Friday, 22 May 2009

Moving in

I started moving stuff into my new flat today, yay!! Should be all moved in within a week. It's a 3rd floor flat but I had a help up with a lot of my boxes from a guy who lives below me. He's about 5 or so years older than me I think, and it was very nice of him to help me with the boxes and when they were all done I went to his for some coffee. Now it's not what you're thinking lol cos he is married and his wife was there. Though it was only when she tossed me a "double take" that I remembered I wasn't wearing a bra cos I wanted to be comfortable. D'oh. I had a t-shirt on with a tight neck so he wouldn't have seen anything, but his wife didn't seem too impressed with my knockers swaying around. Ah well, you can't please everyone!

I unpacked some of my boxes but not all of them. When I get all my bed stuff sorted I might start staying over.

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Anonymous said...

hey there, what's happening on that side?
everything ok with you?