Thursday, 19 February 2009

Naughty girl

Agreed to see "L" last night for diner at his place. He's quite a good cook but dessert was the best :) It's cliché, but nothing beats licking cream off a nice hard cock. He also ate cream from my pussy. After some messing with the food we had a shower then I gave him a blow job and he came loads and really hard, and I gladly swallowed it all. I love sucking this guy off. We got a bit drunk then went to bed.

In the morning we both woke up horny and watched each other masturbate for a while then "L" fucked me doggy style. He didn't last long and I didn't cum so he watched me bring myself off.

I got back to my place about 2pm and I was feeling super horny and super slutty so I sent a text to fuck buddy telling him to swing by after work cos I was feeling horny. He turned up at 6pm and we didn't really mess around. We went to my room, I was already wearing a skirt with nothing under it so I hitched it over my ass and he fucked me doggy style. Nothing too long or great, just a dirty quickie fuck. As I'd been fucked this way only 5 hours previous I was able to compare and fuck buddy's cock feels better. When he'd finished I contemplated telling him I'd already been fucked that morning but I didn't. We didn't do anything else and he left right after using my cunt.

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