Friday, 1 May 2009


Got a fair bit done today. I had a look around some flats, some I could afford on my own and some I'd have to share with but nothing that great really. I went to Ann Summers and bought some sexy thongs, and I wanted to try a butt plug too but the shop was too busy. Their range wasn't that good anyway. I tried the sex shop and they still had a limited range but I quickly bought one and left the shop. I swear I could feel my face burning red!

I called my friend RE the possible FMF. She said she hasn't done anything more about it yet, so I asked what kind of thing she had in mind, and would "we" be doing anything. She said she could script it out (eh?) but said that we probably would but it would be ok if we didn't. I suppose I just need to wait for the script? I wonder if I'll win an Oscar?

I tried the butt plug out and it was ok, though maybe I could have got a bigger one. I left it in while I used my rabbit and it was quite a nice sensation. Maybe I should try and get a job as a sex toy tester?

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voyeur36 said...

I think I have overcome the shy stage myself. But deep down, you still feel a bit embarrassed. I was going to say take someone with you but that would be more mortifying. Unless it was someone that would benefit from you using the particular toy. Or seeing you use it.