Friday, 23 January 2009

Two's company

Went to Bumbles again tonight cos I often manage to pull. I was a bit pissed and ended up asking two blokes if they wanted to go somewhere else. One said we could go to his place. When we got there things went a bit crazy and I just went along with it. They both undressed me and lay me down and kissed and touched and fingered me all over. It was great to have two guys pay complete attention to me, hands wandering all over my body, but they didn't make me cum.

They stripped off and both had amazing cocks and bodies. I could hardly believe my luck…maybe these guys could tell I was going to be a proper slut :) They stood beside each other as I was on my knees sucking one while wanking the other then swapping over. I slipped a condom on one and told him to fuck me doggy style while I sucked the other one off. So the two cocks rammed into me from either end, buffeting me like a door in a storm…a door that was banging like crazy. The guy who was fucking me came first, so they swapped ends and I sucked on his soft cock while the other guy fucked me until he came too (I always fuck with condoms BTW).

I lay on my back and one sucked and kissed my tits while the other fingered my pussy and it was fantastic. So good that they eventually brought me to orgasm. The thing is…how do you ask guys if they'd DP you? After we were all fucked out we had a few drinks and just chatted. I was desperate so in the end I just got up the courage to ask. They had some lube so we just got down to it. I fingered my ass a little to get started, then sucked on one guy as he lay on his back and the other one took over fingering my ass. When I was ready for more than some fingers I climbed aboard the cock I was sucking while the other pushed into my arsehole and they both fucked me. I've quite enjoyed my anal experiences up til now but this was quite painful and I stopped them after a while. Maybe I needed some more lube and/or more prep. I lay on my side and the guy who was fucking my pussy continued to do so from behind while the guy up my arse took his condom off and fed his cock into my mouth and they both fucked me to completion.

So I had a much better threesome experience, way better than my first and it was a great fuck. I also got DPd but I didn't like it so probably won't do it again.

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