Friday, 22 May 2009

Moving in

I started moving stuff into my new flat today, yay!! Should be all moved in within a week. It's a 3rd floor flat but I had a help up with a lot of my boxes from a guy who lives below me. He's about 5 or so years older than me I think, and it was very nice of him to help me with the boxes and when they were all done I went to his for some coffee. Now it's not what you're thinking lol cos he is married and his wife was there. Though it was only when she tossed me a "double take" that I remembered I wasn't wearing a bra cos I wanted to be comfortable. D'oh. I had a t-shirt on with a tight neck so he wouldn't have seen anything, but his wife didn't seem too impressed with my knockers swaying around. Ah well, you can't please everyone!

I unpacked some of my boxes but not all of them. When I get all my bed stuff sorted I might start staying over.

Thursday, 21 May 2009


I wasn't working till midday so stayed in bed a while and used my rabbit while reliving the events of last night and thinking about crowds of guys fucking me and cumming over me…mmm…

I asked work fuck buddy if I'd left my knickers in his car but he said he didn't think so, he'd just dropped them on the ground. So I told him he owed me a new pair, so we went to La Senza at break and he got me some pink lacy ones. To be honest I was pretty much going to throw out the ones I'd lost last night anyway so it was win-win :)

Dogging revisited

Work fuck-buddy and I gave dogging another go tonight. I wore pretty much what I did last time (it's not like anyone saw me!) and we went to the places we found out about on the web but we had to go around a few times before we finally saw what we thought would be some action. It was basically a bunch of guys hanging around a car not looking like they were doing anything in particular. So we parked up a little distance away and I opened the passenger door (WFB was driving) and I got his cock out and leaned over to start sucking on it.

Sure enough the other guys wandered over and watched me for a while. When I looked over there was three standing there with their cocks in their hand through their zips. They were all fairly average in size and two were pretty hard but one was still limp so I swung around and sat with my legs out the door and took the nearest one's cock in hand and gave it a slow wank. No-one was really saying anything so I asked if he wanted me to suck his cock. He moved a little bit forward so I took his cock in my mouth and kept my hair away from my face with my hand so the others could see the cock glide in and out of my mouth. I kept up a nice rhythm while the other two watched and wanked. I motioned the other guy who was hard to come nearer and I let the guy I was sucking go and wanked the other one while I gave him some dirty talk. I said I wanted him to fuck my dirty mouth and cum in it. At this point the first guy's cock started shooting cum and I tried to move to catch it on my face and body but it pretty much missed.

So I started sucking on the second guy and two more guys turned up to watch. They got in position to get a good view of me sucking on the dick in my mouth which started to shoot cum so I quickly took it out and milked what was left over my face. WFB got out the car and came around to the passenger side. He took me off the seat and I put my bum up on the bonnet and he lifted my skirt and slid my thong off. He put on a rubber and guided his cock into my pussy and started fucking me on the bonnet with my legs pushed up. One of the other guys pulled my top up and yanked up my bra and they started to grope at my tits while I was getting fucked. With my mouth free I started to talk dirty again, begging WFB to fuck me, saying how much I was loving it. He finished off inside me and when he slipped out and stood back one of the other guys quickly stepped in and sprayed his load over my belly and exposed pussy.

The remaining guy that was hard (the guy that was soft was still soft) stepped up so I got on my haunches and started sucking him off. He was ready to cum quite quick and pulled his cock out and shot over my face. It was strange that most guys love cumming in my mouth but these guys all seemed more keen to cum over my face, tits etc. I dunno, maybe it's the dogging way?

So we both got back in the car and everyone else slid off too and WFB drove me back to my place. I had tissues so was able to clean up a little but god knows where my thong went! Either it's lying in the park somewhere or someone took it as a souvenir.

The whole experience actually left me quite horny for a while after. I enjoyed it but I didn't really get much actual cock considering there were a few guys there. If I do it again maybe I need to be a bit more explicit and tell people what I want. I don't think I'd be too keen on a bunch of strange guys all fucking me cos you never know how people are with the "no bareback" rule, so maybe just sucking them off and having them wank over me is for the best. WFB liked it though, he said it was pretty horny having other guys watch and he loved it when the guy shot over my belly and pussy.

Monday, 18 May 2009


Work fuck-buddy mentioned dogging and that he'd like to try it. So I checked out some videos and found a site that details a few dogging locations in the area. I wore a short skirt and jumper with no bra and fuck-buddy and I had a drive around but we didn't really see anything we don't think. We'll try again through the week sometime. You can never really tell how common this stuff is or if it is all just internet hype! A lot of the dogging videos I found looked set up but some looked genuine and it looked like something I'd like to try. Lots of men watching me pleasure someone while they wait their turn is something that I think I'd enjoy ;)

The night wasn't a total bust as we went back to his and he did the duty and gave me a pretty good seeing to :)

Saturday, 16 May 2009


My possible FMF friend came over to let me know her and hubby would be going out at the weekend next week so if I could dress quite slutty and met them we'd hang out, go back to their and "see what happens". We'll see :)

Friday, 15 May 2009

Matchmaking results

I didn't get much out of my friend about the date I set up for her but I didn't expect to. So….I asked work fuck buddy instead :) He was surprisingly reserved but he did let on that they had sex and that she was "quite keen" whatever that means!

I should also be moving into my new flat this weekend….yay me :)

Monday, 11 May 2009


A girlfriend of mine is recently divorced and not exactly looking to get back into a relationship, but is ready for a bit of fun and (in my opinion) some confidence boosting. So I've set her up with work fuck buddy. I've pretty much informed her that he isn't husband material but will probably give her a right good seeing to if that's what she is after. I'm sure she'll have a good time as he has a nice cock and is always up for it.

I've also been looking at some places to stay and I think I've found somewhere. It's not great but I can afford it on my own so that'll be good.

Saturday, 2 May 2009


My friend called back about the "sex script" so I went over to hers. She'd basically drafted out that I'd be over for dinner and we'd just flirt and dress/act sexy then start snogging and go from there. She is sure he'll play along and wanted to know what I would and wouldn't do, so I told her I was pretty much open to anything. I waited to see if she would bring up "girl on girl", and she did and I told her I'd never done it but was willing to give it a go. She admitted she'd never done anything like that either. I asked what he liked and she said pretty much anything but would especially like two girls going down on him so that was a must. I asked if I should bring any toys but she said she had most things. It was all a bit strange and clinical really, I just hope that if it does happen it is more natural.

When I went back to mine I had a play with my rabbit and wondered what it would be like to lick a girl's pussy or have her lick mine. Have to admit I think I would quite enjoy it. Especially if some guy is getting all horny while watching and getting ready to fuck me after.

Friday, 1 May 2009


Got a fair bit done today. I had a look around some flats, some I could afford on my own and some I'd have to share with but nothing that great really. I went to Ann Summers and bought some sexy thongs, and I wanted to try a butt plug too but the shop was too busy. Their range wasn't that good anyway. I tried the sex shop and they still had a limited range but I quickly bought one and left the shop. I swear I could feel my face burning red!

I called my friend RE the possible FMF. She said she hasn't done anything more about it yet, so I asked what kind of thing she had in mind, and would "we" be doing anything. She said she could script it out (eh?) but said that we probably would but it would be ok if we didn't. I suppose I just need to wait for the script? I wonder if I'll win an Oscar?

I tried the butt plug out and it was ok, though maybe I could have got a bigger one. I left it in while I used my rabbit and it was quite a nice sensation. Maybe I should try and get a job as a sex toy tester?