Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Sex survey

Had an interesting night out with 4 of my girlfriends. One of them was telling us about a sex survey they had seen and told us a few questions from it. Turns out we all have dildos and use them regularly :) We have all swallowed after oral sex and 3 of us swallow every time. 4 of us have had anal sex and 1 has regular anal sex. We've all had sex on a first date, we've all had a facial and we've all had sex outdoors.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009


One of my girlfriends invited me along to her gym tonight to see what it was like. I was quite looking forward to seeing some nice hunky men! She goes to the gym all the time and has a great body. Her gym gear was really tight and I could practically see what she had for breakfast! I wore a much more comfortable baggy top and jogging bottoms.

As for the guys, well I was a bit disappointed :) Wasn't quite the wall-to-wall Adonisfest that I was expecting, just a bunch of regular guys but some were quite nice. Men have it much better at the gym that women do. I didn't see a single package but my girlfriend was practically giving up the whole goods! Guys could hardly keep their eyes off her too.

After the workout we had a shower (non-communal) but I did get a glimpse of her when we were getting dressed and she looked great with perky boobs and had a nicely trimmed bush. Guys are so lucky. In fact I might even give being a lesbian a go for a night.

I doubt I'll become a gym regular after this, if the guy situation was more promising I maybe would. It would be good to trim down like my friend though, cos I swear she could probably have gotten every guy there to fuck her.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

More on masturbation

I asked "L" about his masturbation habits and he was a little reluctant to talk about it. So I told him it would turn me on and coaxed him into the mood with a little cock rubbing. I asked him if he ever did over women he met in the street and he said he did, along with women at work and whatnot. Apparently it is VPL, visible thongs and hard nipples that turn him on. I asked him if he'd done it over anyone I knew and he admitted that he did over some of my friends. Dirty bugger!

I hadn't really thought about this stuff as I just masturbate to get off, and sometimes I have fantasies I get off to but never about actual people. So I gave him a blow job and told him to tell me what he fantasises about over with my friend as I sucked his cock. He certainly didn't hold back and told me how he'd love to strip her naked, kiss her all over and fuck her. He also didn't hold back when it came to cumming and he obviously enjoyed talking about it as my mouth was quite full. Yum :)

I also asked him if his friends have ever masturbated over me but he said he doesn't talk about those things with his mates but they probably have as he does it over their girlfriends. Does he now!

Saturday, 14 March 2009


I had the day off today so I just stayed in bed til afternoon. I had the house to myself so I took some toys to the living room and enjoy myself with some porn. I was pretty much at it for about an hour. I went for a wander around town but didn't bother wearing a bra under my t-shirt, or knickers but I had on a knee-length skirt. When I'm bored I like to watch men ogle my boobs :) It seems when your nipples are hard then can hardly keep their eyes off them. I wonder if they ever jerk off later about it. I've asked guys before and they do say they'll sometimes have a wank while thinking about someone they saw that day. I've asked if there was anything in particular that will trigger a quick one later but apparently it all "depends".

"A" was around when I got home so I just hung out with him watching TV. I contemplated asking him what would make him jerk off thinking about someone he saw but I wasn't sure I'd get a straight answer so I didn't bother. He was also quite blasé about my lack of bra, though I guess that's just familiarity I suppose. So I went to my room and had some more fun with my toys instead :)

Friday, 13 March 2009

Some of my favourite things

I've been thinking about things, and although I'm having fun with "L" I kinda prefer being single. I get more sex in a relationship (not always great sex worth blogging about lol) but I think random sex is usually a bit more interesting. "L" is getting tested and I do have an agenda of bareback anal and I think once I get to try it I might move on. I feel a bit bad about it…but he'll get to be the first guy to cum in my ass so it's not like I'm leaving him with nothing :) Not having to use condoms will no doubt open up some new sexual avenues but I think once I've gone down them I'll get bored again.

So things I want to do…have a guy fuck me but cum in my mouth. Have a guy cum in my ass. Have him cum in my pussy then me lick his cock clean.

Maybe I should send a letter to Jim'll Fix It instead?

Thursday, 12 March 2009

A filling lunch

I visited "L" at his work at lunch today. We ate our sandwiches in his car in the car park and we got a little bit naughty and I sucked him off. It's an underground car park so no-one saw :) I told him I'd live to get fucked across his desk one day, but he is in an open-plan office so it might rise some eyebrows lol.

When I got home I sent him some sexy emails to get him nice and hard in his open-plan office :)

"Thanks for the spunk pudding at lunch. Maybe next time you and your text-sex workmate can take me home for lunch and serve up a cock sandwich? I know we wouldn't have much time so it would need to be quick…take my clothes off, choose an end start fucking whatever is there, and when you've both cum just go back to work."

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Growing out

My pussy has started itching a bit today so I'll probably let my hair grow back. I told ex-fuck buddy that my fanny was itchy cos I shaved and he wanted to see. So we went out back and I gave him a flash and he seemed to quite like it, though he did tell me he liked it before too.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Good times

I brought some toys with me to "L"s last night as well as my usual overnight stuff. I cleaned the stubble off my pussy a little in the shower and gave myself an enema (be prepared!) then got dressed in my usual bedtime stuff. So we trundled off to bed and horny bugger that he is I knew it wouldn't be too long before he was pawing my boobs over my t-shirt. I lay on my back slightly and let him have a feel and we had a bit of a snog as his hands wandered lower. They were soon hovering over my crotch and then under my t-shirt. I knew instantly he could tell "something" was different and it certainly perked him up!

He ran his fingers over my smooth pussy as my hands found his cock under the covers and started to give it a gentle tug. He kicked the bed covers off and he made circular motions over my clit as I slowly jerked him. He started to introduce a finger into my pussy and I pushed against it as I gripped his cock and he slowly fucked my hand. Curiosity getting the better of him he finally got between my legs and started to give me a good going over with his tongue, kissing and licking my pussy lips and clit as his finger massaged my g-spot. I groaned and moaned to let him know to keep doing what he was doing. I held the back of his head and started pushing my pussy up against his tongue and rotating my hips just the way I like it and I was really building up a good orgasm with his finger going inside me and I was having an orgasm in no time.

His cock was raging hard but I wasn't done yet :) I reached inside my night bag and brought my dildo out and he had to just watch as I worked it inside me, grouping and massaging my own tits as I moaned as the rabbit ears did their magic on my clit. I let "L" take over the dildo and he worked it in and out as I took over rubbing my pussy. He wanted to use the dildo on me from behind so I got on all fours and he worked on me from behind. I reached behind to rub my asshole as he slid the dildo in and out of my pussy. Things got a little too much for him though and he said he had to cum and was soon cumming on my back.

I'll admit I was a little disappointed! But still very horny so I showed him what he could have won ;) I took the lube from my bag and lubed up the rabbit. Now it's got quite a thick shaft so I spent some time gently prodding and pushing it and slowly working it into my ass while I lay on my back. When it was in ok I let "L" take over and he licked me out while he pushed the dildo deeper and deeper into my ass. I had an incredible second orgasm this way. "L" wasn't really up for any more action so we both went to sleep.

In the morning "L" seemed quite keen to start where we left off. One day I'm going to have to shove a dildo up his arse to see how it is the next day lol. So my arse was off limits much to his annoyance, but we did some 69ing to make up.

Friday, 6 March 2009

Lil' treat

I have a little surprise for "L" when we next meet :)

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Unexpected fun

I had quite a sexy time this morning. I stayed over at "L"s and when he was getting up in the morning for work I went into the kitchen area but it seemed he had someone there giving him a lift. I guess it was a work colleague. I was only wearing a t-shirt that was about a few inches below my bum. No bra or knickers or anything else. It didn't overly bother me as I was behind the kitchen table but "L" ushered me over to meet his friend and he was very gentlemanly and maintained eye contact.

I had a seat on the sofa while they fussed around and I have to admit there wasn't much I could do to keep the shirt down to cover my pussy. I kept my legs together so no lip was on show but bush was pretty much there for anyone who looked.

When "L" was gone I sent him a text message saying I think his workmate might have seen my pussy :) He sent one back saying that he had and he thought it was very nice. Not sure if he was being honest or not, so when he came back for lunch I quizzed him and he seemed quite genuine. He said you could hardly not see my pussy under the shirt. I asked for the workmates number and I sent him a text myself to see what he said, and right enough he said he had an eyeful.

So….when "L" had gone back to work I sent another text message saying I hope he didn't mind. He replied saying he enjoyed looking at it and I had a lovely pussy and he loves natural blondes. Wow…dirty little bugger. Then a few moments later a message came from him saying he'd love to taste it. Mmmm…. I was still in the t-shirt so I started playing with my pussy and texted him to tell me more. He certainly didn't hold back and said how he'd love to spread my legs and get his tongue in my pussy. I replied saying I was rubbing myself and my cunt was soaking. He said he'd love to strip me naked and kiss me all over, get his fingers in all my wholes. I could hardly believe it but it was dead horny and I managed to bring myself off. I thanked him for the text sex and got ready to get back to mine.

I waited to see if "L" would mention anything (who knows if the work mate would ever say anything) and he did mention it when he called me this evening :) I wasn't bothered by it so admitted we had some text sex. He thought it was quite funny really, said he hoped I'd enjoyed it and I said I certainly did.