Saturday, 29 December 2012

Shower sex

After our work Christmas do I took new WFB back to my place but we were both pretty pissed so just stripped off and went to sleep.  Unfortunately this meant I woke up pretty horny.  We were both naked under the covers which was a good start, so I went to the toilet to have a bit of a clean out, and when I got back to the bedroom he was up and asking if he could have a shower.  Ever the ecologist :) I suggested we save water by showering together.

He was up for this and I could see he had a semi on already so I snuck some jonnies into the bathroom too.  We had a good time lathering each other up and had some mutual anal play too, which I enjoyed.  Given how often I have something up my arse I can probably count on one hand the number of things that have been up someone else's :)  On my knees I fingered his butt while I sucked his cock and I really enjoyed the sensation of his ring tight on my finger as he rocked his cock into my mouth.  I think I'm pretty good at anal play, not too hard or fast, and he seemed to be very receptive to it.  After fingering him, he stood me up and I turned with my back to him he had his hands all over my boobs, my bum, down the front of my pussy and finally popped a finger up my arse too.  Soap makes a great lubricant :)  I made sure to let out a moan to know I was enjoying it, and his reaching around to tease my clit only heightening my pleasure.  I started to rock back and forth to get the full sensation from the finger in the butt and the one on my clit.

"Do you like that?" he whispered in my year and I nodded in response.  "We're in the shower so we can be as dirty as we like" I whispered back.  I told him where the condoms were and he stepped out to put one on while I prepared by leaning forward with my hands on the shower wall, leads slightly spread and bum pushed out.  He stepped back in and immediately slid his cock in my cunt and thrust hard, pushing me again the shower wall and reaching around to grab at my boobs too.  "Fuck me dirty" I moaned, pushing back against him as he fucked me.  He continued thrusting his cock between my legs, "be as dirty as you want" I moaned, but he didn't seem to be getting it, but he's only young lol.
I pushed his leg back so he stopped fucking, then I dipped a soapy finger into my arse a few times while he stood and watched.  When I stopped, he stuck his own finger in my arse then slid his cock back into my pussy.  I didn't want to force things as I guess some guys don't want to do anal but he didn't seem to have a problem fingering my ass.  I needn't have worried though, as he only fingered me briefly before slipping his cock out of my pussy and pushing it inch my inch into my arsehole.  He has a lovely long cock, not too thick, and it felt great in my bum.  "Be gentle" I asked, steadying myself against the shower wall while this young stud gave me a slow arse fucking, playing with my nipples and running his hands all over my body as he did so, occasionally whispering into my ear that I was a dirty bitch and other loving terms of endearment that a girl likes to hear while getting it up the arse :)

It was one of those rare occasions when I was really enjoying anal...a mix of his cock and just how horny I was feeling, but it did eventually have to end and given how loud and how long he groaned I assumed it was a very happy ending indeed.  When he was done he left me alone to finish showering and that's not all I finished lol and yes the shower head helped me finish that too ;)

After the shower I just got dressed in the bedroom (which new WFB seemed happy to watch too), gave him a nice long snog and he left.

Saturday, 3 November 2012


Work fuck buddy (WFB) came over to take me to work this morning as I wasn't starting til midday. I was already showered and in my dressing gown when he turned up. I told him to pick out some underwear for me while I did my hair and teeth. I was wondering what he'd pick lol but he actually picked something fairly tasteful, a pink bra and thong and our uniforms are dark so you can wear whatever colour you want underneath, so I dutifully put them on. I went to put on my uniform but he started to put his hands all over me. I told him I couldn't mess around as I had to go to work. He moved me onto the bed so I was laying on my back and started rubbing my crotch through my knickers. I said again I couldn't, but he unzipped and took his cock out and started to rub it against my pussy through my knickers.

I was too turned on now so I told him he could, but to be quick. He moved my knickers to the side and his stiff cock slid inside my pussy and left me gasping. He held my legs up and apart while he worked his cock inside me, fucking me slowly and deeply. He started to thumb my clit while his cock fucked me, but I needed him to cum quickly so I started some dirty talk to get him off quicker. I told him how big and hard his cock was, how much I was loving it (all true). He flipped me over for some doggy style, and my God it was fantastic. He started ramming me hard and fast, then slowed his strokes down and eventually came inside me.

I collapsed down on the bed, and he went to my toy drawer and took out my Rabbit. I lay on my front with my legs open and he started to work the dildo inside my pussy, the rubber ears periodically buzzing on my clit. He kept up a nice rhythm, even taking time to lick my ass occasionally. The Rabbit was doing its job and eventually I was cumming hard.

Unfortunately I was now running slightly late, and didn't feel like going to work anyway, so I phoned in sick :) We watched some porn in the living room and it wasn't long before his cock was ready for action so I took his trousers and boxers off and started to lick it up and down with my tongue, kissing the head and shaft, giving it my best tease before sinking it into my gaping mouth. I sucked on it until a doggy style scene came on, so he put me on my hands and knees and fed his cock into pussy from behind and fucked me like the girl on the screen was getting fucked, fucking me harder and harder, faster and faster until my pussy was too sore to take it. I went back to sucking him off, his cock tasting sharp with my pussy juices while the girl on the screen was now taking it in the arse doggy style. He seemed to quite enjoy that so I stopped sucking and gave him a handjob, pumping his thick cock until he came again and I licked up the little bit of cum that dribbled out.

We just sat around watching TV for an hour or so. I think I'd recovered enough so I asked him if he fancied another fuck? He was keen so we went to the bedroom and he got on the bed while I straddled his face. pushing my clit and pussy down on his tongue and rocking back and forward, getting nice and wet. I didn't want to cum yet so I moved down and sank my cunt down his cock, letting out a moan as I did, then drawing it up and pushing it down again, repeating the actions while fingering my clit until I came myself.

We'd been fucking on and off all day, for hours, and it amazing.

Friday, 26 October 2012

I need a new job!

A girlfriend of mine works in a small hotel and she does mainly cleaning but she runs the bar and stuff as well.  She is a gorgeous girl..blond, great figure, really pretty.  Anyway she had told me in the past she sees cocks all the time when she goes in to clean rooms and whatnot.  She's pretty straight-laced so just takes it all in her stride, but I was out for a drink with her last night and you'll never guess what happened to the lucky bitch.  Not only was a jealous, but pretty shocked too as she just doesn't seem the type.

Anyway, she didn't give me many specifics, but she went in to clean a room and the occupants were still in the room, two guys who she said were pretty buff, and one was in bed and one was milling around in his boxers.  She did the usual apologies and didn't think much of it, but she said she made sure she gave the guy not in bed a good ogle before leaving.  Fast forward to about two evenings later and she is working the bar and they are in there, they have a laugh about it and so on.  So the next morning they're in their room again when she goes in to clean, and she had a chat with them and whatnot, and this is where she goes all vague but she said "so I thought, why not?" and she basically had a threesome with them!  She said it was pretty quick, but still good fun.  I asked her if she'd ever done that before and she said she hadn't, but she quite liked it.  Dirty bitch lol, it's always the quiet ones.

Saturday, 22 September 2012


Work fuck buddy and I had a hasty mini-holiday to take advantage of the recent good weather.  Nothing extravagant, just camping fairly local but it's always good to get away.  Also I was sure some sex would be in the offering, and it's been months and months.  On the drive there he talked a little about the relationship he was just in and blah blah, so I think some re-bound sex was on his mind too!  Not that I minded.
At the campsite we set up somewhere at the edge, you couldn't get totally away from people but we weren't surrounded and had the mouth facing the surrounding woodland.  The sun was blistering hot, so after getting the tent up etc I was planning on changing into my bikini.  Our tent was quite private from passersby so I just stripped off and WFB offered to put some sun lotion on my back.  So I lay on my front in the tent and he massaged and rubbed lotion onto my back, shoulders, arms etc.  He started to move down to my arse and legs.  He quickly got out of his own clothes and soon I could feel his cock probe my arse crack.  I spread my legs a little for easier access and he pushed his cock all the way in me from between my legs and I couldn't help but sigh out loud in pleasure.  With his hands beside me holding his weight, he eased his huge fat cock inside me then out again, in and out, fucking me slowly but deeply.  It felt so good to get his cock again, and the fact that anyone could just walk by and see me getting fucked added to the excitement.  It was quick and functional though, and he gathered speed and soon my pussy was filled with warm spunk.  He pulled his cock out and I could feel cum slowly drip out of my pussy onto the tent.  I stayed where I was and he got some tissues to clean me up.
I didn't want to spoil the mood lol but I broached the bare back issue slightly and he explained that things were cool, he was doing it with his ex and was given the all clear.  We spent our days pretty much just lounging around the beach, drinking...and of course the occasional fuck :)  We didn't spend all our time together though, I got friendly with a couple of guys who were pitched not far from us and were normally sitting around late at night, drinking and whatnot.  One day I was going to spend the day with them at the beach so went to their tent in the afternoon.  They were probably about mid forties, on a mainly fishing holiday in the nearby lakes.  The both seemed to eye my boobs the same amount, but one seemed to flirt with me more, and he offered to rub some lotion on me, so I lay in his tent while he did my back.  He tugged at the clasp of my bikini top and undid it while he applied suntan oil on my back, sometimes moving around to my sides and brushing against my tits.  Then he went down my legs, and up the insides.  "Can you do my front?" I asked, turning over with bikini top laying across my boobs.  "You can do that yourself" he remarked, but I replied that I liked it when someone else did it.  He didn't need asking again and started to rub my arms, shoulders, then my belly.
He did my legs then started to get a bit braver and went around my sides, the top of my boobs...then he ran his hand up to do my cleavage which caused my top to slip, exposing my breasts.  He apologised, but I said it was ok.  Dabbing some more lotion on his hands he rubbed them over my boobs.  "Won't your boyfriend mind?" he asked.  "That guy I'm with?  He's not my boyfriend."  "I just thought that because you were sharing a tent..."  "No, we're just friends".  That seemed to please him and he continued to massage my boobs, and now started to tweak and rub my nipples, making them erect and starting to turn me on.  "It's your turn now" I told him.  I fastened my top and he lay on his back while I knelt on top and rubbed oil into him.
He seemed to want to probe my relationship with WFB a bit more, and I ended up admitting that we did occasionally have sex, not sure if that would put him off or turn him on.  After my revelation I suggested that he also turn over so I could do his front.  He turned over and I could see he was hiding an erection under his shorts.  I rubbed some oil into his shoulders, arms and chest while sitting across his legs.  I saw he had a wedding ring on so I talked to him about his wife for a while.  I put my hand up the short leg on the side that his cock was falling and brushed against it, then did his other leg.  "Should I close the tent....?" I asked him.  He paused for a while, thinking it over, then non-committaly said that I could if I wanted to.  I twisted around and pulled the zip down, closing us in.  I pulled the top of his shorts down and his cock sprang out.  I already knew it was a good size from the shape it made in his shorts, and it was stiff and hard.  My hands moved around it, brushing against it while I rubbed on the lotion.  I cupped his balls in my hand to gauge his reaction, and he seemed receptive.
I bent down to kiss the shaft of his cock and he let out a moan, egging me on.  I "sshed" him to remind him that people were outside, then returned to his cock which I teased with my tongue...licking and kissing the shaft again while he squirmed under me.  When he had been teased enough I took his cock full into my mouth, and to my surprise I could tell he was on the verge of cumming already.  He whispered for me to "stop", but I didn't...I ran my mouth the full length of his cock and it started to erupt heavily into my mouth.  He seemed quite embarrassed, but I just rearranged his shorts and told him it was yummy :)
We spent the day at the beach just lounging around drinking, then in the evening we did much the same back at their tents :)  When everyone else had retired for the night I told my suck-buddy that I'd better get back to my tent too.  He said that tomorrow was their last day, and he also gave me some spiel about his wife and how he didn't want to cheat on her and stuff.  I told him it was ok and that I'd try and catch up with him before they left.
Anyway, next day I got my usual morning dose of big fat cock courtesy of WFB :)  I spent most of the day sightseeing with him, but late afternoon I went off to the beach to try and find the other guy.  I found him at a place I knew he liked, and we went off further up the beach a bit where it was quieter.  He was keen to rub me up with lotion again, which I let him do.  I lay on my front on a towel while he rubbed lotion into my back.  He pinged off my bikini top to do my back.  I just took it right off as it was nice and sunny and it was quite quiet where we were.  "Going topless?" he asked me.  "A girl has to work on her tan lines" I told him.  He turned up over and started to rub lotion into my boobs.  I told him he was just working himself up again, and I could see a bulge already growing in his shorts.
When he was done I told him he should have a wank to get rid of his erection, assuming his wife doesn't mind him wanking :)  He confirmed that she didn't, so I suggested he do it on his side with his back to the busiest part of the beach.  He got on his side and slipped the top of his shorts down and his erection sprang out.  He started to pump it with his hand and I moved myself closer and pulled down my bikini bottoms to give him a view of my pussy.  He started to pick up the pace, then directed his cock and stated to push jets of cum onto my belly.  I pulled by bottoms up and went to the water to clean off.
I was quite horny so went back to my tent but WFB wasn't around so I just had to finish myself off :)  A good holiday and I'm glad I'm back on fucking terms with WFB too.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

It was my last day playing nurse so we got down to the business of dressing. I said I wouldn't bother washing him but he asked if he could still get a treat :) I didn't answer, but stripped him naked and he seemed a lot more relaxed this time and didn't mind being naked in front of me at all. "Do you want a hand job, or a blow job?" I asked him. "Your blow job was amazing, I'd love another one". "Do you like it swallowed?" I asked, "Oh yes" he smiled back, "do it naked though". Mmm....ok :) So I took my own clothes off, I guess it was only fair. My bush was a bit wild though, I haven't tended to it in a while, but he didn't seem to mind. "I've always wanted to see you naked" he confessed. "Have you always wanted me to suck you cock?" I teased, looking down to see his cock hard and waiting. I got between his legs and took him in my mouth again. "Suck that cock" he moaned, gently thrusting his hips upward to meet my mouth movements. No more grasping of the bed sheets, instead he was just groaning and really enjoying it. He was soon groaning with each thrust of his hips and I knew he was reaching orgasm. Right enough, a few thrusts later and I was tasting warm cum in my mouth.

I was pretty horny now so I moved up to straddle his face and he eagerly started to lick my clit and pussy. I rocked back and forward, pushing my clit against his tongue. He worked out that I could make myself cum that way so kept his tongue out for me to use, and right enough with a few minutes of working it I was hitting an orgasm myself.

Now that the sex was all done I helped him dress and got dressed myself. It was fun and all, but I hope he doesn't think we'll be fucking all the time now lol

Friday, 22 June 2012

This morning, as promised, I offered to help him wash. I've never given someone a bed-bath before, but I got a flannel, bowl of water, some towels etc and helped wash him down. He kept his boxers on, and when I got to the end I went to take his boxers off but he said that was enough. Surely this was the best bit! :) I said I didn't mind, so off the boxers came and I started to wipe the flannel over his cock and balls. I lathered my hand up and started to stroke my fingers up and down his shaft, and under the rim of his helmet. He went to move my hand away, but I reassured him it was fine. I told him that when we were done I might even give him a treat. So he let me continue and my rubbing and stroking soon coaxed him to an erection, but he still seemed tense and nervous. "Good boy..." I purred, as my hand worked his shaft. Erect he was about 4 inches or so, average thickness. When he was cleaned I towelled him dry and slipped my mouth over his cock, all the way in. He grasped tightly at the sheets and my tongue twisted around his cock as I gently licked and sucked him. I gave him long slow strokes with my lips all the way from his head right down the whole of his cock, working to a steady rhythm. He grabbed the sheets even tighter and gave out a huge cry as he started to cum in mouth. It was quite a mouthful but I swallowed it all down.

I helped him dress and told him that tomorrow was probably the last day I could help him as my late shifts at work were ending.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

So I went to help my crippled friend this morning. I guess things were a bit awkward lol but I picked him out some clothes and stuff, he was just in his boxers when I got there. I picked him out some boxers too but he said he'd just keep on the ones he had. I told him that was pretty disgusting, but I give him the shirt to put on, and readied his jeans, but thought I'd try and talk him around again. I told him I understood that it was embarrassing, that it was embarrassing for both of us, but that it was only a cock, I *had* seen one before :) I said that it'll only be bad the first time, and that after that it wouldn't be embarrassing at all and we could just get on with things.

He was still a bit reluctant so I toyed with the leg of his boxers and said we had to do it like taking off a it off decisively and fast :) "Ok...go on then" he smiled, so I pulled his boxers off to leave him lying on the bed, cock out for me to see. Mmm...not *much* to see lol I can see why he was so reluctant :) So I put his new boxers on then helped him with his jeans and socks. I asked how he normally washed and he said he can pretty much handle that himself, it was awkward but do-able. I told him that next time I'd give him a bed bath :)

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Helping hand

A friend of mine broke his leg a while back and I was talking to another friend who has been helping him with things like getting dressed etc.  She was complaining about it cos she has to try and not look at his cock lol.  I don't know what her problem is :)  I said I'd take over for a bit if she wanted.  He he :)  I know him a little and don't really fancy him, but you never know, and it should be fun at least.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Working out

I had my personal trainer appointment today at my flat.  I wasn't sure what to wear so just had my normal gym gear of tight black leggings, black g-string and a loose t-shirt.  I wanted to wear nothing at all :) but I thought maybe he *was* here to train me so I thought I'd better play it straight.  He wore a pair of shorts, showing off his nice muscular legs, and a tight t-shirt too.

We did some stretching and some warming up, then he showed me a few exercises that I could do with some smaller weights.  I've never had a personal trainer before so I wasn't sure what is "normal", but I think there was a bit of touching and positioning that maybe you wouldn't have?

I'm not sure, but it was enough to let me try a bit of flirting, so when we were resting I told him it was ok if he gets a hard-on, he doesn't need to hide it :)  He laughed and said he only gets that when doing heavy weights, so I asked him if there was anything else that would make him hard :)  He didn't really answer, but he got me back doing some exercises.  He got me on all fours, and when I did he motioned for me to put my legs a bit wider.  He did this my holding my inner thigh, inches from my pussy, and pulled my legs apart.  I opened my legs as asked, and pushed my bum out a little too.  He held my butt cheek in his hand and told me to pull it in a bit, which I did, and his hand lingered before leaving my butt.  "What would you do if I got a hard-on?" he asked me.  "Do you?" I replied.  He moved around to kneel in front of me and I could clearly see a hard cock pushing against his shorts.  "I want you do so some neck exercises" he said, getting fight in front of me, and pulled his shorts down letting his cock spring out.  And what a cock!  Thick and long, and rock hard.  Staying on all fours I opened my mouth and he moved his cock into it, I clamped my mouth down and he moved his hips, gently fucking my mouth while he steadied his hands on my shoulders.

I moaned in pleasure to let him know much I loved sucking his cock, and he moved his hands down, then back up my back, giving a nice back massage while I gave him a cock massage.  He took his cock from my mouth and went behind me, pulled my leggings down to expose my thong.  He slid it aside and pushed his cock deep into my cunt, then started fucking me slow and deep.  What a cock, it was amazing, but after a few pumps I suggested we go to the bedroom.  I took my leggings off and repositioned my knickers, then led him through to the bedroom.  I opened my bedside drawer and got a condom out for him, which he slid on, then I took my top off and lay on the bed, face down with just my thong on.

He slide my knickers off and pushed them into my mouth, parted my legs and slid his cock back into my pussy and continued to fuck me.  The weight of his muscular body had me pinned to the bed, his hands pushing down on my shoulders, his cock fucking me slow and deep, tasting the musky scent of my wet cunt from the knickers shoved in my was amazing.  He fucked me with long, slow strokes, sometimes popping right out and then back in...sometimes it would pop out then push against my arsehole making me jump, then dive back into my pussy.

Suddenly he was ready to cum so pulled out, took off the rubber and pumped his spunk down my bum crack.  I took the panties from my mouth and moved my hand under me to get to my clit so I could finish myself off.  As I was doing so he lubed my arse up with his spunk and started to finger it.  I was close to cumming myself and managed to do so with his finger in me so he could feel my arse clench hard around his finger which I think he enjoyed.

He had other appointments after me so he got dressed and was good to go.  My kind of exercise!  Not sure if it was a one-off but he had a great body, great cock and I'd love to fuck him again.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Hard day at the office

I had one of those really horny days today where I couldn't stop thinking about sex. I didn't get up early enough to masturbate so I think maybe that made it worse. I fancied maybe having a play in the toilets at work, but sometimes I really enjoy the feeling of being soooo horny. I asked new work fuck buddy if he could give me a lift home, and I did some fairly heavy flirting through the day so I'm sure he knew a fuck was definitely on the cards! When we got back to mine after work neither of us were in the mood for messing around so it was straight to the bedroom and straight to the toy drawer. I took out my butt plug to his great delight and we both stripped off our clothes. I gave him my knickers so he could see just how horny I had been and he was equally impressed with that! We didn't bother with foreplay really, it was on all fours for me while he lubed up the plug and pushed it into my bum, all the way to the stopper. Next up was his cock in my cunt, and he pulled and played with the plug as he fucked me from behind so I got the feeling in both holes which makes the sex much more intense. He was screwing my pussy with long, slow strokes, and slowly pulling the plug right out of my arse then slowly pushing it back in...the feeling when it just pops out, and when it just starts to push in is soo intense and was pushing me closer than ever to orgasm. "I love that up my arse", I egged on, "I fucking love it". "Dirty girl..." he teased back, "Do you want my cock in your arse?" "God yes...fuck my arse", and he didn't need to be asked twice. He pulled the plug out and eased his cock into my arse...every intense he pushed it in I kept thinking it was all in but the inches kept coming. Fully inserted it felt like a coke can, that I couldn't possibly be stretched any more. He pulled it out and in, continuing with the dirty talk, asking how I liked being fucked in the arse, and I replied with more filthy talk myself, and it was one of those moments when I was so horny I was loving it, loving the intensity, the naughtiness of it, and almost as soon as it started it was over with him filling the condom deep inside me. He pulled out and I collapsed on the bed, on my back, my fingers speedily bringing me to a long, hard, screaming orgasm! When I had showered up I returned the favour and gave his cock a lot of very welcome attention with my mouth, then sent him home a happy boy :)

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Working it

I was at the gym today and I could have swore I saw a guy with a hard-on. He wasn't walking around proud with it, but he kept his towel in front of him and I could have swore his cock was rock hard under it. Later on I was in the sauna, and a guy walked in and it was just the two of us so I asked him if working out normally makes guys hard. He said he'd heard about it but never had it happened to him. He left and a bit later someone else came in so I asked him too, and he was a personal trainer and seemed to know a bit more about it. He said it's fairly common and related to testosterone production. I never knew guys were working out with so many hard-ons lol. Anyway, the trainer told me what his website was and said he'd give me a free home session if I was interested. He looked good and I'm kinda hoping that it's not a training session he was talking about lol When I got home I fired him an email anyway.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Party time

I was at a party at the weekend with some friends and I got talking to a particular guy, and we seemed to hit it off. The party was ok, but at about midnight or so we got to having a bit of a snog and when he suggested going back to his place I was definitely up for it.

We got a taxi to his place and had some more snogging on the way. I had a feel of his crotch and his cock was hard which is always a good sign. Didn't feel massive, but that can be deceptive. At his place we didn't waste any time and went to the bedroom for some more snogging, stripping each other naked in the process. I think my matching blue bra and knickers might not have been appreciated with the speed they were off my body and on the floor, but I could tell my boobs were certainly appreciated and he sucked on my nipples with great delight. From my boobs he went straight down to my pussy so I spread my legs for him and we both moaned and groaned as his tongue tasted my pussy deep. I like it when a guy really enjoys eating pussy and isn't just going through the motions.

I hadn't got a good look at his cock yet so I was glad when after going down on me for a few minutes he came up for air. I pushed him on the bed onto his back so I could return the favour. His cock wasn't massive, but it was big enough and I easily took it all in my mouth, right down to his balls. I love it when I can deep throat a guy so I gave him a lot of slow, wet mouth action, listening to each groan and cry when I did something he particularly enjoyed.

I wasn't sure if he wanted to go all the way in my mouth, so I started to make some cheeky eye contact to see if he wanted me to keep going. He got up from under me and got some condoms from the bedside cabinet and slipped one on. "How do you want me?" I asked him. "Any preferences?" he replied, so I gave him a long, hard snog, then told him I just wanted his cock inside me.

He proposed doggy so I got on all fours and he took me from behind, fucking hard and fast as he grabbed at my arse cheeks, using them as grip to pull me onto his cock. He slowed up, then finally stopped, and pulled his cock out and slid it up and down the entrance to my pussy, teasing me. His cock then rubbed against my arsehole then back to my pussy for some more teasing before going back to rub my arsehole. I rested my forehead down on the bed and reached behind me to spread my cheeks, exposing my arse to him even better. He pushed his cock back into my pussy for a few more pumps then came. After withdrawing his cock, I dropped down onto my stomach and started to rub my own clit under me, bringing myself off quite quickly as I was feeling so horny and it was quite a loud orgasm.

When I woke up in the morning I could hear someone else walking around the flat but the guy was still asleep so I thought I'd better wait until they woke. About 5 or so minutes later the bedroom door opened and another guy walked in. "Hi" I said cheerily, stark naked under the covers, and he introduced himself as the roommate and he was still in his boxers. At this introduction the guy woke up and the flatmate and him exchanged some pleasant banter about the previous night out on town. "I see you got lucky" the flatmate said, nodding in my direction. "Sure did" he smiled back, and I felt his hands creep toward my crotch under the covers. They continued to talk as his finger gently run up and down my clit, dipping into the mouth of pussy on the down stroke. I tried to keep a straight face, but eventually I couldn't anymore and my head lay back and I let out a groan.

"What are you doing under there?" the flatmate asked, pulling the covers aside to reveal my naked body, legs slightly open, having my pussy played with. The guy took another condom from the box, slid it on and got between my legs and fucked me with the flatmate just watching. I reached behind and steadied my hands against the headboard, cushioning the blow each thrust of his cock into my pussy made. The flatmate came around to stand by the bed with his hard cock peeking out of his boxers, his hand slowly working it, watching my boobs bounce up and down as I got fucked right in front of him.

With a few grunts and groans the guy finished and rolled off me, leaving my legs splayed open, my entire body exposed. The flatmate dipped into the condoms himself, slid one on and dipped his cock into my freshly-fucked cunt and continued where the guy left it was his turn to watch my boobs bounce while his flatmate fucked me too. He didn't last too long and soon my pussy had milked its second cock dry. He slipped out also of my well-fucked pussy remained exposed to their greedy eyes. All that was left was for me to work my clit to orgasm while they both watched.

I got dressed and left, wondering if they'd be up for a "proper" threesome in the future.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Coming back

At the weekend I was going out with my original work fuckbuddy and when he was getting showered and changed he wasn't shy about me seeing his cock, so I assumed it meant he was finally out of his relationship with whoever he was seeing. I quizzed him on it when we were out and my suspicions were confirmed. He made the odd suggestive comment about my oral skills and other things, but I pretty much laughed them off. Don't get me wrong, it'll be good to get my hands on his cock again, but I think he deserves to suffer a little first :)

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Role play

I was out with some girlfriends at the weekend and decided to wear my gran's wedding ring as a prop to see if guys would still approach me. Quite a few still did, but those I wasn't interested in I just told I was married, so that was handy! One guy was quite cute though and he was also married (well...he had a ring on anyway lol) We were just having a normal chat and things were going well, but eventually it got onto sex as it always does with guys!

He was asking how I was finding my sex life and I told him it wasn't very good, hardly had it etc. He said his marriage was the same but he wouldn't consider having an affair, and I said the same thing. We still talked about the kind of things we like in bed and we seemed quite compatible. Things got quite familiar with him asking how I "kept myself down there", was a natural blonde etc (seriously guys, can't you tell from the roots and the eyebrows!). As the beer flowed his eyes roved more and more blatantly over my boobs and he started touching my leg, arms etc.

My friends were moving on to another pub and I said I'd catch them up later. I took the opportunity and told the guy that I was staying at my friend's place overnight and if he wanted we could both satisfy some urges then go on our way? It was cheeky, and risky (I wasn't staying with a friend, I was planning on pretending my own place was my friend's *gulp*) and he thought about it for a while and said probably not. We went outside to get a cab and had a bit of a snog while waiting. I whispered in his ear that I wanted his cock, that I'd swallow every drop, that I'd be his slut for the night. Who could resist that? ;) So we both got a taxi back to my "friend's place" (luckily I don't have any pictures of myself laying out).

When we got to mine I took him to the bedroom and we got right to business. He greedily stripped me bare, then took off his own clothes. His cock was already hard and a good size. About 6" and thick too. He wanted to lick me out first, so I lay on my back and he kissed and sucked on my nipples, then gradually kissed his way all down my body until he was at my crotch. My legs were already spread and his tongue worked my clit very well. His tongue movements were varied, as was his pressure, but I find it hard to cum with just tongue and no fingers, but I didn't mind as I was enjoying it all the same.

He was going down on me for a good 5 minutes I think before he started using his fingers. When he slipped a finger in and fucked me with it while working my clit I was groaning like mad and came within seconds, his tongue probing me to taste my pussy. I wanted to return the favour so I got him on his back and went right to work on his cock. I sucked on him slow and deep but he was on the verge of orgasm almost from the first stroke of my moist mouth down his hard shaft. I went right to my finishing move of pushing my tongue against his cock while I slid it in and out of my mouth and he told me he was going to cum. I didn't want to stop to say anything in case I missed it, but I wanted him to know that he could cum in my mouth. Instead I just moaned to let him know I was looking forward to it, and he exploded in my mouth with his hot spunk. It was a big load but I managed it.

After that we lay in bed a while just kissing and cuddling and running our hands over each other's bodies. I asked him what his favourite position was and he said he liked doggy style. I was periodically feeling his cock to see if it was getting hard again. I told him I loved to get fucked from behind, and I complimented him on his cock too, saying it was bigger than my husband's (tell them what they want to hear I guess lol). His hands started to rub the front of my pussy so I figured this was him getting horny and hard again, and I wasn't wrong. His cock was back to an erection. He didn't have a condom but luckily I had one in my purse (would hate to have to go through my "friend's" drawers) so I slipped it on and got on all fours.

He got behind and pushed his cock in from behind. He started slow and asked if I wanted it faster. "Fuck me hard and fast" I egged him on. He responded by banging away hard and fast, "you like this you slut?" he barked at me while pounding hard. "I love your cock in my cunt" I snapped back, and I meant it, he was fucking me nice and hard.

After doggy we switched to me on my back with legs in the air and he thumbed by clit while his cock slid in and out, and that soon brought me to orgasm and I could feel my pussy grab hard at his cock while my whole body shook. I had to have him stop for a while so I got him on his back to give my pussy a break, and I got on top and went at a slower pace until I recovered. This gave us a chance to have a snog too while I gently rocked on top of him, feeling his cock inside me and pushing my clit down on his body. He reached right behind me and started to rub his finger against my asshole as I rocked back and forth. Gaining in confidence he started to dip his finger a little into my arse. I reassured him that it felt good but to go slow, and we kissed quite passionately with his cock in my pussy and his finger in my arse.

I got off of him and took the condom off and got into a 69 position with me on top. He licked my pussy while I sucked on his cock, and periodically I'd sit up to give him better access and he rimmed my arse with his tongue, and then I'd go back down to take his cock in my mouth again. I didn't think he was going to cum again, so I got off of him and we went back to cuddling for a bit. He kept slowly wanking his cock as we were cuddling so I asked if there was anything else he wanted to try? He said he wanted to fuck my arse, but I told him that was my only condom. I said that I'd loved to have felt his cock in my arse though cos I was feeling like a slut. His started to pump his cock faster so I continued to dirty-talk, telling him I'd love him to fill my arse with his spunk. He concentrated on pulling himself off to my words of encouragement, and when he was ready to blow I positioned my head by his cock and let him dribble his cum on my face. There wasn't much of it, but I lapped it into my mouth with my fingers.

We lay in bed for about a half hour more after that, both exhausted...and the best thing? He got dressed and went off home :) It was too late for me to go back out though, but I had a great night of sex so I wasn't bothered :)

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Ground rules

My original WFB is seeing someone at the moment so he is being quite boring. I got a lift home from work by my new WFB, who I think is still a bit naive so I took the chance to clarify a few things for him. I invited him in for coffee, which he accepted. I left him in the living room while I went to change out of my work clothes and into a knee-length flowing skirt and t-shirt. I sat next to him on the sofa and was quite "hands on" with him. I'd stoke his leg, touch his hand, and he'd do the same to me. My hand would get further and further up his leg, and he's start touching my leg more too. At one point he slid it up so high he was inches away from the fabric of my knickers.

"Do you know what it means when a girl asks you in for coffee?" I asked him. "I think so" he replied. "You don't have to pussyfoot around me, you know, if I invite you in for coffee it means I'm up for some fun". As I told him this I started to fondle his crotch. His cock was getting hard. "Any time you want some fun, you just have to ask" I continued. With this he made a grab for my boob and fondled it over my t-shirt and we started to kiss each other hard. While kissing I undid his fly and released his cock. I broke off from the kiss to start going down on him. His hands wandered over my back and down to slip under my skirt as his hips thrust his hard cock deeper into my mouth while he fingered the band of my knickers.

He stopped me when he was on the brink of orgasm and led me into the bedroom. I stripped naked and got on all fours. He knows where I keep the condoms so he slipped one on and fucked me doggy until he came, which wasn't long. Having had his fun he manoeuvred me onto my back and got between my legs to bring me off with his tongue and fingers.

A quick, but functional and enjoyable fuck, and more importantly I feel he knows where we all stand a bit better :)

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Girl power

I had a girlfriend stay over at the weekend, she's stayed over loads of times before and is married. She's been married for quite a while, and when we were a few glasses of wine down she admitted that he doesn't like to go down on her. She says she hasn't had any oral for about a year! Wow. I told her I couldn't tolerate that, that I'd just have an affair or something :) She said that wasn't really I option. She also said she still goes down on him, so it's not very fair, but she deliberately doesn't go down on him as much as she would otherwise. It's a shame as she is quite attractive, nice body with big boobs.

When we were finally ready for bed, we both got into my bed as we normally do, and continued having a bit of a gas. We're never naked, usually t-shirt and knickers, or pjs. When we turned the lights off I was lying back to have a kip when I felt her hand start to rest on my leg. I wasn't sure what she was doing, but I reciprocated anyway and put my hand on hers too. I started to stroke her leg and she started to stroke mine. At the top of my stroke I could feel the cotton of her panties on my palm. I slipped my finger into the band of her pants and hooked it. She didn't seem to respond so I unhooked her knickers and moved my hand more to her crotch. She parted her legs a little, allowing my first and second fingers to slip down her crotch, pushing against the outside of her knickers. She gasped a little but I could also feel her pushing and grinding against my fingers, starting to breathe heavier.

I moved my hand inside her knickers and my fingers found a bush of pubes. I kept running my fingers down until I could feel her clit and the opening to her pussy. I rubbed my finger just inside her pussy and I could feel that it was wet already, and quite warm. I knelt up between her legs and slid her knickers off. In the dark I could see her dark bush but she shaved around her lips so they were bare. Her lips were quite big, as was her clit which was prominent. I got closer and her pussy was smelling quite strongly with a musky smell. I started to thumb her clit and she grinded against my movements. I decided it was time to take the plunge and gave her pussy a long, slow, lick with the flat of my tongue. It was quite a sharp taste but not unpleasant. I then pushed my tongue as far inside her pussy as I could to get a better taste of her.

Tasting over with, I started to get down to business and run my tongue all over her clit...licking it, kissing it, gently sucking up...running my tongue over her lips and into her pussy too...all the time I was getting egged on, and turned on by her moans of pleasure. I dipped my fingers into her pussy and moved them rhythmically in and out, matching the pace on my tongue on her clit and she quickly came to orgasm. I could tell it was a good orgasm from how much her body was shaking. I waited for her to recover, then started with my tongue again, tasting her wet pussy, fingering her inside until she had her second orgasm. She cried out louder this time and I enjoyed watching her react to how she was cumming.

I lay back down beside her, and I don't think she wanted to go down on me, but she did return the favour by rubbing me between the legs until I came myself.

In the morning she was quite upbeat and didn't mind talking about what we got up to. She told me she really loved it and it felt great after having been so long. I asked if she was going to tell her husband and she said she'd need to think about that. Her hands were under the duvet, which I slid back to reveal she was doing what I thought she was doing. Her fingers were just below that dark bush of hers, gently rubbing her pussy. She offered her fingers up to me which I took in my mouth and sucked.

I got between her legs and in the light I had a much better view of her pussy...her big clit and her thick lips. Quite a bit different from my own pussy, but TBH they pretty much tasted the same. I pretty much did what I had done the night before and started to lick her out, only she seemed even more animated and was obviously enjoying it. She took her top off and I added tweaking her nipples to my repertoire. She had big, firm boobs not unlike my own but her nipples were smaller and harder. I quickly had her cumming with just my tongue and she was loud with her appreciation.

After that we both got showered and dressed and she left for home. I was gagging for an orgasm myself so I dipped into my toy drawer for some satisfaction :) I had to run some errands in town and I had the same funny feeling you have after having anal sex. When dealing with people, buying things, talking to the back of your mind you're always thinking "What would they think if they knew I had a stiff cock fucking my arsehole last night?" Only this time I was wondering what they'd think if they knew I'd been tonguing a pussy. I'm still not bisexual though, I don't "fancy" girls, I'd never go out with one, it was just helping someone enjoy their body, and I enjoyed it too. I love cock too much to switch sides :)