Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Party time

"L" was having some friends over so I was invited too. I wore by black see-through top but this time with no bra under it :) My boobs aren't perky, but they're big and my nipples aren't pointing South yet so they still look good without a bra. Wasn't sure if "L" would tell me to wear a bra when he saw me but he didn't and seemed quite impressed. It's not totally see-though, but you can still see under it and see my boobs and make out my nipples.

He invited four guys over in total and it was a good night. We had a fair few drinks and through the night I caught them all looking at my boobs so many times it was a real turn-on. It wasn't just the odd glance here and there; sometimes it was a full-on stare. It made me feel pretty sexy and I know "L" noticed too as when his friends had left the first thing he did was remark how well my tits went down. I told him I lost count of the number of times I caught his mates ogling them. I practically pushed him into the bedroom and stripped him naked. I didn't bother with foreplay, I undressed too, stuck a rubber on him and got on top. I rode his cock hard as I told him I wanted the guys to all gang-fuck me, sticking their cocks in every hole and filling me full of cum. We both came to orgasm pretty quickly.

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