Thursday, 30 April 2009

At last

Ok, so last night :) I had plenty of time to prepare so just myself all cleaned out! I went to "L"'s place and wasn't sure what the format was but we had a chat and a few drinks whatnot and it kinda dragged on a little, but I eventually suggested we head to the bedroom. I'd brought some stuff with me just in case he wasn't prepared (well, he is a man!)

I lay on the bed, totally naked, and introduced him to my double-dildo. He lubed it all up worked just the big cock on my pussy first with the smaller cock just nuzzling against my arsehole. After teasing me for a while he started to slowly slide the smaller cock into my ass and it did actually feel quite nice. He held it in me while I rocked against it and he licked my clit. I was keen to get onto the main event though….

He took away the dildo and slid his cock into my pussy for a few pumps before getting it all lubed up ready for my ass. He lifted my ass up a little and I spread my cheeks and pushed his cock inside me a little at a time. I told him to take it slow which he did. I rubbed my clit while he stroked his cock a little out of my ass then drove it back in. He gathered some pace until I was taking it as hard as I was comfortable with. I could tell he was quickly on the brink and then he rammed it in me right up to his balls and grabbed at my thighs as he came inside me. His cock popped out and I was hoping to hold the cum in me but it just wasn't possible and most of his cum fell out with his cock and landed on the sheets. It was over in seconds really but still good fun.

I could defo do with more of this backback fucking, hopefully it'll last longer if it happens again but I didn't say anything really. I did tell him that maybe next time he could take a picture and he certainly seemed keen :)

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

It had to be done!

Ok, not sure this was my best idea :) but it's been on my mind. I got in touch with "L" just to see if he was ok and whatnot and suggested we meet up for a drink. I told him about my bareback plans and he replied pretty much how I was wanting :) He joked that we still could but I knew he was just sounding me out and that he was probably up for it. So tomorrow is the night! I'm going to have someone come over and ride me bareback!!

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Great weekend

I was out on the town Friday night with a few girlfriends and we went to the pub where last weekends snog was. He was there but pretty drunk and we had another snog and exchanged numbers to see what we were both doing by the end of the night. I met up with him around 2am ish and we got some grub together.

Anyway, long story short we got a taxi back to his place to continue on the party where we had some more snogs before he finally started to get adventurous and his hands started to wander over my body. I was pretty horny anyway so helped him by getting my boobs out and spreading my legs for him to slip his hand up my skirt. At first he just massaged my pussy through my panties then slipped his fingers in my panties to continue. Had to admit he was pretty good at it, and it got even better when he got between my legs to slide my panties right off. He stayed there and started going down on me which was just as great as his fingering. He worked his tongue well and used his fingers well and I did eventually get to orgasm. This is my kind of man :)

I was only more than willing to reciprocate but we went back to some more snogging so I took the initiative this time and my hand wandered to his crotch, unzipped and slid my hand inside. Mmmm, his cock wasn't the biggest but it wasn't tiny or anything and I think he felt a bit self conscious about it. Anyway, I whipped it out of his pants and into my mouth. It was probably about 4 inches and not too thick but I actually lick sucking on small cocks. I like getting the whole thing in my mouth, though it does make it harder to wank it and suck it at the same time so I concentrated on tonguing it all over. I got the impression he was holding back a little and I didn't think he was going to cum so I asked if he had any condoms. Obviously I had my own but I dunno…maybe he had special ones to fit him? Lol, I'm terrible.

So he slipped one on and fucked me from behind but TBH it wasn't that great though it wasn't long before he came. That wasn't the end of it, though, he did go down on me again after he fucked me which I think is pretty horny, and he got me off again too. I didn't stay after though, I just went home. I usually like staying over to fuck in the morning when I'm horniest but didn't think it was much worth it.

Saturday night was much better and I met up with some lads on a stag do and one took me back to their hotel room. He was probably mid 20s so fairly young but he had quite a nice cock, was a good size but not massive. He was mega horny too, I'm going to have to had sex with more younger guys I think. We both stripped totally naked and he went down on me right away. His technique wasn't great but he made up for it in enthusiasm and slipped his finger up my arse too. I quite like it when a man takes control :) I didn't cum and I didn't think I would so we switched it around and I started sucking his cock. It was rock hard and he was totally shaven and I fondled his smooth balls as I worked on my shaft and head with my lips and tongue. He had a great arse too, real firm and nice and I squeezed it as I ran my mouth up and down his hard-on.

He didn't cum though but he slipped a rubber on and fucked me with him on top. And boy did he fuck, he was like a jackhammer and I held my boobs or else I might have got a black eye! We were at it for a while before he got off and motioned me onto all fours then started pounding me from behind. This was much better and I planted my face in the pillows as he slapped against my arse. I was aching to cum so I had him on his back and I went on top. His cock was still solid and I slipped it in me and pushed down on it hard, pushing my clit against his body in a nice rhythm and brought myself to a fantastic orgasm.

His cock was still solid, so much stamina! So I turned around so that I was on top but facing away from him. I rode my pussy up and down his cock and told him to finger my arsehole. He had no problem doing that so I thought some dirty talk might get him off so I said how great his cock felt in my cunt and how I wanted him to cum. As if on cue he was soon filling his rubber up with spunk. We must have been fucking for about 15 minutes solid.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Flat hunting

I'm looking for my own place to move into, nothing special just a flat somewhere. Hopefully I can find somewhere that I can afford the rent on myself as I wouldn't want to have to live with someone again. I'd love to be able to use my dildos any time I want, any place and orgasm at any volume! Like today, I had to wait until I had the place to myself before the rabbit could come out. I had a shower and a good clean up, then went back to my bedroom and lay naked on top of the bed and had a real good session with it.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Weekend plans

I didn't manage to pull at the weekend (must be out of practice) but I did get a few snogs. One from a guy I've seen a few times at a certain pub so I'm planning on going back this weekend to see what happens.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Some girls have all the luck

A girlfriend of mine has a new bloke and she was saying how big his cock was. Now we all like a big cock, but I was a little shocked to see she had a pic of it on her phone! I have to admit, it was quite a nice cock and pretty big. I asked her to send me the pic but she wouldn't lol

Wednesday, 15 April 2009


I had an interesting talk with a married girlfriend of mine. She was saying that she was looking into "spicing up" her and her husband's sex life so was looking into a bringing someone else into the bed, so to speak. I told her it would be a great way to spice things up but it seems that a FMF is the order of the day, and she was wondering if I'd be the other person. I was surprised to say the least as I know the larger lady isn't everyone's cup of tea and they're both quite slim. However she said she knows I get tested and whatnot. Apparently he doesn't know either, it's going to be a surprise. I told her if she wanted to go ahead with it I'd be interested.

Thing is, I guess I should have asked more questions. Does she want us two to do anything for example?

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Day in the gardens

I was a nice sunny day so I went to the gardens with a male friend and he wanted us to sit on the grass. Thing is, I had a knee-length skirt but no knickers on and I didn't really want my pussy to be a main attraction :) It's impossible to sit down or stand up in a skirt without flashing your knickers (well, for me anyway, maybe I need lessons). I didn't really want to tell my companion that I was going commando either so I just did my best to keep kitty covered up as I sat down. Even if the worst happened at least I'd trimmed up that morning!

When it was time to get up I told the guy I might need some help as I wasn't wearing any knickers and didn't want to put on a show. "Really?" he asked, somewhat shocked I think. So I had him block the view while I lifted myself up off the floor. I guess it wouldn't have been too bad to give someone a flash of my pussy, might have made their day :)

Monday, 13 April 2009

Still alive

Yikes, it's been ages since I posted. Well "L" and I split up and I went on a last minute holiday to Spain with a girlfriend so I haven't been around much. The holiday was great and I had lots of local cock :) I've forgotten how much fun holidays are as a single girl cos the lads are always up for some fun. We spent 5 nights away and I got laid every night. In fact in 5 nights I had sex with 12 guys in total. Gah, I'm such a slut lol!!!

There were a few standard one night shags, a few threesomes, but best of all was the third night in where my friend and I hooked up with a bunch of lads on holiday. There were 5 of them and they offered to take us back to their hotel room but my mate had met someone she'd been chasing and they headed off together so it was just me and the 5 lads. We had a few drinks, had a few laughs then we got down to some snogging, then my clothes were off and I was on my hands and knees sucking 5 hard cocks one after the other. Then they doubled up and I was getting one from each end until all 5 had cum. It was an amazing experience even though no-one thought to go down on me, and my pussy was actually sore the next morning.

I even went topless on the beach which is something I never thought I'd do. The locals were always buying you drinks and giving you lots of attention. I swear I could have fucked about 100 guys if I had the energy. Apart from the orgy I did manage to get shagged, go out to another bar then get shagged again. I'm pretty sure the guy didn't know he was fucking a pussy that had only just been fucked hours before.