Thursday, 12 March 2009

A filling lunch

I visited "L" at his work at lunch today. We ate our sandwiches in his car in the car park and we got a little bit naughty and I sucked him off. It's an underground car park so no-one saw :) I told him I'd live to get fucked across his desk one day, but he is in an open-plan office so it might rise some eyebrows lol.

When I got home I sent him some sexy emails to get him nice and hard in his open-plan office :)

"Thanks for the spunk pudding at lunch. Maybe next time you and your text-sex workmate can take me home for lunch and serve up a cock sandwich? I know we wouldn't have much time so it would need to be quick…take my clothes off, choose an end start fucking whatever is there, and when you've both cum just go back to work."

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