Saturday, 14 February 2009

Dinner and a little

Dinner with "L" went well, we got on quite well and he seems a nice bloke, quite attractive. Not sure what he thought about me but we arranged to meet again, then I went home and used my new toy. I hope he's good in bed and has a nice cock.

"A" was in the bathroom this morning while I was having my shower. I guess is things get serious with "L" I'll need to address the bathroom situation cos I suppose he won't like other guys seeing his girlfriend naked all the time.

Second date with "L" went well. He took me to a bar/restaurant called Soho and we stayed for some drinks after. I felt kinda naughty thinking that earlier on that very day I was completely naked in front of another guy. He has his own place so we went back there for some more drinks. He seems quite intelligent and enjoys books and whatnot and his house was quite clean and tidy. Still not sure what he thinks about me but I caught him ogling my chest a fair bit.

I called a taxi and when he was seeing me off I asked if we were going to go out on a third date. We seemed keen on the idea and we had quite a passionate snog. He even grabbed my ass. I reached for his crotch and his cock was rock hard inside his trousers. I stroked it through the fabric and said "Maybe I'll see you next time…" he he, I'm such a tease.

When I got to mine I fucked myself silly with my dildo. "L" sent me a text saying he was looking forward to our next date. He might just be stringing me along to get a fuck out of it but I guess I'll just need to wait and see.

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