Friday, 20 February 2009

Ho hum

I've arranged to meet "L" again. I think I'll bring up if we're "going out" or not.

I was in the porn shop today cos, for some reason, "A" didn't want to go but wanted me to "pick something" for him. There was an old couple in the store which was odd. Not so much an old guy…it's a porn shop after all, but not often an old couple (heterosexual by the way, probably about 50). I struck up a conversation about how great it was they still had a good sex life etc. We talked for a while about this and that and they seemed a pretty normal old couple. The talk wasn't sexual really but she did mention his love of big boobs, and hers were pretty big too. I let him cop a feel of mine, they're not perky things but they're ok and he sure liked it.

I picked up some anal schoolgirl stuff for "A", you can't go wrong with the classics.

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