Sunday, 12 July 2009

Quick blow

Had a bit of a boozy day today at my local. At lunch I got chatting to a few guys who were down for a stag do (you get *loads* of stag parties here) and didn't really need to buy my own drinks :) I was filling them in on some of the local night life and where was good and whatnot. I said that I had a local map back at my place which wasn't far and I needed to change out of my dress anyway so offered to go back to mine and change and get the map. One of the guys said he'd come with me, so I took him back to mine which was only a few doors down.

I left him in the living room with the map while I went into the bedroom and slipped out of my dress and into jeans and a t-shirt. I had to admit I wondered why he wanted to come back to mine…well, I had an idea :) but he wasn't really making any moves. Before offering to go back to the pub I asked if he wanted a quick drink here. We went into the kitchen where I had a range of drinks and asked him if he saw anything he fancied. I know, I know…cheesy, huh? Lol. It did the job though and we were soon having a bit of a snog. His hands slid under my shirt and lifted my bra up to feel my boobs and nipples. I reciprocated by putting my hand on his crotch and rubbed his hard cock from outside his shorts. It didn't feel like it was too big, but it wasn't exactly tiny either.

He slid his shorts down and slid his boxers down a bit too so that his cock was pointing out proud. I broke off the snog to get on my haunches and took it in hand. It was probably about 4 inches and not too thick, but I took it in my mouth and got it nice and wet. I run my tongue all over it, pushing it against his belly while running my tongue up and down the underside, then letting the cock fall naturally and taking it back in my mouth again. He started thrusting his hips and I could tell he was on the brink of cumming already. I kept my head still and let him just thrust his cock over my tongue and sure enough he was filling my mouth in no time. His cum was quite runny really. He apologised for not lasting long and said he was just feeling horny.

We went back to the pub with the map and I showed them all some good places to go while we had some more drinks. I had to go to the toilet and I knew he'd probably tell his mates what had happened, and when I got back I was pretty much spot on. They were asking how big his cock was and things like that but I was the perfect lady and didn't say anything.

After coming home from the pub I had to have a session with my rabbit as I'd sucked him off but got nothing for it :(


phallatio said...

Hot story! I never cum and run: It's very bad manners! To be honest, I like to give first before I get!

BlueEyes69 said...

Great story ... although I hate when that happens -- bj for nothing ... well, ok, I never hate for a bj to happen, but I do like to cum myself, too!!!