Sunday, 6 January 2013

Nursing rewards

It was my meal with broken leg boy so I wore a white chiffon top that was quite see-through, with a red bra underneath.  It wasn't a date of anything, but I'd be offended if he didn't still want to get into my knickers :)  Speaking of knickers I wore a matching red thong under a black skirt.  During the meal I caught him looking at my chest a lot which was good.  I asked him if he was going out with anyone, and he said he wasn't.
I asked him if he was looking and he said he'd like to have a girlfriend, but I could sense some hesitancy.  "Go on..." I said, and he confessed that he wasn't very confident about the size of his penis.  Can't say I've ever discussed the size of a man's penis over diner, but there's a first time for everything :)  I told him that there were lots of ways for a woman to feel satisfied, and he said his oral skills were great (all guys say that though :) ).  I was a few glasses of wine along, so I told him that if he could guess what colour my knickers were that I'd let him practice his oral skills on me.  He darted between looking at my bra and my face, then eventually guessed..."red?"  "Is that your final answer?"  He seemed doubtful but stuck on red.  "is that right he asked?"  "I'll tell you later" I teased him with a smile.  "If I'm right, when to I get to...." he trailed off.  "Whenever you wanted" I told him, then added, "IF you're right."  At this point my spoon accidentally fell off the table.  "Could you get that?" I asked, as I hitched my skirt up a little under the table and spread my legs.  He bent under the table to get the spoon and I knew he was looking right up my skirt at the same time.
When he came up from under the table with my spoon he was about as red as my knickers too and I gave ho, a sultry, cheeky smile.  After our main course I asked for the desert menu, and I asked him what he fancied.  After looking the menu over for a while I quietly  whispered over the table that my pussy didn't seem to be on the menu here, but that it was back at my place....  With that he was soon requesting the bill :)

We took a taxi back to my place and I opened us some more wine.  We had a glass sat in the living room, and he asked if I'd like to try his oral skills now.  I said we could do it in the bedroom so we went there, and I told him there were some toys in the top drawer, and he had a look while I got naked and on the bed.  After rummaging around in my toy drawer, he obviously decided to leave those til later.  I was fairly underdressed seeing as he still had all his clothes on, but I wasn't too bothered.  He started by kneeling beside me and caressing my boobs with his left hand while his right went between my legs to gently rub my clit.  I kept my legs nice and open for him while he started to kiss, lick and suck my nipples, all the while circling my clit.

I was certainly enjoying it, you can't beat a man giving you complete sexual attention (well, you can, but it takes more than one man ;) ).  From rubbing my clit he started to dip his middle finger into my pussy, and when he found how wet I was he knew it was time to move things up a bit.  He repositioned himself between my legs, and running his hands up and down my legs and thighs he dipped his head down and started to lick my clit, pushing it down and flicking it about with his tongue.  I pushed against him in a rhythm and moaned my pleasure and I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter.  He took a small dildo from my drawer, and turning it on slid it into my pussy and pushed it slowly in and out, then his tongue went back to my clit and I knew instantly I was going to cum.  The flicking of his tongue combined with the vibrations in my pussy brought me closer and closer to orgasm and then finally, and loudly, over the edge.

I needed a few moments to compose myself again and he grinned in pleasure as my body shook and bucked, my fingers feeling the warm, sticky mess in my pussy too.  When my orgasm had passed and my breath got back to normal, he took out my rabbit and started working it in and out of my pussy...grinding the "ears" down on my clit with each push, holding it for a moment, then withdrawing.  He kept this up and I was cumming again in only a few minutes.  "I have to admit, you are pretty good" I told him, to his obvious joy.  I was done though, my clit too sensitive for anything more.  He straddled me, opened his zip, took his stiff cock out of his boxers and stroked it a number of times, then grabbed my knickers from the bed, bunched them in his hand and pumped his spunk into them.

He lay on the bed beside me and we had a bit of a kiss and a cuddle, he grabbed my ass and tried to feel my pussy again, but I had to tell him that he had worn me out for now.  Dinner and some was actually a good night :)

Wednesday, 2 January 2013


I had a cat with new WFB at work, just filling him in that I'm only into "that kind" of sex when I'm in the mood so not to expect it all the time :)  Also had a text from the guy with the broken leg that I nursed.  Apparently the cast is off, he is doing well and wants to take me to diner to "thank" me.  Lol, and I'm sure this isn't an attempt to get into my knickers at all ;)  I said he could treat me if he wanted so should be doing that soon.