Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Boring work

I was on "store duty" at work today which we all have to do from time. It mainly involves sorting stuff out in the storeroom, answering queries and stuff but it's pretty quiet most of the time. The storeroom isn't that big and it's real boring. There's a door you can lock do when you're "out back" so people can't get into the front bit until you let them in.

So today I locked the door for a bit but stayed in the front office and had a full pussy-out finger session :) I slid my trousers off one leg, slid down my knickers and sat with my legs spread wide and fantasised about someone coming in and catching me and giving me a good hard fucking on the desk.

By the time I had finished up no-one had even knocked on the door or anything, but I don't have the guts to do it without the door locked!

Friday, 8 January 2010

Long time, no sex

My girlfriend who is seeing the black guy invited me along to a night out with her boyfriend and his mate who is also black. It wasn't a double-date or anything but he was ok looking. We had a meal at a restaurant and then went to a few pubs. It seems the boys work together at an estate agency. Yeah I know :) I tried not to hold it against them. Around 2am or so we decided to go back to the guy's place but my friend wanted to change first so she got a taxi back to hers with her boyfriend while me and J got a taxi back to their place.

I was pretty sure there was a spark during the night so in the back of the cab I leaned in for a snog and he quickly reciprocated. We had our tongues pretty deep in each other's mouths and my hand wandered to his crotch and I could feel the outline of his hard cock. It didn't seem massive but it was still impressive. I pinched it between my fingers and stroked it up and down. He tried to push my hand away but I whispered at him to let me. So I continued to stroke it while he snogged and he leaned in to whisper that he was going to cum if I continued :) Of course I continued and within minutes he was unloading in his underwear.

When we got to his place I didn't know how much time we had, and I hadn't had a shag in a loooong time so we went to his room and got straight to it. I stripped off naked and lay on his bed with my legs open. I cold tell my pussy was already soaking as be buried his head in my crotch. The best thing about fucking guys for the first time is that they always love going down on you.

I held the back of his head and pushed it toward my pussy as his tongue rubbed against my clit. "Finger me too…" I commanded and he slipped a finger in like a good boy and I was sure I could get myself off with the right stimulation so I told him I wanted to cum with him inside me. He stripped off and I finally got to see his cock up close and don't get me wrong…it was fantastic, but not quite "monster" in size. I rolled a condom on him then got on top and really grinded my cunt down against his pubic bone while his hands wandered from my ass to my boobs and back again. Just as I predicted I was able to reach a mammoth orgasm and really let it scream out as my pussy quivered and my legs shook.

Knowing I'd finally cum spurned him on and he started thrusting up, fucking into me hard until he also came. I slid off him and his cock was soaked through. I took the johnny off and gave his cock a little attention even though it was sad and limp. "How long do you think we have?" I asked while teasing his cock with kisses and the occasional lick. It's been a while since I had cock and certainly one as nice as this, though I have to admit that work fuck buddy isn't far behind.

Even though it wasn't that hard my hand still only fitted the shaft and I wanked it slowly trying to get it back hard. Unfortunately my mate and her guy were pulling up in a cab so we both got quickly dressed and went to the kitchen to get some drinks for us all. It was pretty late though, around 3am so we didn't stay up long. My mate and her guy both went to his bedroom and when they were gone we snuck back to J's room.

We got back into bed and both stripped off and his cock was certainly back in business so he lay down and we 69d for a while. His cock fitted well in my mouth and I sucked on the top few inches while my hand wanked his shaft. At the other end he was licking on the entrance to my pussy, occasionally licking my arsehole too. While still in the 69 position I slid another condom on him, then shuffled forward to the end of the bed. He got the idea and was soon diving into me doggy style, sliding all of his inches deep into my cunt with each slow, steady push. His fingers dug into my ass cheeks as he pounded me from behind with his big black cock. "Harder" I begged as I reached under and played with my clit. Three or four more thrusts and he was cumming again. I was close to another orgasm myself so I lay on my back and rubbed my clit while he sucked on my tits and I was cumming myself.

I was really making up for some lost shagging, but it must have been about 5am so we both went to sleep. I think I got up around midday and J wasn't there but I think I could hear him in the shower. I couldn't hear anyone else in the flat so I had a look around even though I was stark naked, then shouted through the bathroom door if that was "J" and it was. So I just returned to bed. When J came back in the room he was naked too with that great cock hanging between his legs. He got into bed and we kissed quite passionately as my hands ran over his firm body down to his cock which was already hard.

Even though we fucked a lot already I hadn't gone down on him so I remedied that right away and got down to his crotch and started suck on his cock which was nice and fresh from his shower. I cradled his balls and licked the underside of his shaft until he was almost begging for me to take it in my mouth. I asked if he had jerked off in the shower and he said he hadn't, which I hoped was true. I ran my tongue all over his head as my hand ran up and down his shaft, then I went "hands free" and plunged my mouth over his cock while my hands run up and down his sexy torso. My mouth worked his cock as best as I know how, almost gagging as it probed the back of my mouth. My saliva ran down to coat his balls and we started thrusting up against me I knew he was gagging to cum so I kept my mouth still and let him fuck it until his spunk erupted into my mouth. I was pretty sure he hadn't wanked in the shower as his load was pretty big but I managed to swallow it like the good girl I am.

I'm definitely going to try and keep in touch with him and I hope he'll be up for some sexy fun and as when :)