Tuesday, 3 November 2009


My friend had a Halloween party and I went along even though I didn't dress up. I knew most of the people at the party but there were a few new faces so I spent some time getting to know them. One particular guy was ok and when he nipped outside for a cigarette we had a cheeky snog. He was a real breast man and was positively gushing about mine, and I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't have minded his hands all over them! He said he was going to another party and that I could come along, so I agreed.

We left the party prematurely and got a taxi to the new one. We had more snogging on the way and he even worked up the courage to have a quick grope of my tits. When we got to the party I suggested we went to a near by park first. I could see his cock was hard through his jeans and I was a little distracted myself. We found a nice dark place among some trees and started snogging again and my hand wandered down to his crotch and I stroked his cock through his jeans. He was certainly raring to go. His hands went under my top and he slipped my bra down and got a good handful. He broke off our kiss to lift my top up so he could suck on my nipples. I didn't mind, I like people worshiping my body, but it's not my favourite thing so I let him suck for a while then told him it was my turn to suck ;) He took his cock out of his jeans and I got on my haunches and starting sucking on it right away. It was a lovely blow-job size and he was making quite a lot of moans and groans as I alternated between suck on his cock and licking and kissing it with my tongue.

I didn't want him to cum though so I asked if he had a condom, which he duly produced and I slipped down his shaft. I slid my leg out of my jeans and pulled my knickers aside and leaned against a tree while he fucked me doggy style. He pounded me quite hard and reached around to grope at my breasts. It didn't last very long though and a few minutes in he whipped his cock out, took off the condom and started jerking it by hand and splashed his cum on my arse. I took my knickers off and got him to wipe the cum off my arse and said he could keep them lol. He did too!

We went back to the party, me now commando, and I had a good time although we kinda went our separate ways and talked to different people. I hooked up with someone who was quite cute and we had a snog in one of the house bedrooms. He said he lived nearby and did I want to go back to his place. I did hesitate a little, but my sex life has been so dead recently I thought what the hell? So we walked back to his place and when we got there he certainly didn't hold back. We undressed each other and he didn't even mention my lack of knickers lol. He had quite a long cock but it didn't seem fully hard, but I got on his bed and he started going down on me and doing it quite well which was nice. He even got his fingers coated in my pussy juice and slid one up my arse. It took me by surprise but I let him continue. As he went down on me he used his fingers well too.

He opened a drawer on his bedside cabinet where he had some condoms but he also had practically a whole branch of Anne Summers too! Dildos, lube, cock rings, handcuffs, I swear I've never seen anything like it. It was kinda sleazy really, I even looked at the bedposts to see if there were notches carved in them! He put a rubber on and fucked me on my back with my legs in the air. It was a good fuck, nothing out of the ordinary and I didn't cum but he did.

I had a root around his sex drawer and found some pretty cool dildos but you didn't know if they were clean or not lol. I picked out a nice ribbed one and gave it a trial run while he watched. He also had a vibrating butt plug which I had a trial go at. It was much better than mine, I'll have to buy one. After watching me play for a while he was hard again so I slid another condom on him and I got on top and rode him. He had pretty good stamina and I rocked myself back and forth on him while he groped at my boobs and arse. The clit stimulation of his body was enough to bring me off and I came with his cock rammed inside me. This was way better than the quickie against the tree and I started to get a bit carried away with myself…

He hadn't cum but he was still hard so I slipped off and lubed his cock up with some of the products from his sex drawer. I straddled him and positioned his cock right at the entrance to my arse and I actually told him "I don't usually do this on a one night stand". God, I'm cringing now. Anyway, I did the deed and just hovered while he bucked his hips and I dirty talked him into cumming, saying to fuck my shit hole and other filthy things but it did the job!


phallatio said...

Wouldn't you like your own personal assistant for the night? I could scrub your back, paint your toe nails and massage you before you go out, then be your designated driver and holder of your alternative wardrobe items? My fee: no charge.

Rachael said...

If I was thinking about the thick cock you have in your pants as you massaged me I'd probably end up not going out at all!