Monday, 23 February 2009

Not single any more?

"L" said he'd like to officially "go out". I said I was cool with that but told him I was worried he might not like how kinky and slutty I am. He said he was pretty kinky too, just hadn't had a chance to show me and was taking it steady. We agreed to be "exclusive" and he said he wasn't having sex with anyone else anyway. It was as a good a time as any to come clean so I admitted I'd had sex a few times since I'd been seeing him. He didn't seem to mind, if anything it seemed to turn him on. I took his cock out and started teasing it with my tongue and mouth…kissing it and licking it all over. I started to give him a hand job and told him that the last time we fucked in the morning I was getting pounded by someone later on that very same day. I described how he rammed his cock into me from behind and "L"'s own cock was soon erupting like a volcano and ran down over my fingers.

I told "L" he'd need to take me dildo shopping so I can be satisfied when he's not around. We went to Ann Summers rather than the sex shop cos I wanted to try that Rampant Rabbit. As we were looking over the dildos I nonchauntly mentioned already having a double dildo and "L" asked if I use it much. I said a fair amount. He didn't ask anything else about it. He also wanted to buy some "lingerie" but when you have my body it's never a good idea!

We went back to mine and I had him watching TV in the living room while I snuck off to use an enema cos I was going to use my double dildo to see how he reacted. I don't mind using it on my own, but if someone else is there I at least want to be clean :) We went to my room and "L" watched me use the rabbit…wow, it's a great dildo and those ears really do the business. I was able to bring myself to orgasm fairly easily.

Next I whipped out the double dildo and lubed up a bit. The big cock slips right into your pussy and you tease and rock the smaller cock into your asshole. When it’s in you can get some nice depth. "L" took over the dildo and I lay back while he inched it in and out of me while he licked and played with my clit. This was fucking BLISS and I was soon cumming hard. I took the dildo out and had a sneaky look to make sure it was clean and it was. "L" slipped a condom on and lubed it up. He lifted my ass up off the bed and guided his cock toward my asshole and pushed it in. It was a little tight but after a few pumps it was feeling good.

I've tried fucking my arse hard with a dildo like they do in porn but I don't really like it so I told "L" to take deep, slow strokes. The fact that he was doing this off his own back and without evening asking was great. So I just lay on my back while he pumped my asshole hole full of hard cock. I didn't play with myself so as not to spoil the view, I'd already cum anyway. Instead he held my legs open by the insides of my thighs and just watched his cock slide in and out of my arsehole. Not sure if this was his first time, or he was just trying to please me but he gave me a string of compliments about how great it felt, how tight my ass was etc. I groaned and talked dirty about being an anal whore and he was soon shooting his muck.

The condom was still clean when it came out so that was good. I slipped on a dressing gown and went to clean myself up. I kinda hoped that when I got back to the bedroom he'd be ramming my rampant rabbit up his own arse :) But he wasn't… I did tell him that he'll know when I want my arse fucked so don't expect it all the time and don't push it. Mainly cos I need time to "prepare", but maybe having a shitty dick would turn him on?

My arse was still a bit sore for a lot longer than when I use the dildo on myself, but I guess my ass was getting used for longer.

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