Monday, 18 May 2009


Work fuck-buddy mentioned dogging and that he'd like to try it. So I checked out some videos and found a site that details a few dogging locations in the area. I wore a short skirt and jumper with no bra and fuck-buddy and I had a drive around but we didn't really see anything we don't think. We'll try again through the week sometime. You can never really tell how common this stuff is or if it is all just internet hype! A lot of the dogging videos I found looked set up but some looked genuine and it looked like something I'd like to try. Lots of men watching me pleasure someone while they wait their turn is something that I think I'd enjoy ;)

The night wasn't a total bust as we went back to his and he did the duty and gave me a pretty good seeing to :)


voyeur36 said...

Try I think thats right. You might find some good stuff there. I certainly did.

Robin said...

Don't loose heart.. It's worth keeping at it. I had to go to my local spot a number of times before I actually got some action.

You'll both love it and it's a great buzz!

voyeur36 said...

I've got a few suggestions if you are interested.