Monday, 16 February 2009

Great action at last

"L" took me to the cinema and I wore a black skirt with a see-through black top and a black lacy bra underneath. It didn't leave much to the imagination and "L" seemed to perk up when he saw me.

After the movie we went to his for drinks and after a couple of hours he didn't seem to be making any moves so I said it was a bit hot and started undoing the buttons on my blouse so that my cleavage was on full display. I moved in for a kiss and we started snogging and his hand went for my tit and started groping it. I took off my blouse and undid my bra. "L" paid a lot of attention to my tits and spent a while licking and kissing them. He lay me on the ground and took off my skirt and started to massage my pussy through my pants while he kissed and sucked on my tits. He slid his hand inside my pants and started to finger fuck me and my pussy was soaking. Whipping my knickers off he went to work on my pussy with his tongue and fingers. He was very attentive and managed to make me cum.

We reversed positions and he undressed and lay on the floor while I went to work worshiping his cock. Now that I had my hands on it it was a lovely size and thickness and his pubes were neatly trimmed. I kissed his shaft as I played with his balls then licked it all over, making sure I made lots of eye contact. After the teasing came the sucking. I managed to fit about half of it in my mouth and I moaned in pleasure as I rolled my tongue against it as I worked my mouth up and down. I had only been sucking for a minute or so when he gasped out that he was going to cum. I rested the head of his cock against my tongue in my mouth and wanked the shaft and he was soon shooting into my mouth. Even his spunk didn't taste too bad but there wasn't a lot of it.

We went into the bedroom and lay on the bed and had a passionate snog while we ran our hands all over each other's bodies. His hand found my pussy and started rubbing my clit while my hand found his cock and I started wanking it back into life. When it was nice and hard again he slipped a rubber on and lifted my legs up while I lay on my back and started to really pound my cunt. He certainly wasn't shy when it came to fucking which was great as I was really getting some deep penetration. He let my legs down by my side and we started to fuck missionary while we snogged. I grabbed at his ass and pulled it toward me, urging him to fuck me as our tongues explored each other's mouths. It was while doing this that he finally came himself.

After that I sat on his face and he tongued me while I flicked the bean to cum myself.

I stayed the night and in the morning he had to leave as he had to go to work, but I convinced him to at least stay in bed long enough for me to suck his cock again. Later on he sent me a text saying he was late for work but it was worth it. No mention of meeting again yet so we'll see.

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