Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Good start

I met with the guy from this young couple my friend was telling me about and I got the low-down on their relationship. Seems she is the only girl he has ever gone out with and she never really goes down on him. I told him that I'd be more than willing to help him out and he was pretty keen. We had a few drinks then went to mine which wasn't far away. I took him to the living room and sat him on the sofa and reminded him that he was only getting the blow job. He unzipped and took his cock out which was semi-hard so I kissed the head and slowly kissed up and down his shaft until it was rock hard. Fully erect it was a good size, about 7" maybe. Now that it was hard I teased him some more, licking his cock all over, and then slowly taking it in my mouth, making sure I really savoured his flesh with my tongue and lips, keeping a nice steady rhythm while he groaned louder and louder with pleasure. I could only have been fully sucking for a few minutes when his cock began to spit out big globs of spunk. I waited for him to stop cumming before swallowing with a smack of my lips.

"I assume you liked that" I asked, looking up from his lap and he told me it was the best blow job he'd ever had, and not just because I swallowed. Compliments indeed!

Monday, 15 November 2010


I was talking to some people in my local and the girl thinks she might have a client for my new altruistic endeavour :) She knows quite a young couple (20 or something) who are childhood sweethearts but apparently she doesn't really like oral so she said she'd invite them to the pub.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

More stag games

I was out on the town Saturday night and around midnight I was approached by a guy who was (surprise surprise) part of a stag do. After chatting for a bit he explained that him and is mates were trying to pull girls of different colour hair and he said he had been having problems getting a natural blonde and that I looked like one. I confirmed that I was and I have to admit I didn't have any better offers on the table so I told him I might be able to help. He said he was at a hotel just outside of town so we drank up and headed for the taxi rank.

We had a bit of a snog in the back of the cab and he got a bit adventurous with his hands and soon found out I was commando under my dress. I think it was quite a pleasant surprise for him and after finding my pussy he had a gentle rub of my slit until going deeper and digging a finger in. I returned by having a feel of his crotch and I was also pleasantly surprised. Under his jeans I felt what appeared to be a big, thick hard cock and used my hand to explore its full dimensions.

When we got to his hotel room we didn't waste any time and he slid his trousers down and released his cock and it was just what I hoped it would be. I slipped out of my dress and watched him slowly roll a condom down his huge prick, a nice tight fit. I was on my back and he spread my legs wide and inched that meaty cock inside my cunt making me gasp out loud. "Fuck me!" I found myself begging, something I can't say I ever really do and he certainly obliged and withdrew then rammed his big prick repeatedly inside me. He alternated between bursts of fast and frantic fucking that made my tits bounce like crazy, and then slow and steady strokes that had me almost bursting with pleasure.

"Do you like doggy?" he asked, and in reply I repositioned myself on all fours and he rubbed the head of his cock up and down the entrance to my pussy. "Don't tease me..." I said, and with that he finally sunk his whole cock right inside me again and fucked me hard from behind, clawing at my ass cheeks and spreading them to look down on my asshole. His hands moved up my back and hooked over my shoulders and with a few more deep strokes he filled his condom with spunk while buried deep inside me.

I was absolutely exhausted and could just about manage to thank him for the best fucking I'd had in a long time. When I had recovered he want back into town to carry on clubbing but I had to go home and get some bed rest!

Friday, 12 November 2010

Blow jobs

I was talking to a girlfriend of mine who is married and she was telling me that when it comes to blow jobs she never swallows and even rarely lets her husband cum in her mouth. I guess I can understand her not wanting to swallow, but feeling the sensation of cum in your mouth is probably the best bit of a blow job! When you can tell a guy is close to cumming and you keen on going in anticipation, feeling his pleasure rise and then the throb and pulse of the cock as it pumps and pumps in orgasm is amazing. I admit I've never had someone's spunk taste nice per se lol but usually it's nothing terrible and I don't mind finishing the act.

I told her that if she didn't mind I could treat him to a blow job, swallow and all :) but she graciously declined. Now I'm wondering if there would be much call for this as a service? Are there other frustrated men up and down the land? :) Men that don't particularly want to cheat on their wives and girlfriends, but just want to feel the sensation of cumming in a warm, wet mouth and watching the girl swallow it with pleasure?