Sunday, 1 November 2009

My way or the highway

I was back in contact with the couple from before where the woman likes her husband to get with other women. I had a pretty good idea about what I wanted for our next meet up…basically I wanted it to be all about me :)

We met at a restaurant and I was wearing a flowing knee-length skirt but no knickers. The top was fairly well supported so I went without a bra also. We had a good meal (with him paying of course :) ) and went for some drinks afterwards. It was only about 9pm and we went to a fairly trendy bar and sat at a booth. I leaned in and told him that I wasn't wearing any underwear. He told me he could tell I wasn't wearing a bra and he couldn't see any VPL so wondered if I was commando. I made sure no-one was looking and slid my skirt up my thighs a little and opened my legs to reveal a bit of my pussy. He looked around to make sure no-one was watching then put his fingers on my crotch and played with my lips a little. I gave him a tease before putting my skirt down again and telling him that he's going to lick my pussy until I cum and then do anything else I ask of him.

So we had a few more drinks and I took him back to my place. I slid out of my dress and told him he can just leave his clothes on. I sat on the sofa and spread my legs and he knew just what to do :) He knelt in front of my and really caressed my pussy. He licked it and kissed it and sucked my lips into my mouth an gently ran his tongue over my clit. I started to tweak my nipples to add to the enjoyment then I told him to use his fingers too. He continued licking my clit and slid a finger inside me too and moved it around, and drew it out and pushed it back in. He wasn't going at quite the right speed so I told him to speed up a little and he eventually hit the right rhythm. I was building up to a great orgasm so shouted out to "keep licking my fucking pussy". I held the back of his head and felt it move and sway as he licked me out. I was just on the verge of cumming but I didn't tell him cos usually guys go faster or harder or something when they know you're on the brink, but instead I let him continue with what he was doing and then I was hit by a really fantastic orgasm. I pushed his face right into my cunt as waves and shocks pulsated my crotch.

His hands reached for his crotch and undid his zip and he reached in and dragged out his cock. I was feeling quite the minx and was wondering how far I could push this so I told him if he wanted to cum he'd have to cum on me and lick it all up. He didn't say anything verbally, but he got up off his knees and started to stroke his cock just inches from my face. "That's right…cum on my face…" I coaxed him and after what could only have been a few pumps of his hand his cock started shooting jiz which splattered on my face. True to my orders he started to lick the cum from my face, and when his tongue got close to my mouth we'd share a passionate kiss. It's not often I get to try something new :)

When he had cleaned up I told him to put his cock away and we moved into the bedroom. I got my double dildo out of the drawer and some lube too. I gave him the lube and told him to finger my areshole. He did this without complaint and he gave my pussy some oral attention while his finger glided in and out of my arse. He started with his index finger then after a while moved onto his middle finger. Then the dirty bugger started using two fingers…mmm… It took a while to get used to two fingers but when it was ok I knew I'd be able to take the double dildo so I told him to lube it up and get to work.

The bit part of the dildo slid easily into my pussy and he slowly inched the smaller part into my arse but it soon got all the way in. Now I have to admit I'm not too keen on "in and out" in my arse so I told him to leave the dildo relatively still, just moving it in and out a little bit and to lick my clit as well. He did everything I asked and it was quite intense but I didn't think I'd reach orgasm but I was very close to I told him to just watch me which he did…and with a few deft rubs of my clit I was soon cumming again.

I went to the loo to clean all the lube off my holes but my man's work wasn't done yet :) I returned to the bedroom and got on all fours and told him to lick my arse for a while. I knew it wouldn't bring me off, it was just for my fun lol. After all, having your arse licked isn't something you can by yourself! I also told him that if he wanted to cum himself he could jerk off while he was doing it. He did do this but it wasn't my best idea cos he came on my bed sheets!! Gah!!

By the end of the night I was more than satisfied and hopefully he had a good time too.

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