Sunday, 15 March 2009

More on masturbation

I asked "L" about his masturbation habits and he was a little reluctant to talk about it. So I told him it would turn me on and coaxed him into the mood with a little cock rubbing. I asked him if he ever did over women he met in the street and he said he did, along with women at work and whatnot. Apparently it is VPL, visible thongs and hard nipples that turn him on. I asked him if he'd done it over anyone I knew and he admitted that he did over some of my friends. Dirty bugger!

I hadn't really thought about this stuff as I just masturbate to get off, and sometimes I have fantasies I get off to but never about actual people. So I gave him a blow job and told him to tell me what he fantasises about over with my friend as I sucked his cock. He certainly didn't hold back and told me how he'd love to strip her naked, kiss her all over and fuck her. He also didn't hold back when it came to cumming and he obviously enjoyed talking about it as my mouth was quite full. Yum :)

I also asked him if his friends have ever masturbated over me but he said he doesn't talk about those things with his mates but they probably have as he does it over their girlfriends. Does he now!


Beeyourself said...

Sharing you masturbation with a lover or with a close friend is about the hottest thing to do,s exually IMHO.

My best masturbation is over people I know. I have a lto of female friends, and I masturbate to just about all of them. Many of them know this because we talk about it. I'm not embarrassed or ashamed I masturbate, and they appreciate the honesty. A couple of them I can tell are very turned-on knwoing this. Isn't hasn't led to any sex between us, and I'm not sure I want it to. But masturbating together is not out of the question, and it's happened before!

Anonymous said...

WOW love the blog, i gotta get a google name so you know its me. Well he is a lucky friend, a blow job for info. If we all could be so lucky, I must say if a thought of a person I saw or a coworker came into my mind during masterbation its natural but i never start out with that as the goal, it may spark a session but just the feeling of being horny gets me going.