Saturday, 27 August 2011

Ball games

I played some late night pool with some friends and I got talked to a group of young lads who were playing. They seemed quite keen and there was lots of flirting going on. One of them told me they were on a stag do and were collecting girls knickers. I was wearing quite a tight skirt so I told him I couldn't help as I wasn't wearing any. He didn't seem to believe me :) so I turned my back to him and pushed up against him. He took the opportunity to slip his hand up under my skirt. His finger slid between my legs and I felt it rub against my pussy lips before sliding back out. I stayed where I was and reached around to have a feel of his package too, and after a root around I soon detected a hard lump in his jeans.

I turned to face him and said he'd better go sort "that" out. I grabbed him by the hand and led him to the girl's toilets. I went in first to make sure it was empty, then led him to a stall and his hands were soon all over my boobs. I undid his zip and pulled his jeans down and asked if he had a condom which he didn't...schoolboy error! Now his cock was out I hitched my skirt and sat down on the toilet, spreading my legs to expose my pussy.

His cock was hovering in front of me and, as I felt, it was a good length though not very thick and he had quite a lot of pubes and hairy balls. I held my finger to my lips to remind him to be quiet, then took his cock into my mouth and started moving my head back and forward on it. He instantly grabbed onto the walls of the stall, which I think was a good sign. After sucking on it slowly for a few minutes I took a break and re-interested the "shh" sign, and started to lick his shaft all the way from his balls, right up to the tip, which I ran my tongue over, then took it back into my mouth and he started thrusting his hips against my movements and then he started cumming into mouth. He managed to stay quite quiet, as did I.

We got ourselves together and went back to play some more pool. I went back to mu own group as I guess he'd want to tell all his mates about it :)