Friday, 13 March 2009

Some of my favourite things

I've been thinking about things, and although I'm having fun with "L" I kinda prefer being single. I get more sex in a relationship (not always great sex worth blogging about lol) but I think random sex is usually a bit more interesting. "L" is getting tested and I do have an agenda of bareback anal and I think once I get to try it I might move on. I feel a bit bad about it…but he'll get to be the first guy to cum in my ass so it's not like I'm leaving him with nothing :) Not having to use condoms will no doubt open up some new sexual avenues but I think once I've gone down them I'll get bored again.

So things I want to do…have a guy fuck me but cum in my mouth. Have a guy cum in my ass. Have him cum in my pussy then me lick his cock clean.

Maybe I should send a letter to Jim'll Fix It instead?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I like your list of things you want to do. Cumming in a womans pussy, then pulling out and have her lick you clean is always a great treat. Especially if the lady is enthusiastic about it. I love when my wife does that for me.
She usually gets jewelery for those kinds of things.