Thursday, 30 April 2009

At last

Ok, so last night :) I had plenty of time to prepare so just myself all cleaned out! I went to "L"'s place and wasn't sure what the format was but we had a chat and a few drinks whatnot and it kinda dragged on a little, but I eventually suggested we head to the bedroom. I'd brought some stuff with me just in case he wasn't prepared (well, he is a man!)

I lay on the bed, totally naked, and introduced him to my double-dildo. He lubed it all up worked just the big cock on my pussy first with the smaller cock just nuzzling against my arsehole. After teasing me for a while he started to slowly slide the smaller cock into my ass and it did actually feel quite nice. He held it in me while I rocked against it and he licked my clit. I was keen to get onto the main event though….

He took away the dildo and slid his cock into my pussy for a few pumps before getting it all lubed up ready for my ass. He lifted my ass up a little and I spread my cheeks and pushed his cock inside me a little at a time. I told him to take it slow which he did. I rubbed my clit while he stroked his cock a little out of my ass then drove it back in. He gathered some pace until I was taking it as hard as I was comfortable with. I could tell he was quickly on the brink and then he rammed it in me right up to his balls and grabbed at my thighs as he came inside me. His cock popped out and I was hoping to hold the cum in me but it just wasn't possible and most of his cum fell out with his cock and landed on the sheets. It was over in seconds really but still good fun.

I could defo do with more of this backback fucking, hopefully it'll last longer if it happens again but I didn't say anything really. I did tell him that maybe next time he could take a picture and he certainly seemed keen :)

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