Saturday, 23 March 2013

In training

I had a night out in London but had to get the last train home so it wasn't much of a late one, but still a fun night.  The train was pretty empty, but some guys who were also out clubbing got on and sat in my booth even though there was plenty of free spaces.  I had a short black skirt on so had to be "lady like" and try and keep my knickers off of show.  They were ok lads, probably early 20s, and as I chatted to them I could see their eyes shamelessly all over me, staring at my boobs and my short skirt.
Most of them got off at the first stop but one guy was going on to the next stop so he came to sit beside me.  As we chatted he would occasionally grip his cock through his loose trousers, re-arranging it then letting it alone, but I could see the shape of it quite well.  "Can't you leave that alone?" I teased him.  I reached out and ran my finger up and down its length and he seemed to like that.  I looked around to make sure no-one was close enough to see, then ran two fingers either side of his shaft.  I could feel it grow and push out against the cloth of his trousers.  He put his hand on my thigh and pulled it toward him, so I responded by slightly opening my legs, exposing my knickers to him.
I pushed his cock down with the palm of my hand and slowly rubbed it up and down him.  Checking again no-one was looking I undid his flies and slipped my hands into his boxers and gripped his cock with my hand.  Wrapping my fingers around his warm shaft I continued wanking him off.  He moved his fingers toward my knickers but I told him he could just watch, and pulled them aside to expose my pussy to him, and I let him fondle my boobs too.  It didn't take too long before I could feel his cock pulsing in my hand, almost beating as he pumped jet after jet of cum into his boxers.  When he was done he re-arranged himself then talked a bit more until we got to his stop.  He gave me his number but I doubt I'll use it, I have bigger cocks on tap :)