Saturday, 28 February 2009


We went out for a drink last night and met up with one of "L"s ex girlfriends. I'm not usually bothered by that stuff but I don't know how recent this ex is, plus she was gorgeous and slim. Mmm. We went back to "L"s and we were all getting on ok, I was pretty much fine with the whole ex thing and we even talked about sex. Apparently this ex is a bit of a deep throater which is a talent I admit I don't possess. To the extent that I actually let him have another blow job from her for old time's sake. I watched and it was horny, but it was like I wasn't there really. Maybe I'm just being a hypocrite but when I have two guys fuck me I make sure they both get attention and both enjoy themselves. When she was sucking him off he made no attempt to involve me or even acknowledge me. She kept her clothes on which made me feel a little better but not much more.

Later on when it was just "L" and I he tried to get frisky but I really wasn't in the mood. I lied a little and said he should have fucked her too cos I'd have liked to watch and his eyes pretty much lit up. Mmmm.

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