Friday, 6 February 2009

Trying the internet

Sex has been a bit boring of late so I turned to the internet and contacted some local guys who seemed up for it. Alas most of them were full of talk and fell through but I did get a pretty sure thing from a well known site. He was married which made things weird, but when we met he explained that it was a pretty sexless marriage (that chestnut). His wife was away so we went to his place. At 45 he was about 10 years older than me but he still had a good body. He was very attentive and licked my pussy until I came and even licked my asshole…all before I'd even seen his cock. When he did get it out it was very impressive…long and thick and I enjoyed sucking and licking it but he didn't cum in my mouth.

He also did have any condoms which pissed me off, but I'd brought three so he put one on and I got on top and fucked him. His cock felt great in my pussy and I was able to bring myself to orgasm. After cumming I lay on my side and he fucked me from behind while I fingered my clit and came again. He still hadn't cum so he wanked himself off over my face.

It was quite an enjoyable sexual experience and afterwards we went for a drink. On his instruction I didn't wear a bra or panties, just my dress. We were flirting like mad and I was teasing him with my cleavage and brief glimpses up my skirt. I told him how randy I was feeling and what a dirty bitch I can be when I'm drunk. After a few pints we went back to his and used another of my condoms for a bit of anal (I'm so easy when I'm drunk). This time I was on top and leaned back to frig myself while sliding my ass up and down on his cock. It took a while to get comfortable as we were using some make-shift lube but it wasn't too long before the condom was filling up with spunk. I was well rewarded too as he ate me out again after and I came pretty hard.

When I got home I phoned a friend of mine who is kinda a psychologist and they told me I probably had self esteem issues and that's why I've turned into a total slut (I didn't even tell her the gory details!). To rectify the matter I think I'll join a gym and lose some weight.

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