Thursday, 5 March 2009

Unexpected fun

I had quite a sexy time this morning. I stayed over at "L"s and when he was getting up in the morning for work I went into the kitchen area but it seemed he had someone there giving him a lift. I guess it was a work colleague. I was only wearing a t-shirt that was about a few inches below my bum. No bra or knickers or anything else. It didn't overly bother me as I was behind the kitchen table but "L" ushered me over to meet his friend and he was very gentlemanly and maintained eye contact.

I had a seat on the sofa while they fussed around and I have to admit there wasn't much I could do to keep the shirt down to cover my pussy. I kept my legs together so no lip was on show but bush was pretty much there for anyone who looked.

When "L" was gone I sent him a text message saying I think his workmate might have seen my pussy :) He sent one back saying that he had and he thought it was very nice. Not sure if he was being honest or not, so when he came back for lunch I quizzed him and he seemed quite genuine. He said you could hardly not see my pussy under the shirt. I asked for the workmates number and I sent him a text myself to see what he said, and right enough he said he had an eyeful.

So….when "L" had gone back to work I sent another text message saying I hope he didn't mind. He replied saying he enjoyed looking at it and I had a lovely pussy and he loves natural blondes. Wow…dirty little bugger. Then a few moments later a message came from him saying he'd love to taste it. Mmmm…. I was still in the t-shirt so I started playing with my pussy and texted him to tell me more. He certainly didn't hold back and said how he'd love to spread my legs and get his tongue in my pussy. I replied saying I was rubbing myself and my cunt was soaking. He said he'd love to strip me naked and kiss me all over, get his fingers in all my wholes. I could hardly believe it but it was dead horny and I managed to bring myself off. I thanked him for the text sex and got ready to get back to mine.

I waited to see if "L" would mention anything (who knows if the work mate would ever say anything) and he did mention it when he called me this evening :) I wasn't bothered by it so admitted we had some text sex. He thought it was quite funny really, said he hoped I'd enjoyed it and I said I certainly did.


Schlong said...

Like your style minxy - how much fun can one girl have?!

Where are ya from??

Rachael said...

Always looking for more fun :) I'm from the South of the UK.