Saturday, 14 November 2009

Moving things

I still had some of my stuff in a friend's attic so I went to pick it all up today and take it to my new place. The couple keeping it are married and she's a bit funny with his wandering eye so when I got there I told him (John) under no circumstances was he to be behind me on the ladder looking up my skirt :) I was wearing dark tights and black knickers anyway so he wouldn't have seen anything and I doubt he'd want to be looking at my fat ass anyway!

One of his friends was there who agreed to lend a hand. He asked if he was allowed to be behind me on the ladder and I told him "Sure…I just made a promise to John's wife that he couldn't" :) I turned to smile at him and at this his friend took the opportunity to grab my ass for a feel. I added "you can do what you want…" and with my back still toward him he took the opportunity and reached around my front and grabbed my boobs. I thought it was pretty forward but funny nonetheless.

As we scampered around loading my stuff into the car I was true to my word and John never saw a snifter up my skirt, but his mate certainly got an eyeful, but like I said I doubt he could see anything. On the drive back to mine I couldn't help tease John some more saying "it's a shame you're married otherwise we could all have a threesome when we get to mine."

When the unloading was all done I made the boys a coffee and John's mate came into the kitchen and said we didn't need John, we could get it on ourselves. He wasn't really my type so I told him that I'm a nympho who only has sex if there is at least two cocks :)

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phallatio said...

Crikey! He must have been gutted!