Saturday, 21 November 2009


I had a girlfriend over last night for a few drinks and we were having the usual bitchfest and she was saying how it was ages before she had someone go down on her on a regular basis, or gone down on her at all. I told her I was getting it just the other night from my fuck buddy. She seemed quite amazed that I'd do that, so I told her about him and what a nice cock he had. I told her he'd probably go down on her if she wanted. She's about my size but with dark hair so I didn't think it'd be an issue.

So I called him up and invited him over while my friend was giggling away like a school girl. When he got here we all had a few more drinks and I told WFB that my friend was feeling bad as she hadn't had anyone go down on her for a while. He sidled up to her and rested his hand on her leg and said "that's a shame…" He added "just the other night Rachael called me up cos she was having the same problem." "And what did you do?" she asked. WFB then slowly took down the zip on her jeans and she looked at me with a shocked look but I gave her a comforting nod to let her know it was ok.

When her zip down she shimmied out of her jeans so she was just in her knickers. She was obviously quite shy and kept her hands firmly on her crotch. WFB slid her knickers down her legs too, then moved his hand over her pussy and they started to snog each other. She started to relax a little and took her hands from her crotch to feel WFB's cock through his trousers. I could see from behind his hand that she didn't trim her pussy at all and it was quite dark and hairy. I told them they could go to my room so they bounded off with her leaving her jeans and knickers on the floor.

Over the next half hour I could hear some moaning and then some thumping that I knew meant she was getting it good and hard. When all the sound had died down I went into the room and they were both still on my bed. She was stark naked and she has great boobs, and her nipples were still quite small despite her having a big chest like me. That hairy bush was on full display also, along with a big grin on her face. He still had his shirt on but was naked from the waist down.

I got us all some fresh drinks and we spent most of the remaining night in the bedroom just chatting and watching telly, and my friend seemed to have totally lost her inhibitions and didn't mind being naked at all. To be honest I was quite tempted to strip off and jump in myself but I don't think she would have been quite up for that yet :)

Thursday, 19 November 2009


I told work fuck buddy that he owed me some oral sex for the lunch break the other day…as always he didn't disappoint :) He took me home after work and I just took him to the bedroom, slipped out of my trousers and knickers and spread my legs for him to do his thing. He worked away for a while and it was great but I ended up with him fingering me while I rubbed my clit just to tip me over to orgasm.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Agony aunt

I had one of my girlfriends over who has not long split from her long-term boyfriend of 4 years. She's almost 40 but she still looks great and has already started seeing a guy of 30. She was saying she'd like to try and spice things up with some anal. I asked if she'd ever done it and she said she'd tried it with a dildo a few times but that's all. I said she should get a small dildo and a butt plug and try them out to find what's nice and to do that a few times before trying it with her guy. I should her mine to give her an idea and she didn't seem too keen on buying something so I told her she could get them on-line so I wouldn't mind buying her something.

She also wanted to know how to being it up without sounding too full-on so I suggested she get him to use the dildo on her pussy…all guys love that…then while he's having fun to suggest if he'd like to slip it up her arse and from there based on his reaction. I told her that you on top is the best cos you can lean back and he can enjoy the view and you control how deep the action is. I also gave her some tips about using an enema, lube, condoms etc but I'm sure she would have known most of that stuff anyway.

I'll need to make sure to catch up with her in a few weeks to see how it went.

Monday, 16 November 2009

More glory

I was playing pool at a nearby pub where I met some married friends of mine. They're in their 50s but still quite saucy and have an active sex life that they often love talking about a little too much! I asked them about the whole gloryhole thing and they said that the closest you'll get is a blindfold party where your blindfolded and the guys at the party all present their cocks and you just suck what is there. He said that if you could get other couples there then there could be a few girls who suck whoever's cock, maybe have a random element to it or just let the guys choose who they'd like a blow job from.

Sounds like fun to me :) I asked them if they'd be interested cos I'd have no idea how to organise such a thing. They said that if I organised something they'd think about coming themselves.

Sunday, 15 November 2009


I've always been interested in trying a gloryhole but I was never sure if they actually existed. I've never seen one in a porn shop, even in London. So I looked on the net for some that are local and there isn't really much. I had a drive around with work fuck-buddy but as I suspected they were all dead-ends. Most were guys toilets anyway so probably intended for gay men, but WFB checked them out anyway and no gloryholes.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Moving things

I still had some of my stuff in a friend's attic so I went to pick it all up today and take it to my new place. The couple keeping it are married and she's a bit funny with his wandering eye so when I got there I told him (John) under no circumstances was he to be behind me on the ladder looking up my skirt :) I was wearing dark tights and black knickers anyway so he wouldn't have seen anything and I doubt he'd want to be looking at my fat ass anyway!

One of his friends was there who agreed to lend a hand. He asked if he was allowed to be behind me on the ladder and I told him "Sure…I just made a promise to John's wife that he couldn't" :) I turned to smile at him and at this his friend took the opportunity to grab my ass for a feel. I added "you can do what you want…" and with my back still toward him he took the opportunity and reached around my front and grabbed my boobs. I thought it was pretty forward but funny nonetheless.

As we scampered around loading my stuff into the car I was true to my word and John never saw a snifter up my skirt, but his mate certainly got an eyeful, but like I said I doubt he could see anything. On the drive back to mine I couldn't help tease John some more saying "it's a shame you're married otherwise we could all have a threesome when we get to mine."

When the unloading was all done I made the boys a coffee and John's mate came into the kitchen and said we didn't need John, we could get it on ourselves. He wasn't really my type so I told him that I'm a nympho who only has sex if there is at least two cocks :)

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Naughty, naughty girl

I was a naughty girl last night ;) I know I don't give you many pics so I hope you enjoy these ones!

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Lunchtime snack

I had to work all day :( but work fuck buddy had a half day so I went to his when he knocked off at lunch. He had some new porn that we watched, and it was pretty good. It was arousing but bog standard girl/guy didn't really turn me on immensely. I did take WFB's cock out and tease it with my tongue and lips as I lay across his lap, holding it firm in my hand. When it got to a bit he liked he started to thrust his cock through my hand and caressed the back of my head. I knew what he wanted but I made him wait a while longer :)

I started moving my hand up and down his shaft while licking the tip of his cock with my tongue, then gently taking the head in my mouth while wrapping my tongue around it. Then I graduated to full-on sucking on his cock, wanking him at the same time to bring him to orgasm in my mouth as soon as possible.

I had to get back to work soon after though.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009


My friend had a Halloween party and I went along even though I didn't dress up. I knew most of the people at the party but there were a few new faces so I spent some time getting to know them. One particular guy was ok and when he nipped outside for a cigarette we had a cheeky snog. He was a real breast man and was positively gushing about mine, and I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't have minded his hands all over them! He said he was going to another party and that I could come along, so I agreed.

We left the party prematurely and got a taxi to the new one. We had more snogging on the way and he even worked up the courage to have a quick grope of my tits. When we got to the party I suggested we went to a near by park first. I could see his cock was hard through his jeans and I was a little distracted myself. We found a nice dark place among some trees and started snogging again and my hand wandered down to his crotch and I stroked his cock through his jeans. He was certainly raring to go. His hands went under my top and he slipped my bra down and got a good handful. He broke off our kiss to lift my top up so he could suck on my nipples. I didn't mind, I like people worshiping my body, but it's not my favourite thing so I let him suck for a while then told him it was my turn to suck ;) He took his cock out of his jeans and I got on my haunches and starting sucking on it right away. It was a lovely blow-job size and he was making quite a lot of moans and groans as I alternated between suck on his cock and licking and kissing it with my tongue.

I didn't want him to cum though so I asked if he had a condom, which he duly produced and I slipped down his shaft. I slid my leg out of my jeans and pulled my knickers aside and leaned against a tree while he fucked me doggy style. He pounded me quite hard and reached around to grope at my breasts. It didn't last very long though and a few minutes in he whipped his cock out, took off the condom and started jerking it by hand and splashed his cum on my arse. I took my knickers off and got him to wipe the cum off my arse and said he could keep them lol. He did too!

We went back to the party, me now commando, and I had a good time although we kinda went our separate ways and talked to different people. I hooked up with someone who was quite cute and we had a snog in one of the house bedrooms. He said he lived nearby and did I want to go back to his place. I did hesitate a little, but my sex life has been so dead recently I thought what the hell? So we walked back to his place and when we got there he certainly didn't hold back. We undressed each other and he didn't even mention my lack of knickers lol. He had quite a long cock but it didn't seem fully hard, but I got on his bed and he started going down on me and doing it quite well which was nice. He even got his fingers coated in my pussy juice and slid one up my arse. It took me by surprise but I let him continue. As he went down on me he used his fingers well too.

He opened a drawer on his bedside cabinet where he had some condoms but he also had practically a whole branch of Anne Summers too! Dildos, lube, cock rings, handcuffs, I swear I've never seen anything like it. It was kinda sleazy really, I even looked at the bedposts to see if there were notches carved in them! He put a rubber on and fucked me on my back with my legs in the air. It was a good fuck, nothing out of the ordinary and I didn't cum but he did.

I had a root around his sex drawer and found some pretty cool dildos but you didn't know if they were clean or not lol. I picked out a nice ribbed one and gave it a trial run while he watched. He also had a vibrating butt plug which I had a trial go at. It was much better than mine, I'll have to buy one. After watching me play for a while he was hard again so I slid another condom on him and I got on top and rode him. He had pretty good stamina and I rocked myself back and forth on him while he groped at my boobs and arse. The clit stimulation of his body was enough to bring me off and I came with his cock rammed inside me. This was way better than the quickie against the tree and I started to get a bit carried away with myself…

He hadn't cum but he was still hard so I slipped off and lubed his cock up with some of the products from his sex drawer. I straddled him and positioned his cock right at the entrance to my arse and I actually told him "I don't usually do this on a one night stand". God, I'm cringing now. Anyway, I did the deed and just hovered while he bucked his hips and I dirty talked him into cumming, saying to fuck my shit hole and other filthy things but it did the job!

Sunday, 1 November 2009

My way or the highway

I was back in contact with the couple from before where the woman likes her husband to get with other women. I had a pretty good idea about what I wanted for our next meet up…basically I wanted it to be all about me :)

We met at a restaurant and I was wearing a flowing knee-length skirt but no knickers. The top was fairly well supported so I went without a bra also. We had a good meal (with him paying of course :) ) and went for some drinks afterwards. It was only about 9pm and we went to a fairly trendy bar and sat at a booth. I leaned in and told him that I wasn't wearing any underwear. He told me he could tell I wasn't wearing a bra and he couldn't see any VPL so wondered if I was commando. I made sure no-one was looking and slid my skirt up my thighs a little and opened my legs to reveal a bit of my pussy. He looked around to make sure no-one was watching then put his fingers on my crotch and played with my lips a little. I gave him a tease before putting my skirt down again and telling him that he's going to lick my pussy until I cum and then do anything else I ask of him.

So we had a few more drinks and I took him back to my place. I slid out of my dress and told him he can just leave his clothes on. I sat on the sofa and spread my legs and he knew just what to do :) He knelt in front of my and really caressed my pussy. He licked it and kissed it and sucked my lips into my mouth an gently ran his tongue over my clit. I started to tweak my nipples to add to the enjoyment then I told him to use his fingers too. He continued licking my clit and slid a finger inside me too and moved it around, and drew it out and pushed it back in. He wasn't going at quite the right speed so I told him to speed up a little and he eventually hit the right rhythm. I was building up to a great orgasm so shouted out to "keep licking my fucking pussy". I held the back of his head and felt it move and sway as he licked me out. I was just on the verge of cumming but I didn't tell him cos usually guys go faster or harder or something when they know you're on the brink, but instead I let him continue with what he was doing and then I was hit by a really fantastic orgasm. I pushed his face right into my cunt as waves and shocks pulsated my crotch.

His hands reached for his crotch and undid his zip and he reached in and dragged out his cock. I was feeling quite the minx and was wondering how far I could push this so I told him if he wanted to cum he'd have to cum on me and lick it all up. He didn't say anything verbally, but he got up off his knees and started to stroke his cock just inches from my face. "That's right…cum on my face…" I coaxed him and after what could only have been a few pumps of his hand his cock started shooting jiz which splattered on my face. True to my orders he started to lick the cum from my face, and when his tongue got close to my mouth we'd share a passionate kiss. It's not often I get to try something new :)

When he had cleaned up I told him to put his cock away and we moved into the bedroom. I got my double dildo out of the drawer and some lube too. I gave him the lube and told him to finger my areshole. He did this without complaint and he gave my pussy some oral attention while his finger glided in and out of my arse. He started with his index finger then after a while moved onto his middle finger. Then the dirty bugger started using two fingers…mmm… It took a while to get used to two fingers but when it was ok I knew I'd be able to take the double dildo so I told him to lube it up and get to work.

The bit part of the dildo slid easily into my pussy and he slowly inched the smaller part into my arse but it soon got all the way in. Now I have to admit I'm not too keen on "in and out" in my arse so I told him to leave the dildo relatively still, just moving it in and out a little bit and to lick my clit as well. He did everything I asked and it was quite intense but I didn't think I'd reach orgasm but I was very close to I told him to just watch me which he did…and with a few deft rubs of my clit I was soon cumming again.

I went to the loo to clean all the lube off my holes but my man's work wasn't done yet :) I returned to the bedroom and got on all fours and told him to lick my arse for a while. I knew it wouldn't bring me off, it was just for my fun lol. After all, having your arse licked isn't something you can by yourself! I also told him that if he wanted to cum himself he could jerk off while he was doing it. He did do this but it wasn't my best idea cos he came on my bed sheets!! Gah!!

By the end of the night I was more than satisfied and hopefully he had a good time too.