Tuesday, 24 March 2009


One of my girlfriends invited me along to her gym tonight to see what it was like. I was quite looking forward to seeing some nice hunky men! She goes to the gym all the time and has a great body. Her gym gear was really tight and I could practically see what she had for breakfast! I wore a much more comfortable baggy top and jogging bottoms.

As for the guys, well I was a bit disappointed :) Wasn't quite the wall-to-wall Adonisfest that I was expecting, just a bunch of regular guys but some were quite nice. Men have it much better at the gym that women do. I didn't see a single package but my girlfriend was practically giving up the whole goods! Guys could hardly keep their eyes off her too.

After the workout we had a shower (non-communal) but I did get a glimpse of her when we were getting dressed and she looked great with perky boobs and had a nicely trimmed bush. Guys are so lucky. In fact I might even give being a lesbian a go for a night.

I doubt I'll become a gym regular after this, if the guy situation was more promising I maybe would. It would be good to trim down like my friend though, cos I swear she could probably have gotten every guy there to fuck her.

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Anonymous said...

I commented at the above post, but I love this one. Very true men have it much easier at the gym, our clothes can be mis-matched, we dont get oogled, and in the showers its all eyes up, no one peeks. I think women that work out are sexy, its hot to know a women cares her apperance more than just her clothes. Sorry not many men were up to par, I think we should as a gender try as hard as women do to look our best.