Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Practice makes perfect

As time has gone on I've started to get really used to my anal dildos. At first it took a while to get going, but now I can start using them right away with no discomfort and quite enjoy it. Granted my anal dildos are only about half the girth of a cock or a pussy dildo, and my technique is different…rather than move it in and out I tend to just leave it in, or use my plug, and masturbate. I sometimes move them in and out a little but not like a guy usually does with his knob. I still quite enjoy anal when in the mood, but I wonder if I'll ever get to the stage of actually really enjoying it?

Now this is pretty gross so I hope you don't mind :D but I usually don't bother with enemas or anything when using toys, I just slip a condom over the dildo. Yeah I know, but needs must lol and why can't a girl do what she pleases behind closed doors!


voyeur36 said...

Nothing wrong with using a condom. Less hassle. And much quicker.

phallatio said...

Precisely! Needs must! I have anal beads which I use whenever I get the chance!