Thursday, 21 April 2011


I spoke to work fuck buddy and apparently his mate has been full of stories about his horny student lol. My oral skills get very firm recommendations apparently :) He is still keeping it a secret though.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Driving again

For my next lesson I wore a tight t-shirt with no bra, and another short skirt with a pink thong. His eyes were practically popping out of his head as I got into the car. We did the usual lesson for the first half, and then I was instructed to drive somewhere quite isolated.

He was a bit braver this time and touched my leg first, dragging his hand up my thigh and under my skirt, riding it up to expose my pink panties. He slid his fingers inside to rub at my pussy while he undid his pants and took his cock out with the other hand. I undid my belt and he yanked my knickers down so I lifted my bum up and slid out of them. He lifted them to his face and sniffed at them!! Um, ok :) Whatever turns you on I guess. While he sniffed away I got my head in his lap and sucked him off. He moaned loudly all the way through and again was filling my mouth with cum in double quick time.

I let him keep the knickers and we did the rest of the lesson as normal.

Sunday, 17 April 2011


I cornered my possible new work fuck buddy today at work. I was the only girl working today so I took him to the ladies toilet. I told him that the sex stuff was just a bit of fun and I have it with someone else from work too. I asked him if he was cool with that and he seemed so.

"Cool" I said, flashing him a knowing smile. "Do you want to watch in the mirror out here? Or in the cubicle?" I asked. He said he'd like to watch so we got in front of the mirror and I knelt down and unzipped him and took his cock in my mouth while he watched in the mirror. I gave him a good show with lots of licks and slurps, running my tongue over his head, down his shaft, kissing his cock. He worked his own shaft while I licked around his head and when I thought he was cumming I offered out my tongue and his stokes got faster until he was finally laying a coating of thick, warm cum on my tongue. When he was finished I gave one big gulp and swallowed it down.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Driving men wild

I had my driving lesson with work fuck-buddy's friend. I've told WFB what I'm up to and he has promised to keep it secret :) I wore a very "gappy" white shirt with lacy white bra underneath. I also had a short black skirt and white panties underneath. When he turned up he was about mid 50s I guess but not in too bad shape. The lesson was as expected (maybe if I keep this going it'll help me no end!) and when we pulled up back at my place I took off my belt and put my hand on his leg. I let it linger a while and said that the money was inside and I'd get it in a bit. I lifted my right leg a little, pushing my skirt up and from the fact that his eyes darted to my crotch I could tell I was flashing my knickers at him rather successfully. His eyes then lingered up my body, taking in my boobs on the way.

I started to stroke his leg slowly, inching closer to his crotch. "For future lessons...." I purred, "maybe we could work something out?" He actually looked quite nervous, almost on the brink of heart attack! His throat was dry when he gulped and asked me "Like what?" I suggested that if we take in some quiet lanes during the I suggested it my hand rose up enough to touch his crotch and I extended my fingers to locate his cock. He then put his own hand on my leg and said "Go on....". He was still nervous and started to look around to see if anyone was watching, as my fingers picked open his fly. I reached in and pulled his cock out which was hard, if quite small. My fingers ran over its shaft, and played with his head. As soon as I had touched his bare cock his own hand got slightly more adventurous and touched the white cotton covering my pussy. "Let's go in..." I told him, suddenly breaking off. He put himself away and followed me into the house.

Inside I acted coy as if nothing had happened and got him the money for the lesson from my purse. I held it out but he didn't take it, instead he was gulping hard and seemed quite lost for words. It was almost as if he couldn't believe what was happening. "Don't want it?" I asked. He finally managed to blurt out "What you were the car?" "Oh that?" I chirped back, "Would you be interested in that?" He nodded his head, "well get it out then?" I smiled. He undid his trousers and slid them down along with his boxers. His cock was standing out proud, probably about 4 inches erect but a good thickness.

I got on my knees and sank his cock into my mouth, all the way to his balls. Don't get me wrong, I like big cocks, especially for fucking, but small ones are fun for oral too. I didn't bother with preliminaries, instead got down to full on sucking of his entire 4 inches. I was barely ten strokes in when he cried out "Stop". "What's wrong?" I asked, and he said he was about to cum. I told him it was ok, he could cum when he wanted, even in my mouth. I lead him to the bedroom and he lay down on the bed, I think he just needed a break. I was sure he wasn't going to last long anyway, so I got right back to sucking him off and again I was barely a few strokes in before spunk started to explode into my mouth, and he was a fairly heavy cummer. I still managed to swallow it all though.

Before he left we booked another appointment.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

New boy

A new guy started at work yesterday and I was tasked with showing him the ropes. He was early 20s, a bit geeky looking but ok to talk to. I was showing him all the back-of-house stuff and I was flirting with him a little but not sure how much of it was landing. My existing work fuck buddy wasn't in so I took full advantage ;) He gave me a ride home and I said that as we were on the same time today he could pick me up in the morning. I gave him a time about half an hour earlier than needed, but he didn't question it.

When he came around this morning I got out of bed, still in my pjs, and showed him through to the living room. I told him I was going to jump into the shower, then disappeared off to get out of my pjs and into a towel that I wrapped around my middle. I went back into the living room and said "Ok, I'm just off for a shower, won't be long...unless...." I paused and he said, "What?" I let my towel slightly drop to reveal some cleavage. "Do you like big boobs?" I asked. He nodded and my town dropped slightly more, letting my bare breasts hang out. "You can have a feel if you want" I told him. He got off the sofa and came over to do so. He grinned as he played with them and felt them, making my nipples stick out by rubbing his thumb over them. As he went in for a suck on them I dropped my towel to rub the back of his head, encouraging him.

As he sucked and licked my nipple his hand drifted down to my crotch and I widened my stance to give him access. He finger found my slit and curved up and inside me. We didn't have long and I was eager to see his young cock and if it was hard for me. I grasped at his fly and pulled his pants down, then he took down his own boxers and his cock sprang forward. Quite average in size and thickness, but within moments I was on my knees taking it in my mouth. I slurped and gobbled and yummed his cock as he groaned and thrust it into my mouth. I held his bum cheeks tight as he fucked my face, wondering if he was going to blow his load there and then.

He didn't though, and tapped my head for me to stop. I grabbed him toward the bedroom and opened a drawer to give him a johnny. I got on the bed on all fours and he guided his cock into my pussy and started to fuck it with all the vigour that he fucked my face. His hands ran up my back and hooked over my shoulders, giving him more purchase for harder and deeper thrusts and I eventually heard his orgasm as he filled the condom with fresh, hot jizz.

Time was pushing on so I jumped straight into the shower and finished myself off (hey, a girl has to start the day right ;) ) then went back to the bedroom. He was all straightened up and watched me dress also then took me to work.

Now, do I dare and keep both of them on the go? Lol A fresh fuck is always nice but WFB has the much nicer cock so if I had to keep one I'd keep him. Threesomes on tap...a girl can dream!

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Driving lessons

A friend of work fuck-buddy teaches driving and was telling WFB he thought he'd get more randy female clients offering to pay "in kind" :) So I might book myself a lesson and see what happens ;)