Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Agony aunt

I had one of my girlfriends over who has not long split from her long-term boyfriend of 4 years. She's almost 40 but she still looks great and has already started seeing a guy of 30. She was saying she'd like to try and spice things up with some anal. I asked if she'd ever done it and she said she'd tried it with a dildo a few times but that's all. I said she should get a small dildo and a butt plug and try them out to find what's nice and to do that a few times before trying it with her guy. I should her mine to give her an idea and she didn't seem too keen on buying something so I told her she could get them on-line so I wouldn't mind buying her something.

She also wanted to know how to being it up without sounding too full-on so I suggested she get him to use the dildo on her pussy…all guys love that…then while he's having fun to suggest if he'd like to slip it up her arse and from there based on his reaction. I told her that you on top is the best cos you can lean back and he can enjoy the view and you control how deep the action is. I also gave her some tips about using an enema, lube, condoms etc but I'm sure she would have known most of that stuff anyway.

I'll need to make sure to catch up with her in a few weeks to see how it went.

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phallatio said...

I'd love to hear how that pans out. I've got two friends who love anal. One is married, while the other just dreams about ass! It's a real marmite thing. Some love it, while others just can't get over the sensation. Me personally: I've taken about six inches inside me and it felt good!