Wednesday, 31 December 2008


I just remember something awful about last night. "A" and I watched some porn and for some reason, alcohol involved no doubt, I let him shave my pussy bare like the chicks in the movie. I only ever shave my pussy bald when I'm drunk and I always regret it the next day cos it's so itchy. I don't like the look either, and when you're blonde I think if you have it you should flaunt it :) I'm pretty sure he didn't even lick me out after.

He also kept asking to see it which annoyed me.

Tuesday, 30 December 2008


"A" got back today so I don't have exclusive use of the house any more. Or the bathroom. I was having a shower when he insisted he "couldn't wait" so I told him he can come in to pee. I wasn't too bothered, he's seen me naked before and I him. We've even had the odd fumble but that's for another day. He always talks about how impressive his cock is and while it is bigger than average it isn't as big as he thinks it is.

That night "A" and I went to The Westbourne. It's not quite upmarket but fairly upmarket so I dressed up smart in my dress. People must have thought "A" was my boyfriend as no-one was chatting me up. Not that that's unusual, but I usually at least get someone. When we started talking to a group of lads "A" seemed to know I subtly made it known that we weren't a couple. Not much luck though.

I got pretty drunk and back at the flat "A" went on about how great I looked in the shower, how he loves my boobs etc. He's always "up for it" but I teased him instead, telling him about the purchases I'd made.

Monday, 29 December 2008


I tried the anal dildo I bought the other day and quite enjoyed it. After using the anal dildo I tried the full-size one but it wasn't really working. I went to the supermarket to get some shopping and wanted to get some KY as well but I was too embarrassed so left without. I popped into the chemist on the way home and loitered until it was empty and bought some there. When I got back to mine I tried the anal dildo with the lube, then the full-sized one and it was quite pleasurable. I also tried the beads and pulled them out as I masturbated and it was quite a successful experiment.

Sunday, 28 December 2008

Morning after

Last night's guy was still on the sofa this morning. He got up when I came into the room and I told him I was having a shower. He surprised me by suggesting we shower together, but I accepted. I'm not that comfortable with my body, so it was a bit weird, but when we were in the shower he was quite complimentary about my boobs, which he enjoyed washing, and I'm a natural blonde so guys like that too. We washed each other all over and he pretty much had an erection the whole way through. We towelled off and he still had a hard-on so I got on my knees and really teased it…drying all around it then started to kiss it and lick it. He already had pre-cum peaking out so I started sucking him off proper. I give a good blow-job and kept my mouth nice and wet, running my tongue over his head as I sucked down on his shaft. He grabbed the back of my head (which I hate…but what can you do?) and started to pump his cum in my mouth. There were some pretty powerful jets and I swallowed it all.

We went to the bedroom and I lay on the bed and he ran his hands all over my body, kissing my breasts and licking my nipples, then kissing all the way down my body. I opened my legs (I normally have a tidy up in the shower so I probably wasn't looking my best down there but he didn't seem to mind) and he started to lick my lips and tease my clit. He gently worked his fingers in me and he licked me. It was a much better performance than last night and this time I had an orgasm.

The only condoms were the ones I have in a box in my bedside cabinet. It's not very nice letting a guy see you have a whole box of condoms, but at least it wasn't a near empty box. His cock was quite hard and he slipped on a condom and started fucking me missionary style. He seemed to have a lot of stamina which was great. He fucked me on top while I played with my breasts and nipples, then we switched and I went on top. I rubbed my pubic bone on him as he licked my nipples and I came again. I got off him and went on all fours and he fucked me from behind. He licked his finger and tickled my asshole which I don't mind, but I got the impression he was wanting permission to go further. It was moot though as he was soon shooting his load.

It was great sex, but better than the night before's.

Saturday, 27 December 2008

Sex Shop

I took a trip to the sex store to have a look for some dildos. The sex shop is actually a gay shop (I think) but they still do a range of straight movies and there are a few toys too. I usually buy this stuff on-line but with an empty house I don't want to wait for delivery. It's a man on the till but I think of him like a doctor…ie don't be embarrassed as he has seen it all before.

I bought a pack that had a normal size dildo, an anal one, some beads and some love eggs. When I got home I fucked myself with the dildo for about half an hour and had a few orgasms.

At night I went into town for a drink, but I popped the love eggs in before I left. I helped me feel a bit sexier but I didn't have much luck on the pull. When you're "full figured" not many guys want to chat you up. I did have some interest from a guy in the first pub but I didn't really like him. I wanted to take advantage of the empty house so I headed to another pub and some a bit more luck. I had a guy chat me up for a while and he bought me all my drinks. He was lusting over my boobs…defo my best asset as guys love them. I leaned it to tell him I had was wearing some love eggs. I don't think "wearing" is the correct terminology though, but it didn't matter as it certainly seemed to please him.

We took a taxi back to mine and I went to fix us some drinks but he was pretty much all over me so I didn't bother. We had a heavy snog and he wanted to see the eggs so I sat on the sofa and hitched my skirt and pulled off my thong. I jostled them out and he started to go down on me which was nice, I hate it when guys skip the foreplay. He didn't make me cum though and I suspected he wouldn't. He took his cock out (didn't even undress…how romantic) which was an average size and thickness and I blew him for a bit. I was a little too horny for foreplay myself so I put a condom on him and got him to fuck me doggy style. He liked fucking hard which was good, and after he came we cleaned up. I wasn't sure if he wanted to stay the night but I offered him the sofa anyway which he accepted.

Thursday, 25 December 2008


The three guys I share a house with ("A", "J" and "M") are all away over the Christmas period so it's mainly just me in the house. It's cool though cos I get to walk around naked and can watch what I want on the big TV in the communal room. I had a flick through the porn DVDs (not mine you understand), some of them are ok. "A" definitely has the most porn DVDs and he's probably the perviest of the three guys. I found a nice threesome scene on one DVD and brought myself off on the sofa. It was actually quite liberating as I can usually only do it in my room or the bathroom. I've stopped doing it in the bathroom since the lock on the door broke. You'd think living with guys the DIY would get done a lot quicker.