Saturday, 3 November 2012


Work fuck buddy (WFB) came over to take me to work this morning as I wasn't starting til midday. I was already showered and in my dressing gown when he turned up. I told him to pick out some underwear for me while I did my hair and teeth. I was wondering what he'd pick lol but he actually picked something fairly tasteful, a pink bra and thong and our uniforms are dark so you can wear whatever colour you want underneath, so I dutifully put them on. I went to put on my uniform but he started to put his hands all over me. I told him I couldn't mess around as I had to go to work. He moved me onto the bed so I was laying on my back and started rubbing my crotch through my knickers. I said again I couldn't, but he unzipped and took his cock out and started to rub it against my pussy through my knickers.

I was too turned on now so I told him he could, but to be quick. He moved my knickers to the side and his stiff cock slid inside my pussy and left me gasping. He held my legs up and apart while he worked his cock inside me, fucking me slowly and deeply. He started to thumb my clit while his cock fucked me, but I needed him to cum quickly so I started some dirty talk to get him off quicker. I told him how big and hard his cock was, how much I was loving it (all true). He flipped me over for some doggy style, and my God it was fantastic. He started ramming me hard and fast, then slowed his strokes down and eventually came inside me.

I collapsed down on the bed, and he went to my toy drawer and took out my Rabbit. I lay on my front with my legs open and he started to work the dildo inside my pussy, the rubber ears periodically buzzing on my clit. He kept up a nice rhythm, even taking time to lick my ass occasionally. The Rabbit was doing its job and eventually I was cumming hard.

Unfortunately I was now running slightly late, and didn't feel like going to work anyway, so I phoned in sick :) We watched some porn in the living room and it wasn't long before his cock was ready for action so I took his trousers and boxers off and started to lick it up and down with my tongue, kissing the head and shaft, giving it my best tease before sinking it into my gaping mouth. I sucked on it until a doggy style scene came on, so he put me on my hands and knees and fed his cock into pussy from behind and fucked me like the girl on the screen was getting fucked, fucking me harder and harder, faster and faster until my pussy was too sore to take it. I went back to sucking him off, his cock tasting sharp with my pussy juices while the girl on the screen was now taking it in the arse doggy style. He seemed to quite enjoy that so I stopped sucking and gave him a handjob, pumping his thick cock until he came again and I licked up the little bit of cum that dribbled out.

We just sat around watching TV for an hour or so. I think I'd recovered enough so I asked him if he fancied another fuck? He was keen so we went to the bedroom and he got on the bed while I straddled his face. pushing my clit and pussy down on his tongue and rocking back and forward, getting nice and wet. I didn't want to cum yet so I moved down and sank my cunt down his cock, letting out a moan as I did, then drawing it up and pushing it down again, repeating the actions while fingering my clit until I came myself.

We'd been fucking on and off all day, for hours, and it amazing.