coffee. Now it's not what you're thinking lol cos he is married and his wife was there. Though it was only when she tossed me a "double take" that I remembered I wasn't wearing a bra cos I wanted to be comfortable. D'oh. I had a t-shirt on with a tight neck so he wouldn't have seen anything, but his wife didn't seem too impressed with my knockers swaying around. Ah well, you can't please everyone!

I unpacked some of my boxes but not all of them. When I get all my bed stuff sorted I might start staying over.

Thursday, 21 May 2009


I wasn't working till midday so stayed in bed a while and used my rabbit while reliving the events of last night and thinking about crowds of guys fucking me and cumming over me…mmm…

I asked work fuck buddy if I'd left my knickers in his car but he said he didn't think so, he'd just dropped them on the ground. So I told him he owed me a new pair, so we went to La Senza at break and he got me some pink lacy ones. To be honest I was pretty much going to throw out the ones I'd lost last night anyway so it was win-win :)

Dogging revisited

Work fuck-buddy and I gave dogging another go tonight. I wore pretty much what I did last time (it's not like anyone saw me!) and we went to the places we found out about on the web but we had to go around a few times before we finally saw what we thought would be some action. It was basically a bunch of guys hanging around a car not looking like they were doing anything in particular. So we parked up a little distance away and I opened the passenger door (WFB was driving) and I got his cock out and leaned over to start sucking on it.

Sure enough the other guys wandered over and watched me for a while. When I looked over there was three standing there with their cocks in their hand through their zips. They were all fairly average in size and two were pretty hard but one was still limp so I swung around and sat with my legs out the door and took the nearest one's cock in hand and gave it a slow wank. No-one was really saying anything so I asked if he wanted me to suck his cock. He moved a little bit forward so I took his cock in my mouth and kept my hair away from my face with my hand so the others could see the cock glide in and out of my mouth. I kept up a nice rhythm while the other two watched and wanked. I motioned the other guy who was hard to come nearer and I let the guy I was sucking go and wanked the other one while I gave him some dirty talk. I said I wanted him to fuck my dirty mouth and cum in it. At this point the first guy's cock started shooting cum and I tried to move to catch it on my face and body but it pretty much missed.

So I started sucking on the second guy and two more guys turned up to watch. They got in position to get a good view of me sucking on the dick in my mouth which started to shoot cum so I quickly took it out and milked what was left over my face. WFB got out the car and came around to the passenger side. He took me off the seat and I put my bum up on the bonnet and he lifted my skirt and slid my thong off. He put on a rubber and guided his cock into my pussy and started fucking me on the bonnet with my legs pushed up. One of the other guys pulled my top up and yanked up my bra and they started to grope at my tits while I was getting fucked. With my mouth free I started to talk dirty again, begging WFB to fuck me, saying how much I was loving it. He finished off inside me and when he slipped out and stood back one of the other guys quickly stepped in and sprayed his load over my belly and exposed pussy.

The remaining guy that was hard (the guy that was soft was still soft) stepped up so I got on my haunches and started sucking him off. He was ready to cum quite quick and pulled his cock out and shot over my face. It was strange that most guys love cumming in my mouth but these guys all seemed more keen to cum over my face, tits etc. I dunno, maybe it's the dogging way?

So we both got back in the car and everyone else slid off too and WFB drove me back to my place. I had tissues so was able to clean up a little but god knows where my thong went! Either it's lying in the park somewhere or someone took it as a souvenir.

The whole experience actually left me quite horny for a while after. I enjoyed it but I didn't really get much actual cock considering there were a few guys there. If I do it again maybe I need to be a bit more explicit and tell people what I want. I don't think I'd be too keen on a bunch of strange guys all fucking me cos you never know how people are with the "no bareback" rule, so maybe just sucking them off and having them wank over me is for the best. WFB liked it though, he said it was pretty horny having other guys watch and he loved it when the guy shot over my belly and pussy.

Monday, 18 May 2009


Work fuck-buddy mentioned dogging and that he'd like to try it. So I checked out some videos and found a site that details a few dogging locations in the area. I wore a short skirt and jumper with no bra and fuck-buddy and I had a drive around but we didn't really see anything we don't think. We'll try again through the week sometime. You can never really tell how common this stuff is or if it is all just internet hype! A lot of the dogging videos I found looked set up but some looked genuine and it looked like something I'd like to try. Lots of men watching me pleasure someone while they wait their turn is something that I think I'd enjoy ;)

The night wasn't a total bust as we went back to his and he did the duty and gave me a pretty good seeing to :)

Saturday, 16 May 2009


My possible FMF friend came over to let me know her and hubby would be going out at the weekend next week so if I could dress quite slutty and met them we'd hang out, go back to their and "see what happens". We'll see :)

Friday, 15 May 2009

Matchmaking results

I didn't get much out of my friend about the date I set up for her but I didn't expect to. So….I asked work fuck buddy instead :) He was surprisingly reserved but he did let on that they had sex and that she was "quite keen" whatever that means!

I should also be moving into my new flat this weekend….yay me :)

Monday, 11 May 2009


A girlfriend of mine is recently divorced and not exactly looking to get back into a relationship, but is ready for a bit of fun and (in my opinion) some confidence boosting. So I've set her up with work fuck buddy. I've pretty much informed her that he isn't husband material but will probably give her a right good seeing to if that's what she is after. I'm sure she'll have a good time as he has a nice cock and is always up for it.

I've also been looking at some places to stay and I think I've found somewhere. It's not great but I can afford it on my own so that'll be good.

Saturday, 2 May 2009


My friend called back about the "sex script" so I went over to hers. She'd basically drafted out that I'd be over for dinner and we'd just flirt and dress/act sexy then start snogging and go from there. She is sure he'll play along and wanted to know what I would and wouldn't do, so I told her I was pretty much open to anything. I waited to see if she would bring up "girl on girl", and she did and I told her I'd never done it but was willing to give it a go. She admitted she'd never done anything like that either. I asked what he liked and she said pretty much anything but would especially like two girls going down on him so that was a must. I asked if I should bring any toys but she said she had most things. It was all a bit strange and clinical really, I just hope that if it does happen it is more natural.

When I went back to mine I had a play with my rabbit and wondered what it would be like to lick a girl's pussy or have her lick mine. Have to admit I think I would quite enjoy it. Especially if some guy is getting all horny while watching and getting ready to fuck me after.

Friday, 1 May 2009


Got a fair bit done today. I had a look around some flats, some I could afford on my own and some I'd have to share with but nothing that great really. I went to Ann Summers and bought some sexy thongs, and I wanted to try a butt plug too but the shop was too busy. Their range wasn't that good anyway. I tried the sex shop and they still had a limited range but I quickly bought one and left the shop. I swear I could feel my face burning red!

I called my friend RE the possible FMF. She said she hasn't done anything more about it yet, so I asked what kind of thing she had in mind, and would "we" be doing anything. She said she could script it out (eh?) but said that we probably would but it would be ok if we didn't. I suppose I just need to wait for the script? I wonder if I'll win an Oscar?

I tried the butt plug out and it was ok, though maybe I could have got a bigger one. I left it in while I used my rabbit and it was quite a nice sensation. Maybe I should try and get a job as a sex toy tester?

Thursday, 30 April 2009

At last

Ok, so last night :) I had plenty of time to prepare so just myself all cleaned out! I went to "L"'s place and wasn't sure what the format was but we had a chat and a few drinks whatnot and it kinda dragged on a little, but I eventually suggested we head to the bedroom. I'd brought some stuff with me just in case he wasn't prepared (well, he is a man!)

I lay on the bed, totally naked, and introduced him to my double-dildo. He lubed it all up worked just the big cock on my pussy first with the smaller cock just nuzzling against my arsehole. After teasing me for a while he started to slowly slide the smaller cock into my ass and it did actually feel quite nice. He held it in me while I rocked against it and he licked my clit. I was keen to get onto the main event though….

He took away the dildo and slid his cock into my pussy for a few pumps before getting it all lubed up ready for my ass. He lifted my ass up a little and I spread my cheeks and pushed his cock inside me a little at a time. I told him to take it slow which he did. I rubbed my clit while he stroked his cock a little out of my ass then drove it back in. He gathered some pace until I was taking it as hard as I was comfortable with. I could tell he was quickly on the brink and then he rammed it in me right up to his balls and grabbed at my thighs as he came inside me. His cock popped out and I was hoping to hold the cum in me but it just wasn't possible and most of his cum fell out with his cock and landed on the sheets. It was over in seconds really but still good fun.

I could defo do with more of this backback fucking, hopefully it'll last longer if it happens again but I didn't say anything really. I did tell him that maybe next time he could take a picture and he certainly seemed keen :)

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

It had to be done!

Ok, not sure this was my best idea :) but it's been on my mind. I got in touch with "L" just to see if he was ok and whatnot and suggested we meet up for a drink. I told him about my bareback plans and he replied pretty much how I was wanting :) He joked that we still could but I knew he was just sounding me out and that he was probably up for it. So tomorrow is the night! I'm going to have someone come over and ride me bareback!!

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Great weekend

I was out on the town Friday night with a few girlfriends and we went to the pub where last weekends snog was. He was there but pretty drunk and we had another snog and exchanged numbers to see what we were both doing by the end of the night. I met up with him around 2am ish and we got some grub together.

Anyway, long story short we got a taxi back to his place to continue on the party where we had some more snogs before he finally started to get adventurous and his hands started to wander over my body. I was pretty horny anyway so helped him by getting my boobs out and spreading my legs for him to slip his hand up my skirt. At first he just massaged my pussy through my panties then slipped his fingers in my panties to continue. Had to admit he was pretty good at it, and it got even better when he got between my legs to slide my panties right off. He stayed there and started going down on me which was just as great as his fingering. He worked his tongue well and used his fingers well and I did eventually get to orgasm. This is my kind of man :)

I was only more than willing to reciprocate but we went back to some more snogging so I took the initiative this time and my hand wandered to his crotch, unzipped and slid my hand inside. Mmmm, his cock wasn't the biggest but it wasn't tiny or anything and I think he felt a bit self conscious about it. Anyway, I whipped it out of his pants and into my mouth. It was probably about 4 inches and not too thick but I actually lick sucking on small cocks. I like getting the whole thing in my mouth, though it does make it harder to wank it and suck it at the same time so I concentrated on tonguing it all over. I got the impression he was holding back a little and I didn't think he was going to cum so I asked if he had any condoms. Obviously I had my own but I dunno…maybe he had special ones to fit him? Lol, I'm terrible.

So he slipped one on and fucked me from behind but TBH it wasn't that great though it wasn't long before he came. That wasn't the end of it, though, he did go down on me again after he fucked me which I think is pretty horny, and he got me off again too. I didn't stay after though, I just went home. I usually like staying over to fuck in the morning when I'm horniest but didn't think it was much worth it.

Saturday night was much better and I met up with some lads on a stag do and one took me back to their hotel room. He was probably mid 20s so fairly young but he had quite a nice cock, was a good size but not massive. He was mega horny too, I'm going to have to had sex with more younger guys I think. We both stripped totally naked and he went down on me right away. His technique wasn't great but he made up for it in enthusiasm and slipped his finger up my arse too. I quite like it when a man takes control :) I didn't cum and I didn't think I would so we switched it around and I started sucking his cock. It was rock hard and he was totally shaven and I fondled his smooth balls as I worked on my shaft and head with my lips and tongue. He had a great arse too, real firm and nice and I squeezed it as I ran my mouth up and down his hard-on.

He didn't cum though but he slipped a rubber on and fucked me with him on top. And boy did he fuck, he was like a jackhammer and I held my boobs or else I might have got a black eye! We were at it for a while before he got off and motioned me onto all fours then started pounding me from behind. This was much better and I planted my face in the pillows as he slapped against my arse. I was aching to cum so I had him on his back and I went on top. His cock was still solid and I slipped it in me and pushed down on it hard, pushing my clit against his body in a nice rhythm and brought myself to a fantastic orgasm.

His cock was still solid, so much stamina! So I turned around so that I was on top but facing away from him. I rode my pussy up and down his cock and told him to finger my arsehole. He had no problem doing that so I thought some dirty talk might get him off so I said how great his cock felt in my cunt and how I wanted him to cum. As if on cue he was soon filling his rubber up with spunk. We must have been fucking for about 15 minutes solid.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Flat hunting

I'm looking for my own place to move into, nothing special just a flat somewhere. Hopefully I can find somewhere that I can afford the rent on myself as I wouldn't want to have to live with someone again. I'd love to be able to use my dildos any time I want, any place and orgasm at any volume! Like today, I had to wait until I had the place to myself before the rabbit could come out. I had a shower and a good clean up, then went back to my bedroom and lay naked on top of the bed and had a real good session with it.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Weekend plans

I didn't manage to pull at the weekend (must be out of practice) but I did get a few snogs. One from a guy I've seen a few times at a certain pub so I'm planning on going back this weekend to see what happens.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Some girls have all the luck

A girlfriend of mine has a new bloke and she was saying how big his cock was. Now we all like a big cock, but I was a little shocked to see she had a pic of it on her phone! I have to admit, it was quite a nice cock and pretty big. I asked her to send me the pic but she wouldn't lol

Wednesday, 15 April 2009


I had an interesting talk with a married girlfriend of mine. She was saying that she was looking into "spicing up" her and her husband's sex life so was looking into a bringing someone else into the bed, so to speak. I told her it would be a great way to spice things up but it seems that a FMF is the order of the day, and she was wondering if I'd be the other person. I was surprised to say the least as I know the larger lady isn't everyone's cup of tea and they're both quite slim. However she said she knows I get tested and whatnot. Apparently he doesn't know either, it's going to be a surprise. I told her if she wanted to go ahead with it I'd be interested.

Thing is, I guess I should have asked more questions. Does she want us two to do anything for example?

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Day in the gardens

I was a nice sunny day so I went to the gardens with a male friend and he wanted us to sit on the grass. Thing is, I had a knee-length skirt but no knickers on and I didn't really want my pussy to be a main attraction :) It's impossible to sit down or stand up in a skirt without flashing your knickers (well, for me anyway, maybe I need lessons). I didn't really want to tell my companion that I was going commando either so I just did my best to keep kitty covered up as I sat down. Even if the worst happened at least I'd trimmed up that morning!

When it was time to get up I told the guy I might need some help as I wasn't wearing any knickers and didn't want to put on a show. "Really?" he asked, somewhat shocked I think. So I had him block the view while I lifted myself up off the floor. I guess it wouldn't have been too bad to give someone a flash of my pussy, might have made their day :)

Monday, 13 April 2009

Still alive

Yikes, it's been ages since I posted. Well "L" and I split up and I went on a last minute holiday to Spain with a girlfriend so I haven't been around much. The holiday was great and I had lots of local cock :) I've forgotten how much fun holidays are as a single girl cos the lads are always up for some fun. We spent 5 nights away and I got laid every night. In fact in 5 nights I had sex with 12 guys in total. Gah, I'm such a slut lol!!!

There were a few standard one night shags, a few threesomes, but best of all was the third night in where my friend and I hooked up with a bunch of lads on holiday. There were 5 of them and they offered to take us back to their hotel room but my mate had met someone she'd been chasing and they headed off together so it was just me and the 5 lads. We had a few drinks, had a few laughs then we got down to some snogging, then my clothes were off and I was on my hands and knees sucking 5 hard cocks one after the other. Then they doubled up and I was getting one from each end until all 5 had cum. It was an amazing experience even though no-one thought to go down on me, and my pussy was actually sore the next morning.

I even went topless on the beach which is something I never thought I'd do. The locals were always buying you drinks and giving you lots of attention. I swear I could have fucked about 100 guys if I had the energy. Apart from the orgy I did manage to get shagged, go out to another bar then get shagged again. I'm pretty sure the guy didn't know he was fucking a pussy that had only just been fucked hours before.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Sex survey

Had an interesting night out with 4 of my girlfriends. One of them was telling us about a sex survey they had seen and told us a few questions from it. Turns out we all have dildos and use them regularly :) We have all swallowed after oral sex and 3 of us swallow every time. 4 of us have had anal sex and 1 has regular anal sex. We've all had sex on a first date, we've all had a facial and we've all had sex outdoors.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009


One of my girlfriends invited me along to her gym tonight to see what it was like. I was quite looking forward to seeing some nice hunky men! She goes to the gym all the time and has a great body. Her gym gear was really tight and I could practically see what she had for breakfast! I wore a much more comfortable baggy top and jogging bottoms.

As for the guys, well I was a bit disappointed :) Wasn't quite the wall-to-wall Adonisfest that I was expecting, just a bunch of regular guys but some were quite nice. Men have it much better at the gym that women do. I didn't see a single package but my girlfriend was practically giving up the whole goods! Guys could hardly keep their eyes off her too.

After the workout we had a shower (non-communal) but I did get a glimpse of her when we were getting dressed and she looked great with perky boobs and had a nicely trimmed bush. Guys are so lucky. In fact I might even give being a lesbian a go for a night.

I doubt I'll become a gym regular after this, if the guy situation was more promising I maybe would. It would be good to trim down like my friend though, cos I swear she could probably have gotten every guy there to fuck her.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

More on masturbation

I asked "L" about his masturbation habits and he was a little reluctant to talk about it. So I told him it would turn me on and coaxed him into the mood with a little cock rubbing. I asked him if he ever did over women he met in the street and he said he did, along with women at work and whatnot. Apparently it is VPL, visible thongs and hard nipples that turn him on. I asked him if he'd done it over anyone I knew and he admitted that he did over some of my friends. Dirty bugger!

I hadn't really thought about this stuff as I just masturbate to get off, and sometimes I have fantasies I get off to but never about actual people. So I gave him a blow job and told him to tell me what he fantasises about over with my friend as I sucked his cock. He certainly didn't hold back and told me how he'd love to strip her naked, kiss her all over and fuck her. He also didn't hold back when it came to cumming and he obviously enjoyed talking about it as my mouth was quite full. Yum :)

I also asked him if his friends have ever masturbated over me but he said he doesn't talk about those things with his mates but they probably have as he does it over their girlfriends. Does he now!

Saturday, 14 March 2009


I had the day off today so I just stayed in bed til afternoon. I had the house to myself so I took some toys to the living room and enjoy myself with some porn. I was pretty much at it for about an hour. I went for a wander around town but didn't bother wearing a bra under my t-shirt, or knickers but I had on a knee-length skirt. When I'm bored I like to watch men ogle my boobs :) It seems when your nipples are hard then can hardly keep their eyes off them. I wonder if they ever jerk off later about it. I've asked guys before and they do say they'll sometimes have a wank while thinking about someone they saw that day. I've asked if there was anything in particular that will trigger a quick one later but apparently it all "depends".

"A" was around when I got home so I just hung out with him watching TV. I contemplated asking him what would make him jerk off thinking about someone he saw but I wasn't sure I'd get a straight answer so I didn't bother. He was also quite blasé about my lack of bra, though I guess that's just familiarity I suppose. So I went to my room and had some more fun with my toys instead :)

Friday, 13 March 2009

Some of my favourite things

I've been thinking about things, and although I'm having fun with "L" I kinda prefer being single. I get more sex in a relationship (not always great sex worth blogging about lol) but I think random sex is usually a bit more interesting. "L" is getting tested and I do have an agenda of bareback anal and I think once I get to try it I might move on. I feel a bit bad about it…but he'll get to be the first guy to cum in my ass so it's not like I'm leaving him with nothing :) Not having to use condoms will no doubt open up some new sexual avenues but I think once I've gone down them I'll get bored again.

So things I want to do…have a guy fuck me but cum in my mouth. Have a guy cum in my ass. Have him cum in my pussy then me lick his cock clean.

Maybe I should send a letter to Jim'll Fix It instead?

Thursday, 12 March 2009

A filling lunch

I visited "L" at his work at lunch today. We ate our sandwiches in his car in the car park and we got a little bit naughty and I sucked him off. It's an underground car park so no-one saw :) I told him I'd live to get fucked across his desk one day, but he is in an open-plan office so it might rise some eyebrows lol.

When I got home I sent him some sexy emails to get him nice and hard in his open-plan office :)

"Thanks for the spunk pudding at lunch. Maybe next time you and your text-sex workmate can take me home for lunch and serve up a cock sandwich? I know we wouldn't have much time so it would need to be quick…take my clothes off, choose an end start fucking whatever is there, and when you've both cum just go back to work."

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Growing out

My pussy has started itching a bit today so I'll probably let my hair grow back. I told ex-fuck buddy that my fanny was itchy cos I shaved and he wanted to see. So we went out back and I gave him a flash and he seemed to quite like it, though he did tell me he liked it before too.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Good times

I brought some toys with me to "L"s last night as well as my usual overnight stuff. I cleaned the stubble off my pussy a little in the shower and gave myself an enema (be prepared!) then got dressed in my usual bedtime stuff. So we trundled off to bed and horny bugger that he is I knew it wouldn't be too long before he was pawing my boobs over my t-shirt. I lay on my back slightly and let him have a feel and we had a bit of a snog as his hands wandered lower. They were soon hovering over my crotch and then under my t-shirt. I knew instantly he could tell "something" was different and it certainly perked him up!

He ran his fingers over my smooth pussy as my hands found his cock under the covers and started to give it a gentle tug. He kicked the bed covers off and he made circular motions over my clit as I slowly jerked him. He started to introduce a finger into my pussy and I pushed against it as I gripped his cock and he slowly fucked my hand. Curiosity getting the better of him he finally got between my legs and started to give me a good going over with his tongue, kissing and licking my pussy lips and clit as his finger massaged my g-spot. I groaned and moaned to let him know to keep doing what he was doing. I held the back of his head and started pushing my pussy up against his tongue and rotating my hips just the way I like it and I was really building up a good orgasm with his finger going inside me and I was having an orgasm in no time.

His cock was raging hard but I wasn't done yet :) I reached inside my night bag and brought my dildo out and he had to just watch as I worked it inside me, grouping and massaging my own tits as I moaned as the rabbit ears did their magic on my clit. I let "L" take over the dildo and he worked it in and out as I took over rubbing my pussy. He wanted to use the dildo on me from behind so I got on all fours and he worked on me from behind. I reached behind to rub my asshole as he slid the dildo in and out of my pussy. Things got a little too much for him though and he said he had to cum and was soon cumming on my back.

I'll admit I was a little disappointed! But still very horny so I showed him what he could have won ;) I took the lube from my bag and lubed up the rabbit. Now it's got quite a thick shaft so I spent some time gently prodding and pushing it and slowly working it into my ass while I lay on my back. When it was in ok I let "L" take over and he licked me out while he pushed the dildo deeper and deeper into my ass. I had an incredible second orgasm this way. "L" wasn't really up for any more action so we both went to sleep.

In the morning "L" seemed quite keen to start where we left off. One day I'm going to have to shove a dildo up his arse to see how it is the next day lol. So my arse was off limits much to his annoyance, but we did some 69ing to make up.

Friday, 6 March 2009

Lil' treat

I have a little surprise for "L" when we next meet :)

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Unexpected fun

I had quite a sexy time this morning. I stayed over at "L"s and when he was getting up in the morning for work I went into the kitchen area but it seemed he had someone there giving him a lift. I guess it was a work colleague. I was only wearing a t-shirt that was about a few inches below my bum. No bra or knickers or anything else. It didn't overly bother me as I was behind the kitchen table but "L" ushered me over to meet his friend and he was very gentlemanly and maintained eye contact.

I had a seat on the sofa while they fussed around and I have to admit there wasn't much I could do to keep the shirt down to cover my pussy. I kept my legs together so no lip was on show but bush was pretty much there for anyone who looked.

When "L" was gone I sent him a text message saying I think his workmate might have seen my pussy :) He sent one back saying that he had and he thought it was very nice. Not sure if he was being honest or not, so when he came back for lunch I quizzed him and he seemed quite genuine. He said you could hardly not see my pussy under the shirt. I asked for the workmates number and I sent him a text myself to see what he said, and right enough he said he had an eyeful.

So….when "L" had gone back to work I sent another text message saying I hope he didn't mind. He replied saying he enjoyed looking at it and I had a lovely pussy and he loves natural blondes. Wow…dirty little bugger. Then a few moments later a message came from him saying he'd love to taste it. Mmmm…. I was still in the t-shirt so I started playing with my pussy and texted him to tell me more. He certainly didn't hold back and said how he'd love to spread my legs and get his tongue in my pussy. I replied saying I was rubbing myself and my cunt was soaking. He said he'd love to strip me naked and kiss me all over, get his fingers in all my wholes. I could hardly believe it but it was dead horny and I managed to bring myself off. I thanked him for the text sex and got ready to get back to mine.

I waited to see if "L" would mention anything (who knows if the work mate would ever say anything) and he did mention it when he called me this evening :) I wasn't bothered by it so admitted we had some text sex. He thought it was quite funny really, said he hoped I'd enjoyed it and I said I certainly did.

Saturday, 28 February 2009


We went out for a drink last night and met up with one of "L"s ex girlfriends. I'm not usually bothered by that stuff but I don't know how recent this ex is, plus she was gorgeous and slim. Mmm. We went back to "L"s and we were all getting on ok, I was pretty much fine with the whole ex thing and we even talked about sex. Apparently this ex is a bit of a deep throater which is a talent I admit I don't possess. To the extent that I actually let him have another blow job from her for old time's sake. I watched and it was horny, but it was like I wasn't there really. Maybe I'm just being a hypocrite but when I have two guys fuck me I make sure they both get attention and both enjoy themselves. When she was sucking him off he made no attempt to involve me or even acknowledge me. She kept her clothes on which made me feel a little better but not much more.

Later on when it was just "L" and I he tried to get frisky but I really wasn't in the mood. I lied a little and said he should have fucked her too cos I'd have liked to watch and his eyes pretty much lit up. Mmmm.

Friday, 27 February 2009


I stayed over at "L"'s place. I phoned in sick then went back to bed with "L". He was still a bit sleepy but I easily roused his cock into an erection then started going down on him. If only work knew what I was really doing… He's always randy in the morning however he was feeling kinky this time and lay me on my back and started to feed his cock into my mouth. When he was ready to cum he wanked the last few strokes and spunked all over my face. He lifted it with his finger and I licked all the cum from it.

"L" had to get dressed and go to work so I had a shower at his and tidied my pussy up a little. I took a snap on my phone and asked him if he was coming home for lunch :) I sent him a few text messages during the day too saying how I was looking forward to getting fucked. With travel time he only really has about 20 mins he can spend at home so we didn't waste any time and started with a doggy-style fuck with me leaning over the sofa and him taking me from behind. I didn't cum so he licked me on the sofa until I came. He couldn't really get hard again and time was running out so he got back to work and I went home.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Party time

"L" was having some friends over so I was invited too. I wore by black see-through top but this time with no bra under it :) My boobs aren't perky, but they're big and my nipples aren't pointing South yet so they still look good without a bra. Wasn't sure if "L" would tell me to wear a bra when he saw me but he didn't and seemed quite impressed. It's not totally see-though, but you can still see under it and see my boobs and make out my nipples.

He invited four guys over in total and it was a good night. We had a fair few drinks and through the night I caught them all looking at my boobs so many times it was a real turn-on. It wasn't just the odd glance here and there; sometimes it was a full-on stare. It made me feel pretty sexy and I know "L" noticed too as when his friends had left the first thing he did was remark how well my tits went down. I told him I lost count of the number of times I caught his mates ogling them. I practically pushed him into the bedroom and stripped him naked. I didn't bother with foreplay, I undressed too, stuck a rubber on him and got on top. I rode his cock hard as I told him I wanted the guys to all gang-fuck me, sticking their cocks in every hole and filling me full of cum. We both came to orgasm pretty quickly.

Monday, 23 February 2009

Not single any more?

"L" said he'd like to officially "go out". I said I was cool with that but told him I was worried he might not like how kinky and slutty I am. He said he was pretty kinky too, just hadn't had a chance to show me and was taking it steady. We agreed to be "exclusive" and he said he wasn't having sex with anyone else anyway. It was as a good a time as any to come clean so I admitted I'd had sex a few times since I'd been seeing him. He didn't seem to mind, if anything it seemed to turn him on. I took his cock out and started teasing it with my tongue and mouth…kissing it and licking it all over. I started to give him a hand job and told him that the last time we fucked in the morning I was getting pounded by someone later on that very same day. I described how he rammed his cock into me from behind and "L"'s own cock was soon erupting like a volcano and ran down over my fingers.

I told "L" he'd need to take me dildo shopping so I can be satisfied when he's not around. We went to Ann Summers rather than the sex shop cos I wanted to try that Rampant Rabbit. As we were looking over the dildos I nonchauntly mentioned already having a double dildo and "L" asked if I use it much. I said a fair amount. He didn't ask anything else about it. He also wanted to buy some "lingerie" but when you have my body it's never a good idea!

We went back to mine and I had him watching TV in the living room while I snuck off to use an enema cos I was going to use my double dildo to see how he reacted. I don't mind using it on my own, but if someone else is there I at least want to be clean :) We went to my room and "L" watched me use the rabbit…wow, it's a great dildo and those ears really do the business. I was able to bring myself to orgasm fairly easily.

Next I whipped out the double dildo and lubed up a bit. The big cock slips right into your pussy and you tease and rock the smaller cock into your asshole. When it’s in you can get some nice depth. "L" took over the dildo and I lay back while he inched it in and out of me while he licked and played with my clit. This was fucking BLISS and I was soon cumming hard. I took the dildo out and had a sneaky look to make sure it was clean and it was. "L" slipped a condom on and lubed it up. He lifted my ass up off the bed and guided his cock toward my asshole and pushed it in. It was a little tight but after a few pumps it was feeling good.

I've tried fucking my arse hard with a dildo like they do in porn but I don't really like it so I told "L" to take deep, slow strokes. The fact that he was doing this off his own back and without evening asking was great. So I just lay on my back while he pumped my asshole hole full of hard cock. I didn't play with myself so as not to spoil the view, I'd already cum anyway. Instead he held my legs open by the insides of my thighs and just watched his cock slide in and out of my arsehole. Not sure if this was his first time, or he was just trying to please me but he gave me a string of compliments about how great it felt, how tight my ass was etc. I groaned and talked dirty about being an anal whore and he was soon shooting his muck.

The condom was still clean when it came out so that was good. I slipped on a dressing gown and went to clean myself up. I kinda hoped that when I got back to the bedroom he'd be ramming my rampant rabbit up his own arse :) But he wasn't… I did tell him that he'll know when I want my arse fucked so don't expect it all the time and don't push it. Mainly cos I need time to "prepare", but maybe having a shitty dick would turn him on?

My arse was still a bit sore for a lot longer than when I use the dildo on myself, but I guess my ass was getting used for longer.


Um, ok I'm going to try something new and post a pic. If it goes ok I might post more.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Pulled again

I pulled last night and we went back to his place. We was ok looking and we got down to some passionate snogging. He was quick to get his cock out but it was probably only 4 or 5 inches so I managed to deepthroat him which he thoroughly enjoyed and he came quite heavy. After that he stripped me naked and fingered me with one in my pussy and later on also slipped one in my ass which was unexpected but nice, and with me working my clit I managed to cum. Having his finger still in my ass while I came definitely added to the sensation. He couldn't get hard again so he didn't fuck me but I'd had an orgasm so I didn't mind. I didn't stay so got a taxi home and still high on the experience I used my double dildo.

Friday, 20 February 2009

Ho hum

I've arranged to meet "L" again. I think I'll bring up if we're "going out" or not.

I was in the porn shop today cos, for some reason, "A" didn't want to go but wanted me to "pick something" for him. There was an old couple in the store which was odd. Not so much an old guy…it's a porn shop after all, but not often an old couple (heterosexual by the way, probably about 50). I struck up a conversation about how great it was they still had a good sex life etc. We talked for a while about this and that and they seemed a pretty normal old couple. The talk wasn't sexual really but she did mention his love of big boobs, and hers were pretty big too. I let him cop a feel of mine, they're not perky things but they're ok and he sure liked it.

I picked up some anal schoolgirl stuff for "A", you can't go wrong with the classics.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Naughty girl

Agreed to see "L" last night for diner at his place. He's quite a good cook but dessert was the best :) It's cliché, but nothing beats licking cream off a nice hard cock. He also ate cream from my pussy. After some messing with the food we had a shower then I gave him a blow job and he came loads and really hard, and I gladly swallowed it all. I love sucking this guy off. We got a bit drunk then went to bed.

In the morning we both woke up horny and watched each other masturbate for a while then "L" fucked me doggy style. He didn't last long and I didn't cum so he watched me bring myself off.

I got back to my place about 2pm and I was feeling super horny and super slutty so I sent a text to fuck buddy telling him to swing by after work cos I was feeling horny. He turned up at 6pm and we didn't really mess around. We went to my room, I was already wearing a skirt with nothing under it so I hitched it over my ass and he fucked me doggy style. Nothing too long or great, just a dirty quickie fuck. As I'd been fucked this way only 5 hours previous I was able to compare and fuck buddy's cock feels better. When he'd finished I contemplated telling him I'd already been fucked that morning but I didn't. We didn't do anything else and he left right after using my cunt.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Lunchtime fun

Still nothing from "L". Took my work fuck buddy home at lunch. We had some cheese on toast in the kitchen. No-one else was around so we went to my room and I whipped his cock out of his trousers and got on my haunches and gave him a quickie blow job, his cock felt just as good as I remembered. He wanted to cum on my face so I let him. Luckily none went on my work clothes. I didn't realise but I'd left my toys out and I'm pretty sure he saw them. Oh well! Back at work I felt very horny while serving customers, knowing that just an hour before a guy had his cock in my mouth and then sprayed his cum on my face.

Monday, 16 February 2009

Great action at last

"L" took me to the cinema and I wore a black skirt with a see-through black top and a black lacy bra underneath. It didn't leave much to the imagination and "L" seemed to perk up when he saw me.

After the movie we went to his for drinks and after a couple of hours he didn't seem to be making any moves so I said it was a bit hot and started undoing the buttons on my blouse so that my cleavage was on full display. I moved in for a kiss and we started snogging and his hand went for my tit and started groping it. I took off my blouse and undid my bra. "L" paid a lot of attention to my tits and spent a while licking and kissing them. He lay me on the ground and took off my skirt and started to massage my pussy through my pants while he kissed and sucked on my tits. He slid his hand inside my pants and started to finger fuck me and my pussy was soaking. Whipping my knickers off he went to work on my pussy with his tongue and fingers. He was very attentive and managed to make me cum.

We reversed positions and he undressed and lay on the floor while I went to work worshiping his cock. Now that I had my hands on it it was a lovely size and thickness and his pubes were neatly trimmed. I kissed his shaft as I played with his balls then licked it all over, making sure I made lots of eye contact. After the teasing came the sucking. I managed to fit about half of it in my mouth and I moaned in pleasure as I rolled my tongue against it as I worked my mouth up and down. I had only been sucking for a minute or so when he gasped out that he was going to cum. I rested the head of his cock against my tongue in my mouth and wanked the shaft and he was soon shooting into my mouth. Even his spunk didn't taste too bad but there wasn't a lot of it.

We went into the bedroom and lay on the bed and had a passionate snog while we ran our hands all over each other's bodies. His hand found my pussy and started rubbing my clit while my hand found his cock and I started wanking it back into life. When it was nice and hard again he slipped a rubber on and lifted my legs up while I lay on my back and started to really pound my cunt. He certainly wasn't shy when it came to fucking which was great as I was really getting some deep penetration. He let my legs down by my side and we started to fuck missionary while we snogged. I grabbed at his ass and pulled it toward me, urging him to fuck me as our tongues explored each other's mouths. It was while doing this that he finally came himself.

After that I sat on his face and he tongued me while I flicked the bean to cum myself.

I stayed the night and in the morning he had to leave as he had to go to work, but I convinced him to at least stay in bed long enough for me to suck his cock again. Later on he sent me a text saying he was late for work but it was worth it. No mention of meeting again yet so we'll see.

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Dinner and a little

Dinner with "L" went well, we got on quite well and he seems a nice bloke, quite attractive. Not sure what he thought about me but we arranged to meet again, then I went home and used my new toy. I hope he's good in bed and has a nice cock.

"A" was in the bathroom this morning while I was having my shower. I guess is things get serious with "L" I'll need to address the bathroom situation cos I suppose he won't like other guys seeing his girlfriend naked all the time.

Second date with "L" went well. He took me to a bar/restaurant called Soho and we stayed for some drinks after. I felt kinda naughty thinking that earlier on that very day I was completely naked in front of another guy. He has his own place so we went back there for some more drinks. He seems quite intelligent and enjoys books and whatnot and his house was quite clean and tidy. Still not sure what he thinks about me but I caught him ogling my chest a fair bit.

I called a taxi and when he was seeing me off I asked if we were going to go out on a third date. We seemed keen on the idea and we had quite a passionate snog. He even grabbed my ass. I reached for his crotch and his cock was rock hard inside his trousers. I stroked it through the fabric and said "Maybe I'll see you next time…" he he, I'm such a tease.

When I got to mine I fucked myself silly with my dildo. "L" sent me a text saying he was looking forward to our next date. He might just be stringing me along to get a fuck out of it but I guess I'll just need to wait and see.

Saturday, 7 February 2009

New toy

I was very naughty today and went to the new porn shop and bought a double-dildo. It has a normal sized dildo for the pussy and a slightly smaller one underneath for the ass. I went home and used it immediately and for some time. It was great and I had a few orgasms from it. I also have a date set up from some guy I contacted on the internet. He is "L" and I'm meeting him tonight for dinner.

Friday, 6 February 2009

Trying the internet

Sex has been a bit boring of late so I turned to the internet and contacted some local guys who seemed up for it. Alas most of them were full of talk and fell through but I did get a pretty sure thing from a well known site. He was married which made things weird, but when we met he explained that it was a pretty sexless marriage (that chestnut). His wife was away so we went to his place. At 45 he was about 10 years older than me but he still had a good body. He was very attentive and licked my pussy until I came and even licked my asshole…all before I'd even seen his cock. When he did get it out it was very impressive…long and thick and I enjoyed sucking and licking it but he didn't cum in my mouth.

He also did have any condoms which pissed me off, but I'd brought three so he put one on and I got on top and fucked him. His cock felt great in my pussy and I was able to bring myself to orgasm. After cumming I lay on my side and he fucked me from behind while I fingered my clit and came again. He still hadn't cum so he wanked himself off over my face.

It was quite an enjoyable sexual experience and afterwards we went for a drink. On his instruction I didn't wear a bra or panties, just my dress. We were flirting like mad and I was teasing him with my cleavage and brief glimpses up my skirt. I told him how randy I was feeling and what a dirty bitch I can be when I'm drunk. After a few pints we went back to his and used another of my condoms for a bit of anal (I'm so easy when I'm drunk). This time I was on top and leaned back to frig myself while sliding my ass up and down on his cock. It took a while to get comfortable as we were using some make-shift lube but it wasn't too long before the condom was filling up with spunk. I was well rewarded too as he ate me out again after and I came pretty hard.

When I got home I phoned a friend of mine who is kinda a psychologist and they told me I probably had self esteem issues and that's why I've turned into a total slut (I didn't even tell her the gory details!). To rectify the matter I think I'll join a gym and lose some weight.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Porn shop

I went to the porn shop with "A" so he could pick some stuff out. As it is a gay porn shop he likes to go with a girl. Not sure if the guy on the desk remembers me. There is another porn shop in the same area that has been closed for ages but has just re-opened. Will need to check it out some time.

Saturday, 31 January 2009

What's up doc?

I have a gyno exam booked in a few days and I'm scared the doc will know I've been having my ass pounded by both cocks and dildos. Can they tell that sort of stuff?

Pary time

One of my girlfriends took me to some party she was invited to. I felt a bit bad cos most of the people there were about 18 to 20 so a fair bit younger than us. As the party wound down I ended up in a room where about 5 or 6 of us were crashing on different beds and mattresses. I went from bed to bed and sucked off 4 guys in a row. They all had nice cocks so it was a pleasure but I have to admit I've never swallowed so much cum in such a short space of time. It made me kinda queasy. I also thought about the fact that I've always swallowed cum. From my very first blow job I've just swallowed cos it's what feels natural.

In the morning I just headed off home before almost anyone had got up. I need to stop being such a slut.

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Working out?

Things at work have yet to be awkward between me and the fuck buddy which is good.

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

On the lookout

I've thought of another alternative to my anal issue. I turned to the internet to see if I could hire a male gigalo for the night, one that wouldn't mind bare-back anal but I couldn't find any, even though I have a "clean" record.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Test results

I got my sex health results back today and they're all clear. I like to get checked every few months. I'm also thinking that if my back door is open for action I should start using enemas. If not regular then at least on the day. I bought some and experimented and quite a lot came out, so to speak. I tried about three and was only just getting to the stage of it almost being totally clean.

I've also realised that there is a part of anal sex I've never experienced….having a guy cum inside me. I guess I'll need to wait until I've been with a guy long enough that we start fucking without condoms. There's another solution but I'm not sure if it'll work. I know that "M" also gets himself regularly checked. I know a lot of guys wouldn't turn down a no-strings ass fucking but I don't think "M" finds me all that attractive.


Had a great day today. Was in the bathroom while "M" showered and I told him I'd been DPd and I swear to god his cock practically grew before my eyes. It almost got totally hard as soap suds ran down it. It was a fantastic sight and he didn't seem to mind being hard in the same room while I looked.

Friday, 23 January 2009

Two's company

Went to Bumbles again tonight cos I often manage to pull. I was a bit pissed and ended up asking two blokes if they wanted to go somewhere else. One said we could go to his place. When we got there things went a bit crazy and I just went along with it. They both undressed me and lay me down and kissed and touched and fingered me all over. It was great to have two guys pay complete attention to me, hands wandering all over my body, but they didn't make me cum.

They stripped off and both had amazing cocks and bodies. I could hardly believe my luck…maybe these guys could tell I was going to be a proper slut :) They stood beside each other as I was on my knees sucking one while wanking the other then swapping over. I slipped a condom on one and told him to fuck me doggy style while I sucked the other one off. So the two cocks rammed into me from either end, buffeting me like a door in a storm…a door that was banging like crazy. The guy who was fucking me came first, so they swapped ends and I sucked on his soft cock while the other guy fucked me until he came too (I always fuck with condoms BTW).

I lay on my back and one sucked and kissed my tits while the other fingered my pussy and it was fantastic. So good that they eventually brought me to orgasm. The thing is…how do you ask guys if they'd DP you? After we were all fucked out we had a few drinks and just chatted. I was desperate so in the end I just got up the courage to ask. They had some lube so we just got down to it. I fingered my ass a little to get started, then sucked on one guy as he lay on his back and the other one took over fingering my ass. When I was ready for more than some fingers I climbed aboard the cock I was sucking while the other pushed into my arsehole and they both fucked me. I've quite enjoyed my anal experiences up til now but this was quite painful and I stopped them after a while. Maybe I needed some more lube and/or more prep. I lay on my side and the guy who was fucking my pussy continued to do so from behind while the guy up my arse took his condom off and fed his cock into my mouth and they both fucked me to completion.

So I had a much better threesome experience, way better than my first and it was a great fuck. I also got DPd but I didn't like it so probably won't do it again.