Friday, 27 February 2009


I stayed over at "L"'s place. I phoned in sick then went back to bed with "L". He was still a bit sleepy but I easily roused his cock into an erection then started going down on him. If only work knew what I was really doing… He's always randy in the morning however he was feeling kinky this time and lay me on my back and started to feed his cock into my mouth. When he was ready to cum he wanked the last few strokes and spunked all over my face. He lifted it with his finger and I licked all the cum from it.

"L" had to get dressed and go to work so I had a shower at his and tidied my pussy up a little. I took a snap on my phone and asked him if he was coming home for lunch :) I sent him a few text messages during the day too saying how I was looking forward to getting fucked. With travel time he only really has about 20 mins he can spend at home so we didn't waste any time and started with a doggy-style fuck with me leaning over the sofa and him taking me from behind. I didn't cum so he licked me on the sofa until I came. He couldn't really get hard again and time was running out so he got back to work and I went home.

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