Sunday, 28 June 2009

Back at last

Not been able to give many updates with me moving and all, and problems with net access but I'm back online now! And last weekend I finally met up with my female friend and her guy. As arranged I was dressed quite sexy in a short black skirt, pink thong and blag see-through top with black bra underneath. I met with my friend in a pub around 11pm and they'd already had a few to drink. She was wearing a slinky low-cut blue dress that really clung to her body. I commented that she looked really sexy without a bra. We all talked and I made sure to flirt with the guy and me and her were quite touchy-feely with each other.

About 1am we all went back to their place and I sat on the sofa while she went to get us all more drinks. My skirt was quite high up and I could tell from his eye-line that I was flashing some knicker. When she got back she sat next to me and complimented me on my big boobs. She asked if she could have a feel so I opened my top up and slipped my bra up. She took big handfuls then went down to start sucking on my nipples. My own hands wandered to feel her tits too as she sucked on mine. Her hand then started to move up my legs and under my skirt. I was happy for her to just take the lead in things so I lay back on the sofa and opened my legs a bit more. She made slow circular motions over the crotch of my knickers, gently massaging my pussy under it. I felt a bit guilty that she was doing all the work but I was really enjoying it.

I looked over to hubby and was staring intently. When he saw me looking he undid he zip and sprung his cock from him pants and slowly wanked on it. She then whipped my panties off and started licking and kissing my clit. I ran my hands over her shoulders and back, petting her to let her know to keep going. It felt pretty good and she had a great technique and was using enough pressure with her tongue. I wasn't sure if I was going to cum but I just lay there and let her do her thing.

He came over and knelt down beside us, getting a better look and his cock was rock hard. Still licking my pussy, her hand moved down to grab his cock and started jerking it. "This tastes good," she told him, "do you want a go?" With that they changed places and he bent down to continue licking me out while she started sucking on his cock while he tongued and rubbed at my pussy. I looked over to see her mouth run up and down his cock and I suggested we both try it. So he sat on the sofa and we both knelt in front of him taking three or four sucks and licks of his cock in turn. He started thrusting his hips and I knew he was going to cum so I grabbed his cock and wanked it and it absolutely exploded cum. Three or four good solid spurts burst out onto his belly and a few more dribbled down my hand. She licked the cum off his belly while I licked my fingers clean.

Her and I then had a bit of a passionate snog. I was expecting it to taste a little of cum but it wasn't bad. I moved my hands down her body and she responded my slipped off her dress. I moved my hand to her crotch and slipped it inside her knickers and she gyrated and pushed her pussy against my hand. I could tell her pussy was completely shaved and she lay on the ground and lifted her legs for me to slide her knickers off. I have to admit I wasn't as nervous as I thought I'd be and I slid a finger up her pussy first and gently massaged her g-spot. Next I moved my head in and started licking her out, getting my tongue all over her clit, sucking on her pussy lips and really lapping it up. It actually tasted good and I settled on a rhythm with my tongue as my finger continued to work her g-spot. I was pretty sure she was building to orgasm so I asked her if she was going to cum. She screamed out that she was so I went back to business and brought her to orgasm which felt great. I could feel her pussy grab at my fingers in waves.

He wasn't quite hard yet so I lay on my back and spread my legs and she started going down on me again. I was sure to make plenty of moans and groans as her tongue darted all over my lips and clit. I grabbed at my boobs and played with my nipples and gestured for him to come over. He knelt beside me and dangled his cock such that I was able to lick and suck it while his hands wandered over my boobs watching his partner suck on my pussy. He gradually got hard then went behind her and started to slowly fuck her doggy style. She lay her tongue against my clit and it pushed down in waves as he pounded his cock into her with slow, heavy thuds.

She raised her body up to full doggy style so I got up and went to the business end and watched his cock pound her from behind. Every few strokes he'd take his cock out and I'd suck on it for a few strokes then he'd put it back in her. Next I got on all fours beside her and got ready for some cock too. He continued to take her from behind while he fingered my pussy and when he was ready to come he took it out of her and rammed it deep in my pussy from behind and instantly came, burying his cock inside me as deep as he could. It was his second cum so there wasn't much of it but some did run out of me which she watched with interest. Even going as far as dipping her fingers in my pussy which was sopping wet by now.

It was pretty late so we all went to bed and I slept in the spare room. I was really drunk the night before so I felt a little odd in the morning, but he came in not long after I'd woken up. I was under the covers but still hadn't dressed and he just had his boxers on. He said she was just in the shower and would be making breakfast and asked how I was. I said fine, and he got on the bed and said how much he enjoyed last night. I said I'd had a great time too. I could hear her leave the bathroom so he asked if I'd like to shower. He kinda hung around a little though then said "come on". So I slid out from under the blankets and he led me to the shower. It felt a little weird to be honest but he slipped off his boxers and we both got into the shower.

He lathered me up and his hands were all over me but I didn't really mind and took the opportunity to repay the favour, taking full advantage of his hard on which was quite flattering. I know he didn't mind last night but he was drunk and getting it from two chicks, so it was good that he still wanted my body. He placed me facing the wall and he washed my back down, then started to wash my ass cheeks. Then his finger started to linger over my asshole, rubbing and massaging it. The little bugger wasn't this dirty last night and I wondered if it was because his girl was there! I didn't really mind though and he took my lack of objection as a sign to go a bit further and slip his finger in. I was turned on but worried by any potential mess as I obviously hadn't had a chance to clean out or anything. I let him finger me for a while but I had to get him to stop just in case. I rinsed him down then got on my haunches and started to suck him off. He started talking dirty and asked me if I took it up the arse. I concentrated on getting him off though and managed quite well given it was only about a minute before he was cumming in my mouth. As well as not having cleaned out I wasn't really in the mood for taking one in the arse anyway, but I'm sure that's what he was after. It didn't stop me teasing him though by saying I love it up the arse and maybe next time…

We got dried and dressed and went to the kitchen where she had done us all some breakfast. "Have fun in the shower?" she asked with a grin. We both smiled and laughed. I left for home after breakfast, and although I didn't much of a proper fucking it was still great fun.


Reed said...

I woke up this morning thinking about this story, about having two nicely fuckable pussies to choose from, and plunging into your fresh pussy just as I was about to come. I had to jack off, and my cock felt thicker than usual.

Rachael said...

Is that your cock in your profile pic?

Reed said...

Yes. Why do you ask?

Rachael said...

It makes my mouth water :) So much area for me to run my tongue over...such a great size for getting deep inside any hole you'd want to stick it in.

Reed said...

Then my version of the story might end more like this:

I’ve been eyeing your asshole as I fuck my girl’s pussy. Will you let me? I push my thumb against it. You will. The rubbery texture of your asshole quickly brings me to the edge. I pull out of her pussy, push the tip of my cock against your asshole, hold it there, pushing gently but insistently, feeling the soft resistance, until the first spurt of my warm spunk hits you, and I slowly push into you as my cock continues to throb and spurt, the tight ring of your asshole sliding over my head and down my shaft intensifying my orgasm, until you feel my hard cock fully inside you, filling you, delivering the last of my spunk deep inside.

Inspired by reading about you being fucked in the ass for the first time.