Saturday, 31 January 2009

What's up doc?

I have a gyno exam booked in a few days and I'm scared the doc will know I've been having my ass pounded by both cocks and dildos. Can they tell that sort of stuff?

Pary time

One of my girlfriends took me to some party she was invited to. I felt a bit bad cos most of the people there were about 18 to 20 so a fair bit younger than us. As the party wound down I ended up in a room where about 5 or 6 of us were crashing on different beds and mattresses. I went from bed to bed and sucked off 4 guys in a row. They all had nice cocks so it was a pleasure but I have to admit I've never swallowed so much cum in such a short space of time. It made me kinda queasy. I also thought about the fact that I've always swallowed cum. From my very first blow job I've just swallowed cos it's what feels natural.

In the morning I just headed off home before almost anyone had got up. I need to stop being such a slut.

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Working out?

Things at work have yet to be awkward between me and the fuck buddy which is good.

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

On the lookout

I've thought of another alternative to my anal issue. I turned to the internet to see if I could hire a male gigalo for the night, one that wouldn't mind bare-back anal but I couldn't find any, even though I have a "clean" record.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Test results

I got my sex health results back today and they're all clear. I like to get checked every few months. I'm also thinking that if my back door is open for action I should start using enemas. If not regular then at least on the day. I bought some and experimented and quite a lot came out, so to speak. I tried about three and was only just getting to the stage of it almost being totally clean.

I've also realised that there is a part of anal sex I've never experienced….having a guy cum inside me. I guess I'll need to wait until I've been with a guy long enough that we start fucking without condoms. There's another solution but I'm not sure if it'll work. I know that "M" also gets himself regularly checked. I know a lot of guys wouldn't turn down a no-strings ass fucking but I don't think "M" finds me all that attractive.


Had a great day today. Was in the bathroom while "M" showered and I told him I'd been DPd and I swear to god his cock practically grew before my eyes. It almost got totally hard as soap suds ran down it. It was a fantastic sight and he didn't seem to mind being hard in the same room while I looked.

Friday, 23 January 2009

Two's company

Went to Bumbles again tonight cos I often manage to pull. I was a bit pissed and ended up asking two blokes if they wanted to go somewhere else. One said we could go to his place. When we got there things went a bit crazy and I just went along with it. They both undressed me and lay me down and kissed and touched and fingered me all over. It was great to have two guys pay complete attention to me, hands wandering all over my body, but they didn't make me cum.

They stripped off and both had amazing cocks and bodies. I could hardly believe my luck…maybe these guys could tell I was going to be a proper slut :) They stood beside each other as I was on my knees sucking one while wanking the other then swapping over. I slipped a condom on one and told him to fuck me doggy style while I sucked the other one off. So the two cocks rammed into me from either end, buffeting me like a door in a storm…a door that was banging like crazy. The guy who was fucking me came first, so they swapped ends and I sucked on his soft cock while the other guy fucked me until he came too (I always fuck with condoms BTW).

I lay on my back and one sucked and kissed my tits while the other fingered my pussy and it was fantastic. So good that they eventually brought me to orgasm. The thing is…how do you ask guys if they'd DP you? After we were all fucked out we had a few drinks and just chatted. I was desperate so in the end I just got up the courage to ask. They had some lube so we just got down to it. I fingered my ass a little to get started, then sucked on one guy as he lay on his back and the other one took over fingering my ass. When I was ready for more than some fingers I climbed aboard the cock I was sucking while the other pushed into my arsehole and they both fucked me. I've quite enjoyed my anal experiences up til now but this was quite painful and I stopped them after a while. Maybe I needed some more lube and/or more prep. I lay on my side and the guy who was fucking my pussy continued to do so from behind while the guy up my arse took his condom off and fed his cock into my mouth and they both fucked me to completion.

So I had a much better threesome experience, way better than my first and it was a great fuck. I also got DPd but I didn't like it so probably won't do it again.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Doing the do

I was feeling quite horny today so I met up with "B" and took him around the world again. I'm quite pleased that I can offer the complete sexual package if a guy wants it. I used to think anal was something "special" but I'm now starting to see it as just another sexual act. If you enjoy it then why not do it?

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Some nice action

"M" came into the bathroom today when I was having a shower. He didn't need a piss or anything, we just had a natter while he brushed his teeth and did his hair. I caught him looking at my body a few times but I don't know if he's just curious. I semi-jokingly asked if he'd scrub my back. He laughed but declined.

My work had a few drinks at a nearby pub when the shop shut. I got talking to one certain guy who could hardly take his eyes off my body. A few drinks more and he could barely keep his hands off my body. He asked if my boobs were real and if he could feel them (I said "yes" to both). We slipped away and went back to his.

I pretty much jumped on him when we got back to his. I pulled his pants down and YES!!! At last a nice, big, thick cock and it was already hard. I immediately took it in my mouth and started sucking him off, looking up to make lots of eye contact as I licked and sucked on his knob. He didn't cum, but sat me down on the floor and stripped me naked. He went down on me for a while but I didn't cum. He slipped on a condom and fucked me missionary, pushing his public bone against my clit as he fucked me, lingering when it was all the way in and soon I was having an orgasm. He continued to fuck me, his cock nicely filling up my pussy.

In the morning he went down on me until I came then we had another fuck. We did it doggy style this time, me kneeling on the bed and grabbing at headboard as he rammed me hard from behind. I hope his neighbours didn't hear as I was pretty vocal, I love getting it from behind, esp when the cock is a good size. Rather than cum inside me he pulled out and whipped the condom off and sprayed all over my back, running his cock up and down my ass crack.

He had to go to work but I wasn't rostered so I stayed at his for a bit and showered. I decided I'd have to quit my job cos I couldn't work with someone I had fucked. "B" sent me a text message asking if he could meet me but I didn't respond.

I dropped by to visit my new fuck buddy at work and talked to him about probably handing in my notice. He said not to and that it was cool, we were both adults who just had a bit of fun. He kinda talked me around, but I also wondered who else he had fucked at work but I didn't ask.

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Something different

"B" hasn't replied to my text or had any communication with me at all. I was feeling horny this morning so I used both dildos at once before going to work. I hoped "B" wouldn't come to my work and he didn't. I hope he never comes around my work again or else I'll have to switch jobs.

Went out for a quick pint at the Pig and Whistle and went back with some guy I met while playing pool. He was a bit fat (like me) but also had quite a small cock. Back at him he was quite keen on going down on me which was cool. He was pretty good at it too and seemed to really enjoy eating pussy (maybe he was imagining it was pizza :) ). Even after making me cum he still wanted to stay down there, kissing all around and fingering me still. I even lay on my front and he rubbed my pussy between my legs while licking my ass which was new on me!

He made me orgasm twice all in so I returned the favour and went down on him. His cock was already hard and I didn't have any issue getting it in my mouth so I just moved my lips from the tip of the cock all the way down the shaft. I was only at it for about a minute and soon he was cumming like he'd been storing it up all year! Seeing as he was quite dirty with the rimming I gave a little back by swallowing most of his cum but let some dribble back onto his cock which I then cleaned up with my tongue.

Friday, 16 January 2009

Coming to an end?

"B" wanted to see me, I said we need to talk. Sigh. I mentioned the head grabbing which he was cool with not doing and I also said I found the thong thing a bit much. He said he'd try and loosen up a little, but guys rarely change and he's not really my type. I was a bit cruel and said that he'd need to prove he has "loosened up". I didn't qualify what I meant by that. However later on, after a few glasses of wine, I sent him a text message saying I wanted a threesome. He replied to ask who with, and I replied saying any other guy, I wasn't bothered. He didn't reply but I was wondering if he was wishing I wanted to fuck him with another girl.

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Crap date

Went out for a drink with "B" and his friends. They were nice enough, but at the end of the night "B" asked if I always wore thongs cos mine could be seen when I sat down. WTF? I said I didn't really care and he suggested I might try a belt or different jeans. It pissed me off so I doubt I'll see him again. We didn't have sex either.

When I got home I asked the guys if they minded seeing my thong and they said it was sexy when they can see a girl's thong. They also said they wouldn't mind if their girfriends showed theirs off when they sat down. I went to my room and gave my dildo a good workout.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Some action at last

"A" "M" and "J" are all out so I sent a text message to "B" saying he could come over if he wanted. He did come over and we finally went all the way. He seems quite prudish but was actually quite wild between the sheets. He gladly fucked every hole without question, however he is another "head grabber" which irritates me. He had no qualms about licking pussy either (even right after fucking me) and we fucked in many positions. We fucked so much that I actually ran out of condoms so 69d for a while. He even didn't mind kissing me after he'd shot in my mouth.

We went out for a drink after and the guys were in when we got back so I introduced him around then went to my room where I sat him down on the bed and whipped his cock out of his flies. Some hand action got him pretty hard so I started to work on it with my tongue and lips. He's really appreciative when it comes to receiving oral and compliments me on my skills, however I enjoy sucking cock anyway. I made it quite a slow, sexy blowjob...lots of kissing and licking between bouts of slow and steady sucking. Slow or quick the end result is always the same and before long my mouth was filling with cum again. After that he suggested we could fuck anyway despite not having condoms but I declined.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

More dates

Met "B" again, not sure he is really my type to be honest. So I think I'll give it up quite soon cos I'm gagging.

Monday, 12 January 2009

Another date

I went around to "B"s place last night. We went for a walk, had a chill, he cooked, we watched a DVD. I stayed over but we didn't have sex, though we did sleep in the same bed. When we woke up we had a cuddle and his hands started to wander a little. It's weird, but since my hotel experience I think I need some sexual stability. When his hands found my pussy I moved them away and said I should go. I got dressed, went home and fucked myself senseless with my dildo. He sent me a sweet text message saying he hoped I was ok and yadda yadda. I agreed to meet him again.

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Day of fun

Didn't have to go into work til a bit later today so I had a lie in with some toys. I had a check to make sure everyone else had gone to work then started in the shower…I had a nice play with the shower head against my clit. Then moved to the living room and just sat there naked, legs up on the chair fucking myself with a dildo while watching some porn; just whatever was lying around.

Pretty shagged out I went back to my room and lubed up a dildo and started to work it into my ass and held it in deep while I fingered my clit to orgasm. By now I was feeling pretty horny so I looked around the flat for some things to improvise with. I couldn't really find anything that good or original so I had a squat on an old wine bottle for one final orgasm.

I went to work with no knickers on which usually keeps me horny through the day. Unfortunately the toilets at work aren't conducive to having a play through the day, so when I got back from work I just hit my room and pounded my pussy some more. Some days I just feel sooooo horny. I defo need a man and some regular sex.

Friday, 9 January 2009

Date night

I had a "date" tonight. Someone that comes into where I work asked me out and against my better judgement I said yes. I'll call him "B". It was a good evening, we had a meal and it was fun. He's quite nice looking too. I took a taxi home and agreed to meet him again in a few days.

Thursday, 8 January 2009


I think I'm turning into a complete slut. I went out drinking last night and got talking to a couple of businessmen who were here just for the weekend. Words were said and I ended up back at their hotel and they took turns fucking me. I've been fantasising about group sex but the reality was that it was a bit seedy. I didn't find them particularly attractive and their hygiene wasn't great and neither were they that good at fucking. I didn't let either of them near my ass and neither of them were all that interested in giving me any sex fun. So my first threesome was pretty crap.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Some pool

I agreed to play some pool with "A" and "M" so we went to Sharky's which is a "proper" pool club with nice large tables. I was feeling sexy so wore my "little black dress" and no underwear at all. Bending over the pool table to take a shot really showed off my cleavage and big boobs and I noticed a few of the guys staring, obviously "A" included. At one point I had to decline stretching over the table to take a shot and I told them it was because I wasn't wearing any knickers as I wanted to avoid VPL.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Shower before work

Was going to be late for work today so I begged "A" to have a shower with him as he was already having one. Why couldn't it of been "M" or "J" in the shower? When I got in with him his cock was hard the whole time but we didn't wash each other and we didn't do anything sexual. His cock is kinda nice though, if he wasn't such a perv I'd probably enjoy getting it from him regularly.

Monday, 5 January 2009

Going black

Went to Bliss which is a club that Prince Harry goes to when he is local, but he wasn't there tonight. It's a packed club which I don't like. I was there with "A" and "M" but I didn't spend much time with them. I had a boogy on the dance floor and got chatted up by a black guy. He wasn't shy and didn't mind moving his hand up and down my back and groping my ass. I didn't really mind either. His "chat up" technique was a bit naff though, but he couldn't take his eyes off my tits. We nipped outside and there is a church nearby so we had a sit around back where it's quiet. We started snogging and he reached inside my dress and pulled my tit out to have a grope. I don't really fancy black guys, but I won't deny I was "curious" :) As we snogged his hand went up my skirt and between my legs and he pulled down my knickers and started to play with my pussy. He wasn't very good though but I didn't mind, and moved my hand to his crotch and his cock was already hard. I was a bit disappointed to see it wasn't 14" and thick as a coke can :) but it was still quite big and thick. I undid his jeans and popped it out. Now I'm not being funny here, but I slipped a condom on and it would barely fit! So he pulled out some extra big ones and slipped one on.

I hopped on board facing him and it took a few goes to get it fully inside me…but oh my god! His cock felt fantastic. I know they say size doesn't matter, but they obviously haven't been stuffed to bursting with hard cock. It was a great fuck and left me quite breathless.

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Night out

I went out tonight with some girlfriends but I never get any action when I'm out with them as they get all the attention. I do occasionally get some interest, though, and tonight a guy walked me home. I invited him in for coffee and everyone else was out. I sucked him off in the kitchen but his cock was small and to be honest I didn't really want him to fuck me so I was glad when "M" came back. Glad also that I wasn't mid-felatio when he returned. My guy called a taxi and I went to my room to fuck myself with my dildo. I made some noise as I orgasmed, kinda hoping that "M" would come in like they do in porn movies to sort me out. But he didn't.

Porn night

Watched some porn with the guys tonight. I said they could watch it but only for a little while. I don't really get it to be honest, isn't guys getting hard in the same room a bit gay? While a girl was getting rear-ended on screen I let it slip, rather nonchalantly, that I'd recently enjoyed some anal sex. This got the guys quite interested and they were keen to know some of the details, but their attention soon returned to the porn. The lights were off so I couldn't see if "M" had a hard-on and I couldn't see if "J" had one either.

Saturday, 3 January 2009


I walked in on "M" having a shower today. He didn't seem to mind and didn't seem shy. Looking at his cock I could see why. It was a fairly bizarre experience having a piss while looking at your flatmate's cock. It was a very nice size. "M" has a good body too, I'd definitely like to fuck him. Instead I went to my room and brought myself off with my dildo. I'm now desperate to get "M" into bed and also to see "J"s cock :)

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Last night I went to a local club called "Bumbles". It's one of those crap clubs that play rubbish cheesy music but the blokes are always hammered and it's better than sitting at home. I managed to pull quite a fit lad though, maybe he was a "chubby chaser". We went back to his place and got pretty dirty. Too dirty. He loved licking pussy which was fantastic…he made me cum twice before his cock ever entered my body. I love giving oral too so we 69d and I blew him, lapping up every drop. We were at it for at least 40 minutes and we hadn't even fucked yet. It was great sex though and I found myself letting him do anything he wanted. When he was going down on me he slipped a finger up my ass. Normally I'd be annoyed he didn't ask, but I was so horny I just went with it, and it was the first time I'd had an orgasm that way and I could really feel my sphincter grip his finger as his tongue brought me to another orgasm.

He had shaved his cock totally bare and while his cock wasn't very thin it was quite long, and when he was fucking me from behind I heard myself asking him if he'd like to fuck my ass. I'd used my dildo on myself a few times when horny so wanted to see what the real thing was like. He went nice and slow, but still quite deep. It wasn't like the hard fucking you see in porno movies, but I was glad of that. As I felt his balls it against my pussy I thought "omg, I'm doing it!" He ass fucked me until he came and it was an incredible experience. I'll be honest and say that I feel a bit slutty for doing it on a one night stand, but I'm glad I got it out the way and that I actually quite enjoyed it.


"M" and "J" returned today so it's back to a full house. I asked "A" not to mention the shaved bush to them but he just couldn't help himself. "M" and "J" aren't as perverted as "A" but they still offered to shave me any time I wanted it, but I won't be taking them up on it. "M" also did the "shower trick" today. I sometimes think the four of us should just have a gang fuck to get it out of our systems. I've never done anything sexual with "M" or "J" but I probably would if the opportunity arose. I'd love to live in a house when I can get fucked any time I want. I've seen the kind of girls they pull, though, and I just don't think I'm their type (ie I'm fat).