Saturday, 26 September 2009

After work drink

I went for a drink with work fuck buddy after work yesterday and he had a friend with him too. It wasn't too long before he turned to smut like he always does. He was saying he was watching a movie that was right up my street where this girl swallows load after load. I told him that it wasn't really up my street at all, and that I'd swallowed four loads and I was a little queasy even at that. Though one single guy has never cum so much for it to be a problem. The look on his mate's face was priceless lol, his eyes were almost on stalks. I explained to him that I wasn't getting gang-banged or anything, I was just sucking them off. I wonder if he went home and fantasised about me sucking his cock and him cuming in my warm mouth and swallowing it all down…

Tuesday, 22 September 2009


I've been in contact with that couple again and we've set something up for this weekend so I'm feeling all horny thinking about it!

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Voice from the past

I had an old, old, old boyfriend contact me by e-mail. He was probably one of the first guys I went out with and thinking back I was such a prude then. He wants to see me but I'm sure I was much slimmer then too so I'm a bit wary.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Back for more

I had an e-mail from the couple I saw a while back. Well from the wife anyway, saying she enjoyed hearing about what I did with her husband. She went on to ask if I could set up another slutty meet with him. I have his number but I need to think of a pretty slutty activity for us to get up to first. Was thinking maybe a threesome with work fuck buddy but that might be too much…not every guy wants to be close to some other guys cock lol. I do know my arsehole is going to get used though, he he…

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Cleaning up

I decided to give my flat a good clean and work fuck buddy said he'd help if I wore a French Maid outfit. Now I'm not one to turn down some help :) I've never really done the dressing up thing either so I bought a maid outfit with a frilly skirt that goes just below my ass and also shows some cleavage. I wore some black tights and a black thong underneath with a black bra too.

I got a headstart waiting for WFB to turn up and when he did he didn't seem too interesting in cleaning! After pawing my ass for a while I persuaded him that the quicker we get going the sooner we finish. So he followed me around from room to room and we dusted and cleaned. When it came to my bedroom I let him tidy up my knicker drawer which is also where I keep my toys :)

When we were all done I was feeling quite horny myself so WFB sat on the chair and I knelt in front of him and slowly undid his zip and let his cock spring out of his pants. I rubbed it down my cleavage a little before dipping the head of it into my mouth and wrapping my tongue around it. I gave it a shallow blow, running my lips just over the head and back while he slipped my bra straps off my shoulder and let my dress fall down to expose my tits which he had a play with as I continued to shallow suck him.

I went to the bedroom to get a condom and when I got back I stood in front of him with my back to him and bent right over. He torn a hole in the crotch of my tights and slid his fingers past my thong and straight into my pussy, rubbing my g-spot the way he always does when he fingers me from behind. Confirmed that I was wet enough I slid the rubber on his cock and climbed aboard. I just pulled my thong aside and straddled him, pushing down so his entire cock was inside me. I wriggled back and forward and bounced up and down, my boobs jiggling in his face.

My thong was starting to cut into me a little so suggested we do it doggy style. I knelt on the floor and WFB slid his big cock into me from behind and thrusted hard about 5 or 6 times then came. I was too horny to let it stop there though :) so I lay on my back and brought myself to orgasm while he watched.

I did wreck a pair of tights in the process but it was certainly worth it.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

New experience

So I met this couple I was talking about. They seemed pretty normal really and quite nice. He was 45 and she was 50 but they seemed a bit younger. We met in a pub and she described what she likes in bed etc but didn't really spell out what she didn't like though I guess I could work it out. They were both a bit fat, fatter than me (I wonder if he was hoping for some slim supermodel lol).

Anyway, she went back home and me and him spent some more time at the pub and I didn't need to put my hand in my pocket :) He was quite good fun really, so I didn't have a problem when he took me back to a hotel he had a room at. He didn't really initiate anything so I told him I wanted him to cum in my mouth. He seemed quite agreeable to this so hopped on the bed and unzipped and got his cock out. It wasn't a great size, maybe 4 or 5 inches and wasn't too thick either. So I just got down to business and started sucking him off. I was at it for a minute or so before he gestured for me to take my clothes off. So I paused while I stripped and he stripped also.

I got back to business sucking him off and he was quite rigid really (his body…obviously his cock was rigid) and I asked him if he wanted to cum in my mouth. After all, I assume I was here to do *something* dirty. If I'm honest I would have let him do anal if he'd wanted as he had that cock that was just a good size for it. But he didn't ask so I just went back to licking and sucking his cock and like a good boy he was soon cumming and I was swallowing it all down.

So I asked him what happens now and he said he'd probably describe to his wife what I did. I wasn't sure if I'd see him again, so I did tell him that next time maybe he could fuck my arse and would he like to describe that to his wife? He certainly picked up a little but it was too late for him tonight lol so I just headed back to my own place. Maybe it'll give him something to look forward to?

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Possible fun

After poking around on the internet for a while I found this couple who are pretty local to me who are married but the guy wants things the girl won't do. I know it sounds too "reader's wives" to be true but we're not even talking anything too extreme. Anyway I've agreed to meet them but I think that it's probably just some fantasy thing they have going on rather than it being things she doesn't want to do.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

New friends

At work today I told work fuck buddy that I was thinking about expanding my fuck buddy horizons. I asked if he had any friends that might be interested but I didn't think that asking him might make him think he'd be put on the back bench so I guess it was no surprise when he said he didn't know anyone. Guess I'll turn to the internet maybe to expand my horizons.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009


I thought that living on my own I'd maybe be getting more action but it's not really turned out that way. One thing I do love though is not having to worry about clothes and stuff, I spend a lot of time naked or just in a bra and knickers. It's also great being able to use my toys in the living room with the big TV.

I did manage to pull last night though. I had a few snogs with a few different guys and ended up taking a young thing back to my place. He was only early 20s I think and *very* keen :) I had a quick feel of his package when we were snogging at a club and I was really hoping to see it in the flesh. We snogged some more in the back of the cab and when we got back to mine I took him to the bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed as he undressed. When it was time for his boxers to come down his cock sprung out and it was every bit as impressive in the flesh. About 8 inches and nice and thick too. He stood in front of me and I wasn't in a teasing mood so I just got down to business and took his cock in hand and started to suck him off while he reached down to grope my boobs over my dress. My hands went around to grab his butt which was nice and firm too.

I was really enjoying sucking his cock, it wasn't a chore at all, I love a full thick penis inside me. He started to tug at my dress so I lifted it over me and slipped off my bra. He laid with his back on the bed so I got in a 69 position and got back to sucking on his cock while he pulled my thong to one side and licked at my pussy. He pulled my butt cheeks wide and really got his tongue up and down my slit. He started to squirm a little so I could tell he was on the brink of cumming so I held the tip of his cock on my tongue and gripped his shaft and wanked it until it started to erupt cum right into my mouth.

I got up off him and turned to face him then straddled his head so my pussy was right in his face. He gently licked and kissed my clit while I steadied myself with my hands against the wall. Moving his face under me he alternated between licking my lips and my clit but I didn't think I'd cum so I got on my back instead and he whipped my thong off, spread my legs and got back to licking me out. "Finger me as well" I instructed him. His technique was quite good but I still enjoyed telling him what to do, when to use more fingers, when to move them in and out and when to leave them in. With me telling him what to do I knew I was going to orgasm soon. "I'm going to cum…keep going at that pace" I shouted, just as he was hitting a magic rhythm with his fingers and tongue, then I had an incredible orgasm…it's so much better when someone else is doing the work :)

He didn't seem to be quite finished though and he worked his way back up my body, kissing me all over, feeling my boobs and running his hands and up down my body. He pushed his crotch against me and I could feel his cock was hard again. His head had worked its way up to my face and he had a passionate snog as he pressed his hand on my crotch as I gyrated against it and my own hand reached down to his crotch and tugged at his hard-on. "Put a Johnny on and fuck me doggy style" I told him. He rummaged through his clothes and came out with a condom and rolled it down his huge cock and I got on all fours with my butt in the air. Getting behind me he slid his cock right in ball deep. "Fuck me hard" I told him, and he started really pounding me and it felt great. I pushed back to meet each thrust and his cock kept ramming into me hard, filling me full of thick young cock.

He varied his speed from slowly teasing his cock in and out, making me beg him to go faster, to full on fucking me hard. I really wanted to cum myself so I got on my back and spread my legs and rubbed my clit while he continued fucking me while holding my legs open. I managed to get to the point of orgasm quite quickly so grabbed him down toward me and held onto him, forcing his pelvic bone to nuzzle my clit to send me over the edge to a really great orgasm. When I had finished he took the johnny off and wanked himself over me as I held my legs open again, finally managing to cum over my belly.

Rather than going home he decided to stay so we got dressed and had a few more drinks while watching TV. In the morning I left him sleeping while I had a quick shower then went back to bed. He was still dozing so I started stroking his cock under the covers and he soon came around. So I dived under the covers and started to lick and kiss his cock which was already hard. Impressive :) I kept licking it while fondling his balls and really teasing it. I threw off the covers and got a dildo from my drawer and reached between my legs and fucked myself with it while I sucked on his cock. I angled it so that I could push and pull my body up and down on it while moving my mouth and tongue up and down on his shaft. I could tell with each stroke he was getting close to cumming and probably cumming hard when all of a sudden he started to shoot jizz into my mouth in great big squirts.

I wasn't done though, so I got some lube and lubed up my dildo. I lay on my back and told him I wanted him to click my pussy with the dildo up my arse. As always he did exactly as I ordered him to and it was a real turn on. He slowly slid the dildo all the way into my arsehole and left it in place as he started licking my clit, alternating with rubbing it under his fingers. The whole thing was really dirty and really turning me on. I've never had a young guy in bed that I could totally order around to do my bidding and I was really loving it. I was also loving all the stimulation I was getting but I knew I'd probably have to bring myself off so I told him to stop and just watch while I took over. It only took a few seconds of well-positioned rubbing before I was cumming hard myself.

I leaned a few things about my encounter. One was that I could probably do with a few fuck-buddies. The other was that I should maybe look into cuckolding or domination or something like that.