Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Day in the gardens

I was a nice sunny day so I went to the gardens with a male friend and he wanted us to sit on the grass. Thing is, I had a knee-length skirt but no knickers on and I didn't really want my pussy to be a main attraction :) It's impossible to sit down or stand up in a skirt without flashing your knickers (well, for me anyway, maybe I need lessons). I didn't really want to tell my companion that I was going commando either so I just did my best to keep kitty covered up as I sat down. Even if the worst happened at least I'd trimmed up that morning!

When it was time to get up I told the guy I might need some help as I wasn't wearing any knickers and didn't want to put on a show. "Really?" he asked, somewhat shocked I think. So I had him block the view while I lifted myself up off the floor. I guess it wouldn't have been too bad to give someone a flash of my pussy, might have made their day :)

1 comment:

voyeur36 said...

But why not? It really looks good. If that is the same one in your profile pic, that is. I wouldnt complain.