Sunday, 22 February 2009

Pulled again

I pulled last night and we went back to his place. We was ok looking and we got down to some passionate snogging. He was quick to get his cock out but it was probably only 4 or 5 inches so I managed to deepthroat him which he thoroughly enjoyed and he came quite heavy. After that he stripped me naked and fingered me with one in my pussy and later on also slipped one in my ass which was unexpected but nice, and with me working my clit I managed to cum. Having his finger still in my ass while I came definitely added to the sensation. He couldn't get hard again so he didn't fuck me but I'd had an orgasm so I didn't mind. I didn't stay so got a taxi home and still high on the experience I used my double dildo.

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phallatio said...

A finger or a dildo inside my anal passage always heightens my orgasm. There was one girl I knew who loved to see how far her biggest dildo would fit!