Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Beach Bum

It was quite a sunny day yesterday and I wasn't at work so Work Fuck Buddy and I went to the beach. When it's sunny at the weekend it's mobbed, but during the week it isn't so bad. The beach is miles long too so the further you go from the big nearest the town the quieter it gets. I had my bikini on under a loose dress and when we got there I didn't mind going topless as it wasn't very busy. I stayed face down most of the time but I was boobies up a few times too. WFB just had some shorts on.

At one point some guys with a football came to talk to us, a group of 4 probably about 20 or so. It was pretty cool just talking to people totally topless lol. I know I'm still fat but my tits aren't that bad so hopefully they enjoyed the view. WFB wanted me to give him a hand job but I told him it wasn't quite quiet enough for that but maybe I'd treat him later ;)

After a few hours sunning (yes, I let him oil up my tits *sigh*) we went back to mine (top and dress back on for the journey!). I'm always happy to oblige WFB :) and we got pretty naughty…not very naughty but pretty naughty and took some snaps too. I'll need him to get them onto my PC next time he is over though, don't know how to do it myself. I guess I could take it to PC World and get them to show me lol. They look ok so I'll probably post them.

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phallatio said...

For God's sake, don't take them to PC World. If worst comes to worst, I'll talk you through it over the phone!