Monday, 16 November 2009

More glory

I was playing pool at a nearby pub where I met some married friends of mine. They're in their 50s but still quite saucy and have an active sex life that they often love talking about a little too much! I asked them about the whole gloryhole thing and they said that the closest you'll get is a blindfold party where your blindfolded and the guys at the party all present their cocks and you just suck what is there. He said that if you could get other couples there then there could be a few girls who suck whoever's cock, maybe have a random element to it or just let the guys choose who they'd like a blow job from.

Sounds like fun to me :) I asked them if they'd be interested cos I'd have no idea how to organise such a thing. They said that if I organised something they'd think about coming themselves.

1 comment:

phallatio said...

Wow, what an exciting idea for a party! Wish someone would send me an invite to such a thing!