Saturday, 14 March 2009


I had the day off today so I just stayed in bed til afternoon. I had the house to myself so I took some toys to the living room and enjoy myself with some porn. I was pretty much at it for about an hour. I went for a wander around town but didn't bother wearing a bra under my t-shirt, or knickers but I had on a knee-length skirt. When I'm bored I like to watch men ogle my boobs :) It seems when your nipples are hard then can hardly keep their eyes off them. I wonder if they ever jerk off later about it. I've asked guys before and they do say they'll sometimes have a wank while thinking about someone they saw that day. I've asked if there was anything in particular that will trigger a quick one later but apparently it all "depends".

"A" was around when I got home so I just hung out with him watching TV. I contemplated asking him what would make him jerk off thinking about someone he saw but I wasn't sure I'd get a straight answer so I didn't bother. He was also quite blasé about my lack of bra, though I guess that's just familiarity I suppose. So I went to my room and had some more fun with my toys instead :)

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Beeyourself said...

I often masturbate to women I see on the street, at work, at parties, etc. In fact, I enjoy that kind of masturbation, masturbation to "real" women, much more than to commercialized porn. I have a feeling more women know they have this effect on men than would admit.