Saturday, 23 June 2012

It was my last day playing nurse so we got down to the business of dressing. I said I wouldn't bother washing him but he asked if he could still get a treat :) I didn't answer, but stripped him naked and he seemed a lot more relaxed this time and didn't mind being naked in front of me at all. "Do you want a hand job, or a blow job?" I asked him. "Your blow job was amazing, I'd love another one". "Do you like it swallowed?" I asked, "Oh yes" he smiled back, "do it naked though". Mmm....ok :) So I took my own clothes off, I guess it was only fair. My bush was a bit wild though, I haven't tended to it in a while, but he didn't seem to mind. "I've always wanted to see you naked" he confessed. "Have you always wanted me to suck you cock?" I teased, looking down to see his cock hard and waiting. I got between his legs and took him in my mouth again. "Suck that cock" he moaned, gently thrusting his hips upward to meet my mouth movements. No more grasping of the bed sheets, instead he was just groaning and really enjoying it. He was soon groaning with each thrust of his hips and I knew he was reaching orgasm. Right enough, a few thrusts later and I was tasting warm cum in my mouth.

I was pretty horny now so I moved up to straddle his face and he eagerly started to lick my clit and pussy. I rocked back and forward, pushing my clit against his tongue. He worked out that I could make myself cum that way so kept his tongue out for me to use, and right enough with a few minutes of working it I was hitting an orgasm myself.

Now that the sex was all done I helped him dress and got dressed myself. It was fun and all, but I hope he doesn't think we'll be fucking all the time now lol

Friday, 22 June 2012

This morning, as promised, I offered to help him wash. I've never given someone a bed-bath before, but I got a flannel, bowl of water, some towels etc and helped wash him down. He kept his boxers on, and when I got to the end I went to take his boxers off but he said that was enough. Surely this was the best bit! :) I said I didn't mind, so off the boxers came and I started to wipe the flannel over his cock and balls. I lathered my hand up and started to stroke my fingers up and down his shaft, and under the rim of his helmet. He went to move my hand away, but I reassured him it was fine. I told him that when we were done I might even give him a treat. So he let me continue and my rubbing and stroking soon coaxed him to an erection, but he still seemed tense and nervous. "Good boy..." I purred, as my hand worked his shaft. Erect he was about 4 inches or so, average thickness. When he was cleaned I towelled him dry and slipped my mouth over his cock, all the way in. He grasped tightly at the sheets and my tongue twisted around his cock as I gently licked and sucked him. I gave him long slow strokes with my lips all the way from his head right down the whole of his cock, working to a steady rhythm. He grabbed the sheets even tighter and gave out a huge cry as he started to cum in mouth. It was quite a mouthful but I swallowed it all down.

I helped him dress and told him that tomorrow was probably the last day I could help him as my late shifts at work were ending.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

So I went to help my crippled friend this morning. I guess things were a bit awkward lol but I picked him out some clothes and stuff, he was just in his boxers when I got there. I picked him out some boxers too but he said he'd just keep on the ones he had. I told him that was pretty disgusting, but I give him the shirt to put on, and readied his jeans, but thought I'd try and talk him around again. I told him I understood that it was embarrassing, that it was embarrassing for both of us, but that it was only a cock, I *had* seen one before :) I said that it'll only be bad the first time, and that after that it wouldn't be embarrassing at all and we could just get on with things.

He was still a bit reluctant so I toyed with the leg of his boxers and said we had to do it like taking off a it off decisively and fast :) "Ok...go on then" he smiled, so I pulled his boxers off to leave him lying on the bed, cock out for me to see. Mmm...not *much* to see lol I can see why he was so reluctant :) So I put his new boxers on then helped him with his jeans and socks. I asked how he normally washed and he said he can pretty much handle that himself, it was awkward but do-able. I told him that next time I'd give him a bed bath :)

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Helping hand

A friend of mine broke his leg a while back and I was talking to another friend who has been helping him with things like getting dressed etc.  She was complaining about it cos she has to try and not look at his cock lol.  I don't know what her problem is :)  I said I'd take over for a bit if she wanted.  He he :)  I know him a little and don't really fancy him, but you never know, and it should be fun at least.