Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Hard fucking

I met up with a friend at the weekend who has split up with his girlfriend. I wasn't sure how definite it was, but they're not the "break up/make up" type. She is a skinny bitch that I don't really like anyway.

After a few drinks at the pub, and letting him cry on my shoulder and moan about his relationship problems for a while, I took him back to my place for a few more drinks. I poured us both some drinks and got down on the sofa with him. I handed him his drink and said "You know, this isn't just a shoulder to cry on...you'd better fuck me later on." Almost choking on his drink he probed me a bit more as to if I was serious. I told him "you're single now, I'm single, why not have some fun?" He seemed to agree. "I don't mean a quickie either...I want a proper pounding tonight and in the morning too." To that we both raised our glasses.

We chatted for a bit more, and when I returned with our second bottle of wine, I sat down close and started to rub his leg quite blatantly. He didn't seem to react but kept on talking. I crept my hand up closer to his crotch. He spread his legs a little, and taking the invitation my hand went to feel his package. Still no reaction so I slowly undid his zip, next I reached in and rummaged around for his cock and pulled it out. It was semi-hard and totally shaven. I pulled his balls out too and felt them in my hand and they were nice and smooth, just like his shaft.

It was soon hard in my hand and he said "I thought you were joking?" I bent down to gently kiss the tip of his cock and slowly licked his shaft. "I never joke about sex" I told him. "Suck my cock" he demanded, quite shortly. "Yes sir" I replied, and knelt on the floor in front of him between his legs. Before I got down to action he added "I want you to swallow too". "Yes sir" I repeated. I didn't bother with my usual foreplay, instead I got right down to sucking his cock and gently working his shaft, hitting a nice rhythm and doing my best to make him cum. He started off quite quiet but was soon saying a steady of stream of "Oh god" as my head bobbed up and down in his lap, taking as much of his cock into my mouth as I could, feeling it rub up and down my tongue, trying to keep my mouth as wet and welcoming as I could. I wondered if he would tell me when he was cumming or if he'd leave it as a surprise...not that guys can. His hips started to jump and his hands clenched into fists so I knew it was coming...and then it did, my mouth filling with spunk as he cried out loud. I like it when a guy screams as he cums and I swallowed it all down just as ordered.

"I want to see you finger yourself" he told me, so I stripped off and sat on the chair across from him and hung one leg over the arm to expose my pussy. I had a nice play with my tits and squeezed my nipples as my fingers ran up and down my clit. After watching me for a while he came over to kneel in front of me and held my legs open with his hands and watched my fingers intently as they worked my clit. He dipped his finger in my pussy and seemed pleased with how wet it was. He moved his wet finger down to tickle my arsehole and I squirmed under his touch, pushing my hips out, wanting his fingers inside me.

He obliged and dipped his finger into my arsehole while gripping his cock in his other hand. I reached out with my own hand and he put his cock into it and I motioned it toward my mouth. He took his fingers out of me and started to slowly fuck my mouth while I continued to finger myself. He was fairly hard, but I felt him get harder and harder still. Realising this himself he took his cock from my mouth and bent over to rub my clit with the head of his cock. He pushed it hard against my pussy and ran it up and down, up and down, stopping short of my pussy opening. I don't remember the last time I was so gagging for cock to be inside me. "Do you want it?" he asked, "Yes" I replied, "I want it...fuck me". He kept on teasing my pussy with it for a few more rubs and then he finally slid it home and all I could do was cry out. I have never felt so powerless; some one night stand was bare-backing me and all I could do was think about how great it was.

His cock dipped in and out of me and he pinned me down with his hands. "No..." I feebly said, "stop..." He held me even tighter and fucked me harder, "Stop" I said without really caring if he stopped or not, it just urged him on faster and harder, and with each deep thrust I cried out "Stop" again, really meaning "harder". Eventually he did stop and his cock slid out of my soaking pussy, leaving me breathless.

He tried to man-handle me into doggy style, but I told him to take me to the bedroom. He did so and I took a condom from my bedside cabinet, and he took the hint and slid it on. I lay on my back and he resumed fucking me on top and then he did something that really shocked me, and I think this is the first time I have ever been truly shocked in bed! Holding his weight on one arm he slapped me across the face, hard. Not a tap or a light slap, it was full on across the face and before I even got over the shock he was pinning me down and back to fucking me hard. It was only a few more minutes before he was cumming again and finally slid off me.

I guess I'm quite submissive and I did enjoy parts of it like being ordered around and held down, but I now know I'm not *that* submissive and he certainly won't be getting any more action off of me again. Surely if you're into stuff that hard you'd ask first?

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Tub party

The guy at the pub with the hot tub held another party. There weren't too many people there, them plus three other couples, I was the only single person. The started out fairly slow and normal, us just milling around the tub and the kitchen area in our swimming costumes, but I was hoping later on I'd get to see plenty of cocks swinging around lol

Come around 11pm another couple had turned up and everyone was fairly merry and it was the host couple that got things started by stripping off and getting in the tub naked. I was next to strip and then the others did too, which I got to watch. One guy in particular had a lovely cock...long and thick. Most of the guys were trimmed or shaved, as were the girls. The girls had some really nice bodies too, lovely boobs and some nice arses. I was the only natural blonde though and also had the biggest tits so I wasn't without my glances.

I sidled up the couple with the big dick, cos if that was my guy I'd share that dick around lol I wouldn't keep it to myself, that would be mean :) We spent a fair time chatting and a little flirting which they both seemed receptive too. When the other people had all left the tub to go elsewhere the guy said he loved my boobs and could he have a feel. "Sure..." I said, "if I get a feel of you" :) I said it in half-jest, but half-wondering how he'd react. He shuffled closer so our legs were touching and he leaned over to grope my tit and play with my nipple. I wasted no time and, under the water, my hand drifted over his leg and stroked the top of his cock...all the way from the top of the shaft to his head. I rubbed it up and down a few times then gripped it in my hand. It was twitching and stiffening as I started to slowly work my hand up and down, wanking him hard as he squeezed my nipples.

I didn't think how she would react, but whatever she was thinking, she certainly wasn't stopping me jerk her man off. His big cock felt amazing in my hand...oh to have it in my pussy! We continued like this, him grasping at my tits, licking and sucking my nipples and me working his cock harder and faster. Soon he stood up in front of me and took his cock in his own hand and after a few pumps he was spitting his spunk over my tits with great delight. The tip of his cock was inches from my face and I watched his foreskin rub back and forward, jetting out reams of cum that landed all over me.

I didn't want the cum getting into the water so I took the worst in my fingers and licked it clean then went to the kitchen to clean the rest off. They both came into the kitchen and said they were off for the night so I thanked them and they left. Now that was terrible!! Here I was all horny and now alone :( So I went back to the hot tub and finished off some wine and wondered if I should rub one out, but no-one was joining me so I did just that :)

It seemed that everyone had all gone to their rooms, or elsewhere, but I guess they were all couples so I just dried myself off and left for home.

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Tarty bum fun

I wore something very very tarty for my driving lesson...white tshirt and white pants with a red thong and bra set that is fairly visible under it. When he came to pick me up and fussed around a bit and looked for various things before leaving so he could get a good view at what I was wearing.

After the lesson we ended up back at my place and I told him to get the money from the top drawer in my bedroom while I went to the kitchen. Of course I know what I keep in that drawer :) so I wasn't surprised to find him still in there after a while. I gave him some minutes then went into the bedroom and found him looking at my various dildos. "Find anything you like?" I asked him, taking a bit by surprise. "Yeah a few things..." he replied. "What to use any before you go?" "Maybe..." he said, a bit timid. "You can use anything you want, I don't mind" as I started to undo my pants and slip them down. I got on the bed and he took out the double dildo, still looking a little nervous. "If you want to use both of those then there's some lube in there too" I told him as nonchalantly as I could. "Just lube up the one that goes in my arse" I added.

He did as instructed and lubed up the smaller of the cocks, then slid my knickers off. I spread my legs and he gently offered the bigger of the cocks to my pussy and nudged it inside an inch or so, with the smaller of the cocks nuzzling my asshole. "Do you like anal?" he asked, gaining confidence. "No, I don't mind dildos but I don't let guys fuck me there" I said, fearing my nose was growing by the minute. Getting deeper and deeper with his probing I gave out a sharp breath as the lower one finally penetrated my butt. Once in he slid it all the way and held it there for a few moments. I started to rub at my clit as he slid the dildos in and out my holes. I was sure I was going to cum so I told him to keep that rhythm while I frigged myself.

"Keep going, I think I'm going to cum" I announced, my breathing getting quicker and shallower, "a bit faster now..." He complied and worked both my holes until my fingers eventually did the job and I was cumming hard and loud. When my body had stopped convulsing and shaking he withdrew the dildo and loosened his hard cock from his pants. "Thanks...but I'm done now" I said, cruelly teasing him while I recovered on the bed. I wasn't very fair as he did give me a great orgasm (even if I was doing most of the work). "Slip a condom on" I said, getting onto all fours. He did this and got behind me and his cock slid right inside me and I told him, "No...wrong hole..." Quick as a flash his cock was now pushing into my still-messy asshole. It actually felt good but he only lasted about 5 or so pumps and the johnny was taking his load.

I went to the bathroom to clean myself up a bit before putting my knickers and pants back on. He was waiting, money in hand (cheeky bugger lol) and we booked another lesson too.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

I had a call from driving man saying he wasn't up to much and had an empty house and would I like to come over. TBH I like the fun of the roleplay and the tease but I'm not into him enough to just go over for a shag, so I said I was a bit busy. I did book another lesson though which he seemed glad about.