Saturday, 31 December 2011

Young fun

My family and some of their friends were all over for xmas. The family friend had a son that I agreed to take off their hands for a while. He had just turned 20 so a bit young from me, but he was ok. I had some vouchers to spend so I took him into town and we popped into Ann Summers. He didn't seem to mind, so we had a look through the underwear and he told me what kind of things he liked. He had ok taste, but I ended up with a leaopord-print bra and thong. In the sex toys section I showed him the rampant rabbit vibros and told him that if he was going to buy one for a girl, that is the one to get. He wanted to know why they were good so I told him I'd show him when we got back to mine ;)

There was going to be a party later on so back at mine we were going to get ready, so I took him to the bedroom and took my rabbit from my bedside drawer where I keep my toys. I turned it on and showed him the little ears that I told him really do wonders when you place them against your clit. He was also interested in my double dildo. He picked that up and studied it, asking how often I used it. I told him every now and then, but the rabbit gets a lot of use, a few times a week.

I put the toys back in the drawer and shooshed him out so I could get ready. I put on my new undies and a long black flowing dress that shows off a bit of cleavage. The son didn't get particularly smart, just changed his shirt and did his hair. He drove us both to the party which was to be expected. Free drink, boring relatives, talking about work, yadda yadda. I spent a while talking to the son in the kitchen and he spotted that I was wearing my new bra. I reminded him I was old enough to be his mother and you don't ask a lady about her underwear. He flirted with me quite a lot, which too be honest I did find flattering and after a few drinks I found myself flirting back a little.

Around midnight I was ready to go home and the son drove me back to my flat. I invited him in for a coffee, which he accepted, while I started on the wine :) I said he could have some wine too, but he said he had to drive back. I just shrugged my shoulders and asked if he could undo the zip on my dress. He did this, and I shrugged out of it, leaving it on the floor and leaving him to watch me disappear into my bedroom in just my underwear. In my room I slipped on a nightshirt and re-joined him in the living room.

We chatted while he finished his coffee, and I offered him some wine again but he said he had to get back to the party. He was certainly doing a lot of flirting with me earlier, and I know he was too young, but now it was a matter of pride lol "Have a few drinks and sleep over" I suggested. "On the sofa?" I looked coy and said he could sleep anywhere he wanted. He seemed to mull this over and decided to have some wine after all. I poured him a glass and we chatted some more, and now he was back to flirting again. After our second glass, I went to the kitchen to get some more and he followed me in. As I poured his stood behind me and started to kiss my neck. I finished pouring then teased him by asking what he thought he was doing? I turned to face him and he was so close my boobs were pushed against his chest. He leaned in for a full kiss on the mouth, which I returned. He got braver and his hand went to grab at my boob over my nightdress. His hand then moved to between my legs and his fingers pushed against the fabric of my knickers. I pushed my groin against his fingers as our tongues mingled in our mouths.

I broke the kiss off and took his hand from between my legs and placed his wine glass in it. "I'm far too old you for" I teased, returning to the living room. We finished off our drinks, but by now even I was too gagging for it to tease any more, so I suggested we go to bed. It didn't take me long to strip off and get under the covers, giving me time to watch him strip off too. He had a slim, slender body and when his trousers came down I could see through his boxers that his cock was already hard. When his boxers came down I almost gave a gasp, as what sprung out had to be at least 7 inches, maybe even 8. It wasn't thick but it was long. And very hard :)

He got into bed beside me and his hands were all over my boobs and pussy, but I just wanted to sample that cock. I got him on his back and knelt between his legs to take it in hand. I gave it a long slow lick all over the shaft. Gripping it in one hand I sunk my mouth around it. Giving him a slow wet blow job I was easily able to grip the shaft with my full hand which I slowly moved up and down. I didn't want to suck him too long so I took a condom from the drawer and rolled it down his erection. I straddled him on top and sunk the whole way down which a gasp. I hadn't wanted to say anything, but now I couldn't stop himself...I rocked back and forth, pushing my clit against his toned body while his cock was buried inside me; "You have a huge fucking cock" I blurted out. Using him like a dildo I kept rocking back and forward, and sometimes up and down. Using this youngster felt quite wrong, and quite naughty and dirty...but his cock just felt soooo good.

I continued to rock back and forward while he played with my boobs and nipples. I could feel a huge orgasm building. He grabbed my ass and helped push and pull my groin against his pubic area, almost sensing I was on the verge of a huge orgasm, and then I finally did cum, crying out as I did. I collapsed forward onto him and let my pussy pulse and vibrate, my body shaking, cunt grasping at his hard cock even harder.

When the orgasm was over I got on all fours and he got behind me and started on me doggy style. Jesus Christ! That huge cock rammed right into my cervix with every thrust, causing me to yelp out as he eagerly fucked me hard from behind. After a few minutes of pounding it just got too much and we had to stop. We tried with me on my back next...he lifted my legs over his shoulders and once more that monster cock was thumping my cervix, but he shallowed his thrusts, and with some help from my fingers I was cumming again.

After my second orgasm I was done, my poor pussy just couldn't take any more. He wanted to go down on me, but I was far too sensitive. I wanted him to cum though so I was about to just suck him off, when he asked if he could try anal. It was a challenge, but I was up for it so I took some lube from the drawer and lubed us both up. I got on all fours and he tried with just his fingers first. When he was ready to go for it he pushed the head of his cock against my arsehole and it slipped in without much fuss...then in and in and in. He pushed his cock all the way in. He started to fuck me slowly and he was able to get a good stroke without it popping out, before driving it back home. I've never had such a long stroke in my ass before and it felt good...even anal felt good with this guy and we both enjoyed it as he slowly fucked my ass. I started to feel like I was about to explode though, his cock felt the size of a coke bottle. "Fuck that ass" I barked at him, hoping some dirty talk would speed up the process. "Does that feel good?" he replied and I replied, genuinely, "I'm loving it..." He then coupled each thrust with "dirty bitch" and other things and a few more strokes and he was finally cumming.

When he pulled it out I collapsed on my back on the bed. The condom was full of spunk and the end was quite messy. He didn't seem to mind though, and disappeared into the bathroom to take it off. When he got back into bed we started to kiss quite passionately. His hand moved down to my pussy but I had to divert it. I didn't want to think I didn't want it, so I had to explain that my pussy was too sensitive right now because his cock was so big. He smiled at that explanation, so I also told him that was the best fuck I'd had in months.

In the morning I was still tender so I focussed on sucking him off. He was keen and enjoyed the laps of my tongue over his head and my wet lifts around his shaft. It only took a few minutes work before he was cumming in my mouth, and given the night before I half expected his cum to taste like chocolate :) But, alas, it didn't.

I had a call from my mum in the morning wondering if he had stayed at mine. I said that he had crashed on the sofa after a few drinks. I felt pretty guilty! He was still in my bed naked, so after the call we went back to some pretty passionate kissing. I asked if he enjoyed being with an older woman and he said he'd loved it. His hands wondered over my boobs and ass, grabbing and feeling, so I think he appreciated my body also. At least I hoped he did cos I loved his. I told him how hard he had made me cum, how big his cock was, how I loved the anal, but then I realised I was talking like a love-struck teenager!

We got up and dressed and he drove off back to his family and I actually felt a little sad :( I sure hope I see him again. I also stuffed the underwear I had had on into his bag when we wasn't looking lol

Friday, 7 October 2011

Hot tubbing again

I turned up at my hot-tub friends place with WFB and a fair few people were already there but I didn't really recognise anyone. We mingled a fair bit and had some chats and some drinks and there were some nice guys I had my eye on. Around 11pm we started to get into our costumes and into the tub, or just lounge around the kitchen and various other rooms.

One couple was a slim brunette who had an athletic, black boyfriend. We seemed to all get on fairly well. They asked why we were here and I just said for some fun and flirting and whatever. I said WFB was my boyfriend :) Her and her fellah were married. Around about 1am people started to get a bit naughtier (and drunker) and some boobs and cocks were hanging out. I took my bikini top off when in the tub and WFB slid out of his shorts. The pair of us seemed to get a decent amount of attention, including from my "target" couple!

When they came over to talk to us, the were both in their costumes. I asked them what they were looking for out of the night and she said she was thinking about having a threesome but she wasn't sure. I asked her what she was unsure about and she said she was scared she wouldn't like it. I didn't really understand that, if you like one cock why wouldn't you like two?! lol She was sitting in the tub between myself and fuck buddy and her husband was beside me. I asked him what he thought about it and he said he was well up for it.

I started to stroke his leg, giving it a nice squeeze under the water and it felt very nice indeed. Seeing me, she responded my sliding her own hand up WFB's leg, however she soon went all the way to his cock and started to stroke it. I responded by sliding my own hand over her husband's shorts and felt his cock through the fabric. Oh yes :) It was a good sized cock. I stroked it up and down its length and it became hard as hell. She seemed to have WFB's cock in her fist and she was slowly pumping it.

We agreed to see if we could find a room to continue drinking in, and found one upstairs that we were able to lock. We didn't lock it just yet, but continued to have some wine while we chatted. We were all in our swimwear, and I was wondering if anything was going to happen. So I steered the conversation back toward threesomes, and the wife said she'd like to have two guys. The husband seemed to not mind but I could tell from him face he might have been as keen as she was. He said we'd like to be joined by another girl. I asked her what she'd like to try, but she just said she'd like to try the "usual stuff" and what you see in pornos.

I told her that WFB had a nice cock, nodding at him to get things moving. He slid out of his shorts and I took it in hand, massaging it slowly to an erection. At this point, she came over to take over while her husband watched intently. She slid out of her own suit and started to take WFB's cock into her mouth. She was on her knees bending over, sticking her butt out and wiggled it while she moaned in pleasure. Taking the cue, her husband got out of his shorts and his big, black cock was already standing out proud. Positioning himself behind her, he eased his cock in from behind and started fucking her. I just lay back and watched her get cock in both was such a turn on seeing her suck cock and get fucked too, with two big dicks. I slid out of my own suit and spread my legs to have a play with my clit. The husband seemed to really enjoy that and he watched my finger dance over my swollen cunt, and dip into my pussy.

He screwed his face up and I could tell he was about to cum. She seemed to be able to sense this too and stopped sucking on WFB so she could receive his spunk. He moaned out loud and grabbed her hips, pulling her onto his cock and he came inside her. She lay down on the bed, breathing heavily and lying on her back. Her husband's cock was glistening with her juices and his own cum. Her legs fell open at the knees and her pussy had thick black hair that was all trimmed. I could see cum start to slowly dribble out so I teased it a little with my finger. I coated the tip then moved it up over her clit and gave it a little rub. She jumped a little, but didn't seem to protest so I kept rubbing her clit and she started to sway and grind against me.

My curiosity was building, so I got my head between her legs and started to give her pussy a lick. I started gentle at first, then started licking her all over, inside her lips, her clit...she tasted great so I eagerly kept on licking until she reached orgasm. Her husband had been watching the whole time and he wasn't quite solid hard yet but he motioned for me to get on my back beside his wife, which I did. I lifted my knees and spread wide, ready to take his big black cock. I was so ready for it my pussy was almost aching. I took it easily and he had a nice big grin on his face as he watched his cock pump my blonde cunt.

WFB started to lick and suck on my nipples and it felt great to have attention from two big-cocked men at the same time. The husband had just cum so I wasn't expecting him to cum again, which he didn't, he just pounded me for a few minutes then stopped. He offered his wet cock to my mouth which I licked for him, tasting my own pussy strong on his shaft. WFB and I stayed in the room and hit the sack while the other couple slept elsewhere.

They came into our room again in the morning. He was in just his boxers and she in knickers and a bra. She had a great body, slim with nice pert boobs. She asked WFB if he wanted to go to their room, which he did. I guess it'll be nice for him to shag someone with such a nice body :) Even better, the husband stayed with me, so when the door was closed, he locked it and I lifted off the covers.

The first thing he did was get between my legs...oh my god! The pleasure as he gently tongued me, gently used his fingers too, was immense, but I was gagging to get fucked. I got on all fours and he got behind me and slid that monster cock into my pussy and started pounding me. I couldn't stay on all fours so I grabbed the headboard with my hands while he rammed me right up to my cervix. I cried "yes" with each pounding, my tits swinging madly below me. I was on the verge of orgasm so I urged him to keep fucking me. He kept his rhythm fast and hard and I started to cum myself. I let go of the headboard and buried my face in the pillow. He started to moan and groan himself, which was no bad thing...I couldn't take this for much longer, and not long after me, he came himself.

I collapsed down on the bed with my legs slightly open. My cunt lips were twitching and I could feel his seed dribble out of me and onto the bed. I was too exhausted to do much except lie there. He lay beside me on the bed and we got lay in silence until his wife returned with WFB. We all got dressed and left. I asked WFB what it was like and he said it was great, they did about three or four positions and even some anal. I was slightly impressed with that, as his cock isn't quite anal size. I told him what we had got up to, and it probably didn't sound that impressed compared to his experience, but I don't really care, it was great :)

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Still got it

I came back from a night out just after midnight and one of the old blokes from my flats was outside. He's about 50 I guess, and I asked him if he was ok. He said his wife had gone to bed thinking he had keys to get back in but he didn't. I couldn't really leave him out there so I said he could sleep on my couch if he wanted. He seemed happy to be in out of the code at least and I got him a pillow and some blankets and he bedded down while I went to bed.

In the morning I woke to him knocking my bedroom door. I covered my boobs with the duvet and said he could come in. He said he was going to head off but I said he could stay for breakfast or coffee if he wanted. I said I'd meet him in the kitchen. I put on a thong and a t-shirt that pretty much covered my bum. I wasn't too bothered, he was married and 50 so I guess it was safe :) plus I suppose there is a little bit of exhibitionist in me ;)

In the kitchen I pottered around getting the coffee and some bacon sarnies while he sat at the table. I'm sure he was getting the occasional eye-full, but when I was done with some cooking I saw he had his hand under the table, and when he saw me looking he got quite nervous and put his hand on top of the table. I asked if he was ok, and he got quite flustered and apologetic. I'm pretty sure he was stroking himself under the table! I told him there was nothing to worry about...and did he want some kitchen towel? Lol I tore him some off and he said he'd go to the toilet, but I told him it was fine, I'd get back to my cooking for a while.

So I busied myself over the hob, not really knowing how much time he'd need as he was being quite quiet, but it was a little surreal. When I turned back he was pretty much all finished and looking quite sheepish. He apologised again and explained that he thought he was going to have an accident as he got over excited. I guess I'll take that as a compliment! When we'd finish our breakfast he admitted he felt quite guilty that he had done something behind his wife's back, but I told him it was no worse than watching porn on the internet and that I didn't mind.

Bless him, I don't think his wife gives him much (if any).

Monday, 26 September 2011

Coming up

My hot tub couple contacted me again saying they had another party coming up. It was ok last time, but this time I asked work fuck-buddy if he'd come with me cos I think we'd get more fun as a couple. He was up for it so we'll see what happens!

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Ball games

I played some late night pool with some friends and I got talked to a group of young lads who were playing. They seemed quite keen and there was lots of flirting going on. One of them told me they were on a stag do and were collecting girls knickers. I was wearing quite a tight skirt so I told him I couldn't help as I wasn't wearing any. He didn't seem to believe me :) so I turned my back to him and pushed up against him. He took the opportunity to slip his hand up under my skirt. His finger slid between my legs and I felt it rub against my pussy lips before sliding back out. I stayed where I was and reached around to have a feel of his package too, and after a root around I soon detected a hard lump in his jeans.

I turned to face him and said he'd better go sort "that" out. I grabbed him by the hand and led him to the girl's toilets. I went in first to make sure it was empty, then led him to a stall and his hands were soon all over my boobs. I undid his zip and pulled his jeans down and asked if he had a condom which he didn't...schoolboy error! Now his cock was out I hitched my skirt and sat down on the toilet, spreading my legs to expose my pussy.

His cock was hovering in front of me and, as I felt, it was a good length though not very thick and he had quite a lot of pubes and hairy balls. I held my finger to my lips to remind him to be quiet, then took his cock into my mouth and started moving my head back and forward on it. He instantly grabbed onto the walls of the stall, which I think was a good sign. After sucking on it slowly for a few minutes I took a break and re-interested the "shh" sign, and started to lick his shaft all the way from his balls, right up to the tip, which I ran my tongue over, then took it back into my mouth and he started thrusting his hips against my movements and then he started cumming into mouth. He managed to stay quite quiet, as did I.

We got ourselves together and went back to play some more pool. I went back to mu own group as I guess he'd want to tell all his mates about it :)

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Work do

I got a lift into work and back yesterday from new work fuck buddy as some people from work were having drinks in town after. New WFB waited at mine while I went to the bathroom for a quick shower (I went fully dressed, no man should see me in my work underwear lol). He had one after me and I was still pottering around in my underwear when he got out (slightly better underwear though). He motioned for me to get on the bed, which I did, and with a "Do you mind?" the crotch of my knickers was pulled aside, exposing my freshly trimmed, lovely smelling pussy.

Needless to say I didn't mind, what better way to unwind after work than a shower followed by a young eager chap licking you half-way to heaven? :D This rather unexpected treat brought me to orgasm quite swiftly. New WFB is beginning to impress me with his growing confidence, though I hope I'm not creating a monster....

The work do was at a swanky cocktail bar, and I was chatted up by some guy that wasn't in our party, but he was buying me drinks (normally about £10 each so I wasn't complaining :) ) so I sat with him and his pals for a while. My work do was moving on to some other club but I said I'd hang around a bit and maybe catch them up. After another drink my new companion suggested going back to his hotel. He wasn't massively my type, bit fat, bit short, but he had been buying me a lot of expensive drinks so I thought why not.

Outside the bar we got a taxi back to his hotel which was more of a family-run B&B type thing. In his room I told him I was going for a shower so I stripped off (which he seemed to watch keenly) then dived into the bathroom. Coming out with a towel around me he was already on the bed, naked with cock in hand. A girl likes a little mystery!! I told him the bathroom was free now and he took the hint. While he showered I got under the covers.

He came out of the bathroom with his cock still rock hard and sticking out erect. It was actually a good size, nice thickness. He dived under the covers and my hand went right for his cock and I ran my hand over it and squeezed it, sizing it up. His hand went straight between my legs too and he rubbed my clit as we both snogged quite heavily. I could tell he was very horny.

I pulled the covers back to expose his cock then put my head in his lap for a better look. I kissed it and it smelled nice and fresh, ready to lick which I did. He didn't shave or even trim so his pubes were a bit busy but I cradled his balls and got to work on his shaft anyway. Taking it as deep into my mouth as I could, which was only maybe half way. I concentrated on deep, slow, wet sucks and from his moans and groans he certainly seemed to be enjoying it. I had a feeling he might be too drunk to cum, but I didn't care as long as he stayed hard.

He said he wanted to go down on me for a bit so I got on my back and spread my legs for him. Twice in one day? Why not? :D I wasn't too drunk to cum so wormed under him while he went to work, really seeming to enjoy it. He didn't need any real direction, and I even accepted his finger going somewhere a lady doesn't normally allow hours after meeting someone, but I was too in the moment to complain. He seemed to slow up just as I was getting going so I urged him to continue on, confirming I was close to coming. He got back down to business, licking, slurping and sucking away at my twat. My breathing got quite short and just as pushed me over the edge he slid his finger up my arse at the same time which made the orgasm even more intense.

I was a little shagged out so we went to sleep, which I felt a bit bad about, but he got his cock sucked so he shouldn't complain, and he'd get more in the morning.

We both woke up horny and he was already hard. I gave it a few slow strokes and asked him how he wanted me. "Any preferences?" he asked. "I like doggy...?" I told him. He took a condom from was wallet and rolled it over his shaft while I watched. When he was suited up I got on all fours and he guided his cock to the entrance of my pussy and inched it in. It really hit the spot and filled me up, and felt even better when he gathered pace. His legs slapped against me, his fingers dug into my ass cheeks. I lowered onto my elbows, pushing my butt in the air for even better penetration, pushing out moans and groans of pleasure with each deep fuck.

Unfortunately he wasn't too drunk to cum this morning and we'd only been at it a few minutes before he had to withdraw. "Sorry I'm about to cum" he said. "It's ok" I reassured him...then added "where do you want to cum...." Given that he'd pulled out of my pussy I was guessing it was one of the other two :) Or maybe he wanted it over my tits or face? I could feel him nuzzle his cock against my arse but I pulled away and asked him again, "where?" He didn't say anything but against pushed his cock against my bum so I pulled away again. "Your arse" he finally said. "You want to cum in my arse?" I said, half surprised, have teasing. "Mmmm...." he agreed. "Tell me..." I purred. "I want to fuck your arse" he quickly replied. "Do you think I'm a slut?" I asked but I was soon gasping as his cock pushed its way in. It was very tight and sore and I asked again through gritted teeth "Am I a slut?" but the only reply was a grunt as he filled his condom full of spunk.

I moved forward so it plopped out and we both collapsed on the bed and snogged heavily, his hands all over my boobs. I looked down at his cock and was dreading it being quite messy, but it wasn't too bad, and I slipped the condom off him and took it to the toilet to dispose of it and wash my hands.

He had to be out by noon so I packed up, which I didn't mind as my arse was stinging anyway :)

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Hard fucking

I met up with a friend at the weekend who has split up with his girlfriend. I wasn't sure how definite it was, but they're not the "break up/make up" type. She is a skinny bitch that I don't really like anyway.

After a few drinks at the pub, and letting him cry on my shoulder and moan about his relationship problems for a while, I took him back to my place for a few more drinks. I poured us both some drinks and got down on the sofa with him. I handed him his drink and said "You know, this isn't just a shoulder to cry'd better fuck me later on." Almost choking on his drink he probed me a bit more as to if I was serious. I told him "you're single now, I'm single, why not have some fun?" He seemed to agree. "I don't mean a quickie either...I want a proper pounding tonight and in the morning too." To that we both raised our glasses.

We chatted for a bit more, and when I returned with our second bottle of wine, I sat down close and started to rub his leg quite blatantly. He didn't seem to react but kept on talking. I crept my hand up closer to his crotch. He spread his legs a little, and taking the invitation my hand went to feel his package. Still no reaction so I slowly undid his zip, next I reached in and rummaged around for his cock and pulled it out. It was semi-hard and totally shaven. I pulled his balls out too and felt them in my hand and they were nice and smooth, just like his shaft.

It was soon hard in my hand and he said "I thought you were joking?" I bent down to gently kiss the tip of his cock and slowly licked his shaft. "I never joke about sex" I told him. "Suck my cock" he demanded, quite shortly. "Yes sir" I replied, and knelt on the floor in front of him between his legs. Before I got down to action he added "I want you to swallow too". "Yes sir" I repeated. I didn't bother with my usual foreplay, instead I got right down to sucking his cock and gently working his shaft, hitting a nice rhythm and doing my best to make him cum. He started off quite quiet but was soon saying a steady of stream of "Oh god" as my head bobbed up and down in his lap, taking as much of his cock into my mouth as I could, feeling it rub up and down my tongue, trying to keep my mouth as wet and welcoming as I could. I wondered if he would tell me when he was cumming or if he'd leave it as a surprise...not that guys can. His hips started to jump and his hands clenched into fists so I knew it was coming...and then it did, my mouth filling with spunk as he cried out loud. I like it when a guy screams as he cums and I swallowed it all down just as ordered.

"I want to see you finger yourself" he told me, so I stripped off and sat on the chair across from him and hung one leg over the arm to expose my pussy. I had a nice play with my tits and squeezed my nipples as my fingers ran up and down my clit. After watching me for a while he came over to kneel in front of me and held my legs open with his hands and watched my fingers intently as they worked my clit. He dipped his finger in my pussy and seemed pleased with how wet it was. He moved his wet finger down to tickle my arsehole and I squirmed under his touch, pushing my hips out, wanting his fingers inside me.

He obliged and dipped his finger into my arsehole while gripping his cock in his other hand. I reached out with my own hand and he put his cock into it and I motioned it toward my mouth. He took his fingers out of me and started to slowly fuck my mouth while I continued to finger myself. He was fairly hard, but I felt him get harder and harder still. Realising this himself he took his cock from my mouth and bent over to rub my clit with the head of his cock. He pushed it hard against my pussy and ran it up and down, up and down, stopping short of my pussy opening. I don't remember the last time I was so gagging for cock to be inside me. "Do you want it?" he asked, "Yes" I replied, "I want it...fuck me". He kept on teasing my pussy with it for a few more rubs and then he finally slid it home and all I could do was cry out. I have never felt so powerless; some one night stand was bare-backing me and all I could do was think about how great it was.

His cock dipped in and out of me and he pinned me down with his hands. "No..." I feebly said, "stop..." He held me even tighter and fucked me harder, "Stop" I said without really caring if he stopped or not, it just urged him on faster and harder, and with each deep thrust I cried out "Stop" again, really meaning "harder". Eventually he did stop and his cock slid out of my soaking pussy, leaving me breathless.

He tried to man-handle me into doggy style, but I told him to take me to the bedroom. He did so and I took a condom from my bedside cabinet, and he took the hint and slid it on. I lay on my back and he resumed fucking me on top and then he did something that really shocked me, and I think this is the first time I have ever been truly shocked in bed! Holding his weight on one arm he slapped me across the face, hard. Not a tap or a light slap, it was full on across the face and before I even got over the shock he was pinning me down and back to fucking me hard. It was only a few more minutes before he was cumming again and finally slid off me.

I guess I'm quite submissive and I did enjoy parts of it like being ordered around and held down, but I now know I'm not *that* submissive and he certainly won't be getting any more action off of me again. Surely if you're into stuff that hard you'd ask first?

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Tub party

The guy at the pub with the hot tub held another party. There weren't too many people there, them plus three other couples, I was the only single person. The started out fairly slow and normal, us just milling around the tub and the kitchen area in our swimming costumes, but I was hoping later on I'd get to see plenty of cocks swinging around lol

Come around 11pm another couple had turned up and everyone was fairly merry and it was the host couple that got things started by stripping off and getting in the tub naked. I was next to strip and then the others did too, which I got to watch. One guy in particular had a lovely cock...long and thick. Most of the guys were trimmed or shaved, as were the girls. The girls had some really nice bodies too, lovely boobs and some nice arses. I was the only natural blonde though and also had the biggest tits so I wasn't without my glances.

I sidled up the couple with the big dick, cos if that was my guy I'd share that dick around lol I wouldn't keep it to myself, that would be mean :) We spent a fair time chatting and a little flirting which they both seemed receptive too. When the other people had all left the tub to go elsewhere the guy said he loved my boobs and could he have a feel. "Sure..." I said, "if I get a feel of you" :) I said it in half-jest, but half-wondering how he'd react. He shuffled closer so our legs were touching and he leaned over to grope my tit and play with my nipple. I wasted no time and, under the water, my hand drifted over his leg and stroked the top of his cock...all the way from the top of the shaft to his head. I rubbed it up and down a few times then gripped it in my hand. It was twitching and stiffening as I started to slowly work my hand up and down, wanking him hard as he squeezed my nipples.

I didn't think how she would react, but whatever she was thinking, she certainly wasn't stopping me jerk her man off. His big cock felt amazing in my hand...oh to have it in my pussy! We continued like this, him grasping at my tits, licking and sucking my nipples and me working his cock harder and faster. Soon he stood up in front of me and took his cock in his own hand and after a few pumps he was spitting his spunk over my tits with great delight. The tip of his cock was inches from my face and I watched his foreskin rub back and forward, jetting out reams of cum that landed all over me.

I didn't want the cum getting into the water so I took the worst in my fingers and licked it clean then went to the kitchen to clean the rest off. They both came into the kitchen and said they were off for the night so I thanked them and they left. Now that was terrible!! Here I was all horny and now alone :( So I went back to the hot tub and finished off some wine and wondered if I should rub one out, but no-one was joining me so I did just that :)

It seemed that everyone had all gone to their rooms, or elsewhere, but I guess they were all couples so I just dried myself off and left for home.

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Tarty bum fun

I wore something very very tarty for my driving lesson...white tshirt and white pants with a red thong and bra set that is fairly visible under it. When he came to pick me up and fussed around a bit and looked for various things before leaving so he could get a good view at what I was wearing.

After the lesson we ended up back at my place and I told him to get the money from the top drawer in my bedroom while I went to the kitchen. Of course I know what I keep in that drawer :) so I wasn't surprised to find him still in there after a while. I gave him some minutes then went into the bedroom and found him looking at my various dildos. "Find anything you like?" I asked him, taking a bit by surprise. "Yeah a few things..." he replied. "What to use any before you go?" "Maybe..." he said, a bit timid. "You can use anything you want, I don't mind" as I started to undo my pants and slip them down. I got on the bed and he took out the double dildo, still looking a little nervous. "If you want to use both of those then there's some lube in there too" I told him as nonchalantly as I could. "Just lube up the one that goes in my arse" I added.

He did as instructed and lubed up the smaller of the cocks, then slid my knickers off. I spread my legs and he gently offered the bigger of the cocks to my pussy and nudged it inside an inch or so, with the smaller of the cocks nuzzling my asshole. "Do you like anal?" he asked, gaining confidence. "No, I don't mind dildos but I don't let guys fuck me there" I said, fearing my nose was growing by the minute. Getting deeper and deeper with his probing I gave out a sharp breath as the lower one finally penetrated my butt. Once in he slid it all the way and held it there for a few moments. I started to rub at my clit as he slid the dildos in and out my holes. I was sure I was going to cum so I told him to keep that rhythm while I frigged myself.

"Keep going, I think I'm going to cum" I announced, my breathing getting quicker and shallower, "a bit faster now..." He complied and worked both my holes until my fingers eventually did the job and I was cumming hard and loud. When my body had stopped convulsing and shaking he withdrew the dildo and loosened his hard cock from his pants. "Thanks...but I'm done now" I said, cruelly teasing him while I recovered on the bed. I wasn't very fair as he did give me a great orgasm (even if I was doing most of the work). "Slip a condom on" I said, getting onto all fours. He did this and got behind me and his cock slid right inside me and I told him, "No...wrong hole..." Quick as a flash his cock was now pushing into my still-messy asshole. It actually felt good but he only lasted about 5 or so pumps and the johnny was taking his load.

I went to the bathroom to clean myself up a bit before putting my knickers and pants back on. He was waiting, money in hand (cheeky bugger lol) and we booked another lesson too.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

I had a call from driving man saying he wasn't up to much and had an empty house and would I like to come over. TBH I like the fun of the roleplay and the tease but I'm not into him enough to just go over for a shag, so I said I was a bit busy. I did book another lesson though which he seemed glad about.

Thursday, 21 April 2011


I spoke to work fuck buddy and apparently his mate has been full of stories about his horny student lol. My oral skills get very firm recommendations apparently :) He is still keeping it a secret though.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Driving again

For my next lesson I wore a tight t-shirt with no bra, and another short skirt with a pink thong. His eyes were practically popping out of his head as I got into the car. We did the usual lesson for the first half, and then I was instructed to drive somewhere quite isolated.

He was a bit braver this time and touched my leg first, dragging his hand up my thigh and under my skirt, riding it up to expose my pink panties. He slid his fingers inside to rub at my pussy while he undid his pants and took his cock out with the other hand. I undid my belt and he yanked my knickers down so I lifted my bum up and slid out of them. He lifted them to his face and sniffed at them!! Um, ok :) Whatever turns you on I guess. While he sniffed away I got my head in his lap and sucked him off. He moaned loudly all the way through and again was filling my mouth with cum in double quick time.

I let him keep the knickers and we did the rest of the lesson as normal.

Sunday, 17 April 2011


I cornered my possible new work fuck buddy today at work. I was the only girl working today so I took him to the ladies toilet. I told him that the sex stuff was just a bit of fun and I have it with someone else from work too. I asked him if he was cool with that and he seemed so.

"Cool" I said, flashing him a knowing smile. "Do you want to watch in the mirror out here? Or in the cubicle?" I asked. He said he'd like to watch so we got in front of the mirror and I knelt down and unzipped him and took his cock in my mouth while he watched in the mirror. I gave him a good show with lots of licks and slurps, running my tongue over his head, down his shaft, kissing his cock. He worked his own shaft while I licked around his head and when I thought he was cumming I offered out my tongue and his stokes got faster until he was finally laying a coating of thick, warm cum on my tongue. When he was finished I gave one big gulp and swallowed it down.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Driving men wild

I had my driving lesson with work fuck-buddy's friend. I've told WFB what I'm up to and he has promised to keep it secret :) I wore a very "gappy" white shirt with lacy white bra underneath. I also had a short black skirt and white panties underneath. When he turned up he was about mid 50s I guess but not in too bad shape. The lesson was as expected (maybe if I keep this going it'll help me no end!) and when we pulled up back at my place I took off my belt and put my hand on his leg. I let it linger a while and said that the money was inside and I'd get it in a bit. I lifted my right leg a little, pushing my skirt up and from the fact that his eyes darted to my crotch I could tell I was flashing my knickers at him rather successfully. His eyes then lingered up my body, taking in my boobs on the way.

I started to stroke his leg slowly, inching closer to his crotch. "For future lessons...." I purred, "maybe we could work something out?" He actually looked quite nervous, almost on the brink of heart attack! His throat was dry when he gulped and asked me "Like what?" I suggested that if we take in some quiet lanes during the I suggested it my hand rose up enough to touch his crotch and I extended my fingers to locate his cock. He then put his own hand on my leg and said "Go on....". He was still nervous and started to look around to see if anyone was watching, as my fingers picked open his fly. I reached in and pulled his cock out which was hard, if quite small. My fingers ran over its shaft, and played with his head. As soon as I had touched his bare cock his own hand got slightly more adventurous and touched the white cotton covering my pussy. "Let's go in..." I told him, suddenly breaking off. He put himself away and followed me into the house.

Inside I acted coy as if nothing had happened and got him the money for the lesson from my purse. I held it out but he didn't take it, instead he was gulping hard and seemed quite lost for words. It was almost as if he couldn't believe what was happening. "Don't want it?" I asked. He finally managed to blurt out "What you were the car?" "Oh that?" I chirped back, "Would you be interested in that?" He nodded his head, "well get it out then?" I smiled. He undid his trousers and slid them down along with his boxers. His cock was standing out proud, probably about 4 inches erect but a good thickness.

I got on my knees and sank his cock into my mouth, all the way to his balls. Don't get me wrong, I like big cocks, especially for fucking, but small ones are fun for oral too. I didn't bother with preliminaries, instead got down to full on sucking of his entire 4 inches. I was barely ten strokes in when he cried out "Stop". "What's wrong?" I asked, and he said he was about to cum. I told him it was ok, he could cum when he wanted, even in my mouth. I lead him to the bedroom and he lay down on the bed, I think he just needed a break. I was sure he wasn't going to last long anyway, so I got right back to sucking him off and again I was barely a few strokes in before spunk started to explode into my mouth, and he was a fairly heavy cummer. I still managed to swallow it all though.

Before he left we booked another appointment.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

New boy

A new guy started at work yesterday and I was tasked with showing him the ropes. He was early 20s, a bit geeky looking but ok to talk to. I was showing him all the back-of-house stuff and I was flirting with him a little but not sure how much of it was landing. My existing work fuck buddy wasn't in so I took full advantage ;) He gave me a ride home and I said that as we were on the same time today he could pick me up in the morning. I gave him a time about half an hour earlier than needed, but he didn't question it.

When he came around this morning I got out of bed, still in my pjs, and showed him through to the living room. I told him I was going to jump into the shower, then disappeared off to get out of my pjs and into a towel that I wrapped around my middle. I went back into the living room and said "Ok, I'm just off for a shower, won't be long...unless...." I paused and he said, "What?" I let my towel slightly drop to reveal some cleavage. "Do you like big boobs?" I asked. He nodded and my town dropped slightly more, letting my bare breasts hang out. "You can have a feel if you want" I told him. He got off the sofa and came over to do so. He grinned as he played with them and felt them, making my nipples stick out by rubbing his thumb over them. As he went in for a suck on them I dropped my towel to rub the back of his head, encouraging him.

As he sucked and licked my nipple his hand drifted down to my crotch and I widened my stance to give him access. He finger found my slit and curved up and inside me. We didn't have long and I was eager to see his young cock and if it was hard for me. I grasped at his fly and pulled his pants down, then he took down his own boxers and his cock sprang forward. Quite average in size and thickness, but within moments I was on my knees taking it in my mouth. I slurped and gobbled and yummed his cock as he groaned and thrust it into my mouth. I held his bum cheeks tight as he fucked my face, wondering if he was going to blow his load there and then.

He didn't though, and tapped my head for me to stop. I grabbed him toward the bedroom and opened a drawer to give him a johnny. I got on the bed on all fours and he guided his cock into my pussy and started to fuck it with all the vigour that he fucked my face. His hands ran up my back and hooked over my shoulders, giving him more purchase for harder and deeper thrusts and I eventually heard his orgasm as he filled the condom with fresh, hot jizz.

Time was pushing on so I jumped straight into the shower and finished myself off (hey, a girl has to start the day right ;) ) then went back to the bedroom. He was all straightened up and watched me dress also then took me to work.

Now, do I dare and keep both of them on the go? Lol A fresh fuck is always nice but WFB has the much nicer cock so if I had to keep one I'd keep him. Threesomes on tap...a girl can dream!

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Driving lessons

A friend of work fuck-buddy teaches driving and was telling WFB he thought he'd get more randy female clients offering to pay "in kind" :) So I might book myself a lesson and see what happens ;)

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Going to hell?

Had an interesting shag last :) Met a guy in a pub in town and we were getting on quite well, he was looking in all the right places despite the fact that he was in town with his wife (who was out with her own friends) and I offered to walk him back to his hotel. On the way I took him on a quiet route that goes passed a church. Once in the churchyard I pounced lol I ushered him to a secluded nook and got up nice and personal so my boobs were pressed against him. I whispered in his ear that if he took his cock out I'd suck him off and swallow every drop. He said that he couldn't, and I started to squeeze my boobs and pulled my top down to reveal my bra and cleavage. I told him that she'd never know and I could tell he was wavering. Then he looked around to make sure we were alone and undid his fly and teased out his cock which was already half erect.

"You need to tell me..." I whispered in his ear, rubbing up against him. "I want you to suck my cock" he grinned at me. "Oh do you..." I teased back. "Get down and suck me off" he said, a little more forceful and direct, "I want to cum in your mouth."

I dropped to my haunches and his cock was rock hard in front of me and it felt warm in my mouth compared to how cold it was outside. I reach around and fondled his bum, pulling him toward me as he thrust his hard cock into my mouth. "Oh god oh god oh god" he moaned out as my tongue run up and down his shaft, my lips hugging and kissing his cock. I'd barely even started and my mouth was already being filled with his spunk. It took me be surprise but I did my duty and swallowed it down.

His limp cock was still hanging from his trousers as I went in for a snog, and he kissed me back hard, his hands all over my arse as he did. We tidied up and I showed him the rest of the way back. I got back to my own place and about 1am I got a text from him saying his wife was still out with her girl friends. I asked what he was going to do, and he replied that he didn't know. So I asked what he'd like to do :) He sent a text back saying he'd like to fuck me so I sent him my address.

I got started right away and was naked on my bed with a toy, slowly working my pussy in anticipation, it's not often you know you're about to get some action, and I brought myself to a few orgasms before the doorbell went. I answered it still naked, and ushered him in and toward the bedroom. He stripped off on the way and in the bedroom I lay on my bed beside my toys and he opened my legs and went straight for my cunt which was still dripping and very sensitive.

I told him to go slow and easy, and he fingered and lick me with gentle motions, commenting on how wet I was and how much he was loving it. He wasn't down there long but I wasn't too bothered, so he slipped a condom on and slid his cock inside. He was on top and rocked and fucked me slow but deep and hard and we kissed a lot too as we fucked. He seemed keen to try everything so was before long pushing me into doggy position which I was happy to do. Kneeling behind me his cock glided in and I told him to fuck me hard. He was glad to and pounded away, steadying himself by grasping my ass cheeks which wobbled with each thrust.

Without warning he suddenly whipped his cock out and took the condom off and ran the head of his cock up and down my ass cheeks and started pumping cum out, filling my ass crack. I reached around behind me and ran it up and down with my fingers, rubbing it into my asshole and even dipping a finger in up to my first knuckle. He watched me play with his spunk and then collapsed on the bed beside me, his limp cock lying on his belly. I licked the few remaining blobs of cum from the end of his cock then went to the bathroom to clean myself off. When I returned to the bedroom he had already dressed, "hump me and dump eh?" I joked. He came over and gave me a long and lingering kiss before heading off back to his hotel.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

First shag

I had my first shag of the year at the weekend. I was out on my friend's hen party so I was pretty sure I'd end up with some action as hen parties always attract the guys :) We were bar hopping and I had a few snogs and a few gropes, then ended up going home with a local guy. He was a fair bit younger than me, early 20s I think, but a pretty good body and not bad looking.

Back at his place he certainly didn't waste time. In the living room we started snogging pretty hard and his hands went right to my boobs and he groped and squeezed them while my hand unzipped his jeans, allowing me to reach in and pull his cock out. It was already hard and felt great in my hand as I slowly jerked it up and down, getting a feel for its size, which was good. Not huge, but good :) I got out of my top and bra then got on my knees between his legs to start to fully worship his erection. Mmm...I'd missed the feel and taste of hard cock. I licked it and kissed it passionately, I tongued it, stroked it, sucked on it. I didn't want him to shoot just yet though so I stopped to remove my trousers and thong.

He manoeuvred me behind the sofa and got into a rubber and fucked me from behind as I bent over the back of it. He ran his hands up and down my back and sides as he eagerly and furiously rammed his cock into me with quite some force and pace. I love getting fucked by younger guys, they're always so keen and energetic :) Dirty too as he started to play with my asshole with his thumb, rubbing it and pushing against it. I started pushing back on his cock as he fucked me and reached back to grab a butt cheek to expose my asshole even more.

From the back of the sofa we moved to the front and I sat with my legs up and separated, giving him a great view of my blonde pussy as he worked his cock in and out of me. I started to play with my clit, eager for an orgasm while he was pounding me. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance as a few minutes in he was soon filling the condom, but I didn't mind too much, it was still a good fuck.

We watched some telly, drank some more then went to bed and crashed out. In the morning I woke in bed with us both naked and had a look, then a stroke of his soft cock. He soon woke up and didn't mind what I was doing and his cock was soon rock hard. Taking it in my mouth with my hands on his balls and I gave it a nice slow suck off and right from the off he was moaning and groaning as if he was about to cum any moment. Spurring me on I started working on his cock even faster, working it with my tongue and mouth as my fingers gently worked his shaft. As I guessed he was soon in the throws of cumming, and a few moments later he could hold on no more and spunk exploded into my mouth. It never tasted so good as I swallowed it down, squeezing the last few drops out of his head to finish them down too.

After that we both dropped off again and woke about midday. I was hoping for some more action before I left and I wasn't disappointed :) His hands were all over my body, squeezing my boobs, rubbing me between my legs which I gladly opened, exposing my pussy to him. He got between my legs and started to kiss my pussy then graduated to licking it and fingering it. As well as dipping his fingers in my cunt he had another tickle of my asshole and realising I wasn't opposed to having it played with he started to push his finger in my ass as he also worked on my pussy and I was loving all of it.

He rolled another condom down his shaft and, holding my legs open at the thighs, his cock plunged into me and it felt amazing. My pleasure increased as he started to pump me, pushing his hard cock deep inside me, making me scream and moan with each thrust. After a few minutes in that position we switched to doggy and now his cock was fucking me even deeper and harder and he only lasted a few minutes more...finally shooting his load again.

After that I gathered up my clothes and headed back home :)